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cassandra - December 15

Hi ladies. I have been sent home yet again with no babies. I had a 2 day induction done with pitocin and had contractions, but not painful enough to dialate. I am only 1 cm dialated. Babies look good and are in position to deliver vaginally so now I just wait. They said they will do the pitocin again next week if I don't deliver by Wed. If it doesn't work they will have to do a c-sec. Take care everyone...cassandra (40weeks1day)


justme - December 15

Oh my goodness!!!!!! How rare to go on and on like this with twins!! They sure like it in your belly!

Hopefully it will work next week. I know you must be so ready to meet these sweet little ones!

Keep us posted


Fortyfour - December 16

Hi Cassandra, They sure are being stubborn eh? I hope they come soon so we can see pictures and you can quit waiting. Good luck, I have been wondering how you were. Take care.


baby4us - December 16

Wow Cassandra... you are very brave and patient!! I am not sure how I would react in your situation.. but I hope the babies come soon!!!!


Karen123 - December 16

Cassandra, I had no idea a woman carrying twins would even be allowed to go past her due date! I still have plenty to learn I guess. Well of course the good news is, you'll have good sized babies who will hopefully go home with you when you are ready to leave the hospital and that's a wonderful thing! You certainly are patient!! I am already impatient! I feel so big already and I am just over 24 weeks! Well, as you know, I care SO MUCH about how you are doing (as does everyone else on this board!) and I am hoping to hear your great delivery story soon! I have today off and I'm still sick (11 days now) but I just had to log on to see if you had your babies yet! I sure hope you can post soon after you do. BEST of luck to you!!!! Karen


cassandra - December 17

Hi everyone! Yup, I'm still here. They won't let me go past 1 week of this overdue nonsense. I could of had a c-sec but drs. said babies were ok where they are for now. Dh and I decided to wait this out and avoid the surgery if poss. My feet are very swollen like balloons with little nubbies but if I keep them elevated it goes down a little. Blood pressure is 130/85 so I'm trying to watch the salt. At latest I expect to have them by Wed. I will certainly post about the delivery when I get a chance. Take care everyone....cassandra 40weeks2days


Meg - December 17


You are braver than I. I would have opted for a C-Section rather than go vaginally. I can't believe that you are overdue w/ twins !!!! It seems so hard to believe. I didn't think that they would let you go that long, since you are p/g w/ twins. I check in all of the time to see if you had the twins yet. I am hoping for your sake that you have them this weekend. Your blood pressure although slightly elevated, isn't that bad, but you really need to keep an eye on it, as it can spike pretty fast. You should stay off your feet and try to lay on your left side. That will keep it down somewhat.

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you have a safe and quick delivery. May you meet those precious bundles of babies soon :)




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