pregnant again
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celia m - January 19

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Well I am 6 weeks preg. This is my 5th pregnancy. This is the sickest I have felt out of all of them so I hope that is a good sign. I have my U/S next Mon. I am doing my Heparin shots and the progesterone supp, which is not fun, but I'll do anything I need to do. Just wanted to update, keep my in ya'lls prayers, and congratulations to all of you!


chynnadoll - January 20

Congrats Celia M, I pray that all goes well this time, I'm still TTC and I take the Lovenox injections every evening, but like you said it's all worth it, even through the burising and the pain sometimes from the injections...You will be in my prayers, keep us posted....Take Care...China


baby4us - January 20

Celia.. that is so wonderful.. I am sure everything will be fine this time! and I am sure all the docs are doing what they can to ensure that! keep us posted!

Ahh.. yes the progesterone.. are you doing inject or suppositories?

I look forward to hearing about your u/s-- will that be at 8 weeks??? I will be sending lots of good luck your way!


justme - January 20

Congrats Celia!!!! The sickness is a good sign to me!!!

I wanted to tell you that I have been very sick and was pretty confident when I went to the RE for my preg test because I was already sick 2 weeks after transfer. The doc told me there was no way I was already sick, but i promise it was already hitting me! It was that way with my first pregnancy too. BTW, my nausea is finally subsiding at 23 weeks!!!!!



oneandonlymel - January 21

justme I am so excited for you and I pray things keep progressing and soon you will be holding a healthy baby in your arms!!!


Karen123 - February 1

Celia, Congratulations and BEST of luck to you! I hope so much that this pregnancy is the one for you! Take care of yourself and please do keep us posted. Karen



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