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Fortyfour - July 31

Hi ladies - Just wanted to let you all know that I got a BFP on the 26th of July. Yeah. We transferred 3 embies from my donor. My u/s is on the 10th.

Do any of you get really hot and have insomnia at night.? I wake up every night about 1:00 and am thirsty, hungry, sweaty and have to pee like a racehorse. I stay up for an hour until I finally cool down enough to get back to bed.

I am constantly hungry all day but no morning sickness yet (yeah!) The later that comes the better since my first pg was awful. My breasts are sore and I pee all day. Take care everyone and keep on growing.


Fortyfour - August 6

Thanks Cassandra and Heathermac. Take care


LisainAK - August 18

Oh my Gosh - congrats lady!!!! The board was down for so long and i finally checked back excited to hear your news - and twins even - makes my heart happy for you - you deserve it!!!!!

I am on week 14 now and doing well. i am one of the lucky ones who has barely had any preg symptoms. i kinda wish i had some to confirm all is well - i have had 3 u/s and heard and seen the heartbeat so all is good so far. no morning sickness either. My waistline is already expanding and my 5'2" fram belly is beginning to buldge.

I am so happy for both of us - congrats again!!!!


Fortyfour - August 19

H LisainAk - I was wondering about you and how you were doing. I envy the mild symptoms. I am glad you are growing right along. It was nice to hear from you.


ElizabethS - August 19

Hi lisainAK - that is wonderful news about your pregnancy. I have had a very easy pregnancy too. The only thing I had to deal with was the extreme fatigue in the first trimester. I think we are very lucky, but I can understand wanting more symptoms to confirm that you are pregnant.

Happy expanding belly. Panel pants are not too far away! :)


HeatherMac - August 19

HAHA!! Yeah, I keep it so cold in my house that DH wears sweats and socks!! And, he's usually the one who's warm!!'s STILL not cool enough for me! OY!!! Yeah, it's TOTALLY normal to be REALLY warm. I've heard the same from my friends here, too. Just for the record, this summer has TOTALLY sucked - there is NO sense in it being this hot...especially for us pgers!! Good luck with the cooling off...let me know if you girls find a system that works!!!

Now, as for the itchy breasts...mine would itch like mad and glow bright was weird! But, OB said it was the stretching and growing that made them itch. And, with all the blood flowing to them and the scratching, well, they're going to be red. After the redness and itching calmed down a bit for me, I noticed these HUGE blue veins in my breasts...our bodies are truly amazing!! To think that we share our bodies with these precious babies...and grow another organ...that is disposable...and grow food to feed these is just an amazing journey. Not always pleasant, but truly amazing.

My OB (a woman who recently had a baby) said it was perfectly acceptable to be blissfully married, but no one EVER said you would be blissfully pregnant...there is so much that happens to our bodies that sometimes isn't terribly pleasant...but it's all wonderful, just not always pleasant.

Well, all, take good care of your growing and expanding bodies and those growing babies inside!!

ave a great day and STAY COOL!!!



Karen123 - August 19

44 - I don't know why but I missed some of these posts somehow. Anyway, Yes, my nipples are itchy! And I'm so hot at night even with the air so low and the fans on. Starving all the time and very, very sleepy. Back is the worst by far but other than feeling kind of sick most of the time, the nausia hasn't been that bad. But you know what? I'm so happy I can hardly keep the smile off my face. It's funny how going through the 75 needles I had for Ivf (yes, I kept track :)) or the syptoms above seem like nothing when I know that I have 2 miracles growing inside me. I"m so itchy right now but I"m still smiling! :)


Fortyfour - August 20

Well its nice to know others had itchy red breasts. I would take off my shirt and bra to put lotion on my breasts and they would be red as beets. My skin seems so dry also and I am putting lotion on all day long.

I was always such a cold person and now I cant get cold enough. I hated the car air conditioning blowing on me and now I drive with it blowing my hair back til my face feels frozen.

This is such a miracle though isnt it. Us infertiles with these tiny people in our tummies. (I'm tearing up) I started to think about labor today and if I will be a vaginal or c-section and told myself I had a long ways to go until that is decided.

I went to a ob class for our insurance company the other day and one lady kept spouting about her natural delivery she was going to have. I say more power to her but I am voting for an epidural. Now I know why I was thinking of labor.

Take care all and happy belly growing.


cassandra - August 20

Fortyfour, what's an OB class? For your health insurance or from your health insurance? Sorry, confused. :) cassandra


Fortyfour - August 22

We had to go to this class before we could get our referral to our ob. We got videos, booklets and all sort of info. I have the military insurance.


oneandonlymel - August 23

Fourtyfour I am so glad things are going well for you! So far things are going well with me too, had my 7 week ultrasound yesterday and it went well! I dont' have the itchy breast yet, but they get really sore here and there. The nausea is not so pleasant, but i will take it all just to have a healthy baby in 9 months!


Karen123 - August 24

oneandonly - I'm SO glad to hear that your u/s went well. What a relief that is! That is the greatest feeling to see that fluttering heart. I wish I had one of those machines at home so I could check on them every day!! Karen



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