OB appointment.
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shaz - May 16

Hi all,

We went and saw our OB today. Had another ultrasound and could only see one sac and one heartbeat this time. It's funny, I felt a little sad for the other one, but only for a minute. Pete (my OB) said that he felt alot more comfortable for me to only be carrying one baby. Given all the goings on in my last pregnancy it is much safer. He has given me so many vitamins to take that I am certainly going to rattle when I walk.

Good news is that he is happy to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceaseran). He said as long as things are running smoothly during pregnancy he see's no reason why we shouldnt try it.

Hope everyone is well




cassandra - May 16

Congratulations on your little one Shaz! May you have a wonderful pregnancy and a great delivery!I am wondering, was your OB doing the infertile treatment also? And did he deliver your daughter? cassandra


BabyBound - May 16

Shaz, congrats on the little one. All of this is such true blessings that we can't help but be happy. Take care of yourself.


shaz - May 16

Thanks for your thoughts girls.....

Cassandra- With Billie (my daughter) my infertility specialist was also my OB. However this time I have changed fertility clinics and my specialist does not do obstetrics. I am actually going to a friend of ours. I feel so much more taken care of. I am off to the Chemist this morning to get,

Cardiprin (asprin), to try and prevent pre-eclampsia,
Caltrate - is a calcium suppliment
Fish oil capsule - I was told not to chew these. LOL
Vitamin C and Vitamin E....

My baby and I are going to be very healthy....

Take care



ElizabethS - May 17

Shaz - That is wonderful news. Your little one will be so very precious. How are you handling all those vitamins? I have heard a lot of good things about fish oil.

Thanks for the update. We are so fortunate.


shaz - May 17

Hi Elizabeth,

I only started taking them all yesterday. So no feeling about them yet.
I am getting sicker though. Have actually vomitted a few times now....
How are you feeling?



ElizabethS - May 17

Shaz - I think the hormones are starting to set in. I just have been feeling extremely tired and sick. I feel like I complain all the time to my husband, and this sounds so vain, but I am just feeling so ugly and fat. Which is only going to get worse. My doctor wants me to gain 75-100 lbs. I will do anything for my babies, but I am just having a little pitty party lately.

I think a nice batch and a good nights sleep with help.


HeatherMac - May 17

Elizabeth - I know it sounds like a lot of weight, but you're right...those 3 babies are worth every ounce!! And, just think of the great clevage you'll have - you'll be very voluptious for a little while!! But, it will all come off. I have a friend who was teeny tiny pre-pregnancy...she gained 125 with ONE child...and he's just over 18 months and it's all gone but 25. You'll be fine. Besides, with 3 to chase after, you'll be working it all off!!



ElizabethS - May 18

Thanks Heathermac! I know that this is all soooo worth it, and after going through IF, I will gain 300 lbs if I have to. I guess the hormones got to me a bit.


Jenny Lee - May 18

congratulations Shaz. Many prayers for a healthy nine months!! Jen


cassandra - May 18

Hi Elisabeth, The way I'm going I'll be gaining 75-100. I have promised myself that I will lose it after delivery. It won't be overnight I know that.I know the weight I have put on already shows but my dh hasn't even flinched.This is for a great cause Elisabeth. I'm 6 feet tall and am nearing the 200 lb. which makes me nervous, I've never been this heavy in my life and it can be a little disheartening but I tell myself, I'll only be pregnant once in this lifetime. After the children come I don't think we will have to worry about losing it...we will be too busy to have time to eat! I'm teaching dh now how to prepare his own dinners. He's been a great student! A girlfriend of mine said don't let him see your chart in the hospital..it has your weight on it! ;)Take care..cassandra


ElizabethS - May 18

Cassandra - I am almost 6 feet too. I am thankful to be so tall, in that we will have more room for our babies. I think between breast feeding and chasing babies, we will be burning through lots of calories.

Thanks for the encouragement


shaz - May 18

Hi all

I dont know how to convert pounds to kilo's (dumb blonde thing)...... I am normaly a slight person. When I got pregnant with Billie I weighed 53 Kilo's (i'm 5 ft 4 in). I had her 5 weeks early and at the end weighed 83 kilo's...LOL I was huge, massive. It was terrible, but worth every kilo. I lost it all within 4 months and went back to 51 kilos.

Since I have had her, I have put a few kilos on so am starting this pregnancy at 58 kilo's. Im trying not to stress about it too much cause it does come off after you have the baby. I didnt have time to eat and I only had one.....Elizabeth you are going to be a waif running around after three....LOL...

Happy eating everyone



ElizabethS - May 18

I think the U.S. should get on the Metric system right away!!!! Shaz, I know you are teeny-tiny, but I love that most people can have a weight "number" that is under 100!! 75 Kilos sound so much better than 175lbs!

How many Kilos did Billie weigh when she was born. A big U.S. baby would weight between 8-10 lbs.


shaz - May 19

I agree Elizabeth. Pounds sound so excessive....

Billie only weighed 4pld 12. She was so tiny. She had to stay in hospital when I was discharged. That nearly killed me. I would go in every day at 6am and would have to be practically dragged out at around midnight....

Yeah, she didnt contribute much to my mammoth weight gain, it was the pre-eclampisa.



BabyBound - May 19

I'm a shorty...5'2 and I carry some extra weight, especially around the middle and hip area. I'm sure my dr is not going to want me to gain much wait. I think I have plenty of room for the baby to grow already. I was on a good workout routine right before I got pg and I lost 15 pounds in 2 months. I'm planning on starting the routine again after the baby.



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