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shaz - May 23

I know that going to the toilet is common in early pregnancy but, I seriously get up about 6 times a night!!!!!!. By they 4th or 5th time I just cant get back to sleep...I'm up for the day around 5am....

Dont get me wrong, Im not complaining, Ill just be happy when this trimester is done with for a whole lot of reasons.

Oh yeah- when I get up to go to the toilet, all I can think about is food!!!!! I have raided the fridge a couple of times during the night......LOL


ElizabethS - May 24

Shaz - I am right there with you. I go every two-three hours night and day. I asked dh if he thought our water bills will go up with all the flushing I have been doing.


paige - May 24

Hey girls I'm there with you too. I get up every two hours to go to the bathroom and eat. I also pack an ice chest for my bedroom and eat three times in the middle of the night!! I started cuttin my water out two hours before bed time and it is helping a little.


shaz - May 24

LOL at both of you......

Paige - Do you really pack an ice chest with food for the middle of the night????? That is so funny. You poor thing, you must be starving....Actually, it sounds like a good idea, it would save me having to go downstairs in the middle of the night.

Elizabeth - I think my water bill will also be huge, along with my toilet paper bill, my food bill....etc etc LOL. Isnt it great though. Like I said, I'm not complaining, infact I like the peeing and the feeling sick etc, it just confirms for me that things are ok....

take care



paige - May 24

Shaz, yeah I really pack one that way I don't have to go down stairs and wake up too much. I usually pack yogurt and fiber cereal. There smoothis so I just drink them down and go back to bed. It's been so much easier since I've done that. Plus I'm eating eight times a day little meals so I'm always hungry. What about you?


shaz - May 25

Hi Paige,

I am just eating heaps more than I normally do....I am also eating small meals all day. I have to have a big dinner though otherwise I will wake up in the night very sick.

How many weeks are you now?


paige - May 27

Hi shaz I am exactly 7 weeks today. No morning sickness yet. I hope it stays that way. How are you doing?



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