One little blinker!!!!
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justme - September 28

The US went great this morning and we had one sac and one strong heartbeat. I am so excited!!! Just wanted to share the good news!!!



pj - September 28

i'm so excited for you. hope all continues to go well, and that one little heartbeat keeps showing you how strong it is!!


tinkerbell - September 28

CONGRATULATIONS justme! that is so wonderful! we got BFPs almost the same day, so our u/s schedules are almost at the same time. i saw the blinker in mine too, and it feels so relieving and so wonderful! all the best for the next months ahead! CHEERS!


pj - September 28

congratulations to you too tinkerbell!
i'm so happy for you that you got to see your little blinker! best wishes on your continued journey to motherhood.


SMS1129 - September 28


I know it was hard to wait till week 7, but I am so happy it is here and everything looks great!! I hope you are feeling a little better or at least got that medicine.

I actually had to go to the doctor yesterday because I have been so short of breath. I thought maybe it was the triplets, but it turns out I have bronchitis. They prescribed an antibiotic and an inhaler. The antibiotic I can take, the inhaler my OB said no. So, they recommended some Vicks Vapor Rub, so I'll try that tonight. Other than that and being dead tired all the time, I feel ok. I go for my next u/s tomorrow morning.

Glad everything went well for you!

Take care,



justme - September 28

Pj- thanks for the well wishes

Tinkerbell- Congrats to you too!!!! I can't believe you did it the old fashioned way!!!!!!! Good for you.

Sue- I hope you start feeling better soon. That is no way to start off the pregnancy.


WantsBaby2 - September 29

Just me & Tinkerbell,
Happy to hear about your little blinkers. It must be a relief to see that all is well! Good things happen to good people. Congratulations!



Meg - September 29


Congrats :) I am so happy you saw a strong h/b; it is so very reassuring. Hopefully you can relax a little bit, despite feeling so sick. Best of Luck to you and your little one :)


Congrats on your blinker as well :) It is funny how those natural p/g happen when you least expect it. We kind of had the same thing happen. We were already to begin the process for doing a FET, when we had a natural p/g. Best of Luck to you :)

I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers for happy and healthy pregnancies.



oneandonlymel - September 29

justme- I am so happy for you!! I know how that feels to see the heartbeat!! A happy 9 months to you!!!!


tinkerbell - September 29

meg - cassandra told me about your case too.. it's amazing isn't it? i was preparing myself to a round of injectables when this miracle happened :)

thanks everyone for all your well wishes... it's great to have all these support :)


ElizabethS - September 29

just me and tinkerbell - CONGRATULATIONS. We know your journey has been long, and I am just so thrilled to hear your news. I hope you both have an amazing 9 months.



Karen123 - September 29

Justme and Tinkerbell, A HUGE congratulations to you both!!! Seeing the heartbeat is an incredible, unforgettable experience. I will say that each u/s is thrilling and you have some wonderful experiences ahead. I now have to wait 5 weeks for another u/s :( but it should be incredible. The babies will be much bigger and easier to see and hopefully, we'll find out what we're having. I wish you all well (Sue too!) and I wish you happiness. Happy baby growing! Karen


hope as cassandra - September 29

Hi ladies! Well, so much happening here today! I'm so glad for both of you! Congratulations on seeing your little blinkers! I hope both of you have an amazing pregnancy! I'm so glad to see more positives down here!

Tinkerbell, I'm having trouble retrieving my messages. I apologize. My dh just installed widows xp and still trying to figure out all the quirks. So glad to see your posts! cassandra


Debie - September 29

Karen, Tinkerbell and just me Congratulations on you u/s. It's wonderful to read such good news and gives much hope. Keep growing and take care of yourselves.



BabyBound - October 3

Justme, congratulations...there's nothing like seeing that first u/s. Here's to happy and healthy times ahead.


justme - October 5

Thanks again to all of you. So far so good here. I am relaly sick though! :o



SMS1129 - October 8


I just started with the nausea before my 8th week. I was hoping to sail through with none. Oh well... It is hard with work and all. I don't know whether what I eat is making it worse or if I should eat more. I also have indigestion first thing in the morning and most of the day now. Hopefully, this too shall pass, along with the fatigue. Everything else is going well, though. I have my first OB apptmt on Tuesday. The babies are a little over 8 weeks and growing fast. They are about 17 mm each and strong heartbeats.

I am glad to hear you are doing well. I hope the nausea subsides soon for you.

Take care,



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