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jamielee - June 18

I am feeling pretty good actually. There are times I don't feel pregnant! Finally. I am still throwing up like 3 times a week but just once in the morning then I feel fine. My stomach is still doing that as well! Its so strange! It will be so big then its gone when I wake up. I was feeling little flutters every now and then but I haven't felt any in the past few days so I hope all is well!! I will keep you posted, I have an u/s on tues!!! I am so nervous and excited!!!!


destinybaby - June 18

Hi Ladies,

Nadia, my new beta numbers as of friday is 1161 I have another appoitment this wednesday. I still can't believe there is a baby inside me, let alone 2 :D . I still have some cramping at times, no more spotting thank God. Tarek is such a cute name.

Jamie, I remember when you did not have any sympthoms :). I can't believe youa re still throwing up at least its not that much. That' the part i am not looking forward to, but sometimes i wish i had it just to clarify that I am PG. What do you take for your m/s. I am still on the progestrone :'(. When did you stop taking it.



jamielee - June 18

Tia, I'm so glad you stopped spotting it sucks!! Your numbers are amazing and they keep rising awesome!!!
I might find out tomorrow what the babies are! I will be 16 1/2 weeks so it would be nice to find out!! I think that it may ease my mind a bit to find out what they are!! I am hoping for at least 1 girl only because I have a boy, but I am happy for anything I get!! Have been thinking of names lately which is difficult w/ so many possible combos! We are all "J's" so we would like to stick with that. My son is Jaden. For girls I don't really like any j names so it will be tough. I like Lilly and Lola if they are 2 girls, also Jace or Jake (Jacob) for boys. We shall soon find out (I hope)


nadiaaboutaleb - June 19

Tia i stopped taking progesterone after 12 weeks. don't wish for the nausea, jamie didn't have it and wished for it and i bet you she now regrets that wish... am I right jamie ? :) and Tia if you dont get any nausea really be thankful and dont worry at all, cause i had no nausea at all and little T is fine. and that is a blessing. Jamie let me know how your ultrasound went today, did you find out the sex? Just to help you out Jamie, the 2 most popular names in here (egypt) for girls starting with a J, Jasmin and Jehane and Jamilla (meaning beautiful). Jane where are you? i hope everything is ok with you.



jamielee - June 19

Thanks Nadia, those are beautiful names! Yes I totally regret my horrible wishes for m/s!!! I'm having a really "flat" stomach day and its kinda freakin me out! I think its so weird how that happens!! Can't wait to see the doc!! not til 2:00 so I will let you all know how it goes!!!
Jane any u/s coming up????



jamielee - June 19

not sure why that nervous face popped up didn't mean it.


destinybaby - June 19



How exciting :D knowing what you are having, better to shop anyway. All J's that cute. Did yo think of t Julia, Jessica for a girl in J's. Lilli and Lola is really cute though. I am still having some mild cramping, but still no spotting, thank God.

Nadia, It would be just wonderful not to have m/s, only thing is when you do have it, it truly reminds you that you are PG. :).

I can't wait for my official u/s, so that I can feel sure that all is well. Its seems like time is dragging. Tomorrow i have another beta test.



JaneX - June 19

I had an ultrasound a week or so ago and everything is normal. My next one is in just over two weeks. I will find out the sexes then - they give you a 3d or 4d one - very exciting. I have no more 'flat tummy' days - I look very pregnant these day and expect to grow fast over the next month. My m/s has all gone which is very nice.

I really like the names Lilli and Lola. I am also very fond of Jasmin. My Dh and I will never agree on names!

Am pleased to hear everyone is doing well.



jamielee - June 19

Well today was a "no show" couldn't tell yet. I don't mind though the babies look great which was my main concern! I have an appointment with the peri next week so she said I should find out then. Feel alot better I have gained 7 pounds so far (hope thats not bad) and I am never really hungry! I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner thats it no snacks! I chowed last time I was pregnant so I'm not sure where my appetite has gone, I love to eat! Jane its nice to hear you are feeling well!


destinybaby - June 20

Hi Everyone,

Great news, my new beta number 10,081 :D. Its looking more and more like 2 babies. More good news, my u/s is scheduled for next thursday, I can't wait to see the babies and/or hear the heartbeats.

I am travelling this weekend to Florida for a business convention and the last time this group got together we did a lot of cocktails ;), tying to figure what to say without saying that i am pregnant. I am not ready to let anyone outside of me and DH know.

How is everyone else doing.



jamielee - June 23

Good luck with your trip, thats a tough one because every excuse for not drinking some how leads back to pregnancy! Unless you say your on antibiotics!!
I hope everyones doing well! Jane I found a great twin crib seperator! I'm not sure what your plans were for the babies when you get them home! Its at I got it from another forum. I plan on keeping them together in my room for a little while as I will be attempting double breastfeeding!
I have my level 2 u/s wed. so I am so excited!!


jamielee - June 26

Well I had a horrible day yesterday! My doctor called and said that my quad screening came back abnormal with a 1:179 chance of downs. She said the normal range ends at 270 so I'm off by 91. I was crying all day yesterday! I should have never had that stupid test knowing how many false positives there are!! It was my choice to have it and I should of said NO! I am seeing the peri anyway and didn't realize they check for that during a level 2 u/s. So I am a wreck so nervous for tomorrow! I know I shouldn't be so worried because it happens alot but I'm back to freaking out again! I was so happy lately because I finally felt secure with the pregnancy and I can feel the babies moving! AHHHH I'm so mad!!


JaneX - June 27

Don't be mad and stop freaking out- everything will be fine. As you said there are a lot of false positives. I am confident you will be OK and all this stress is not worth it. The other way to look at it is that there is nothing you can do now to change anything so why waste energy worring about it. Good luck tomorrow (will you find out the sexes) and let us know how it goes.

I am feeling fine and feeling a few movements here and there but nothing much - which I could feel more. Not long now until my next scan and then hopefully we will find out the sexes.



jamielee - June 27

Thanks Jane, I feel a bit better today. I was reading about how common these false positives are, I read quite a few pages on other web sites of women who were freaked out and they were all fine! They had worse odds than me! I feel confident that my babies are just fine! (sort of) but I'm getting there! I should find out the sexes today! so thats exciting! I will post later with all the details!
I am glad you are starting to feel the babies! I feel them quite often but I go some days with no movement. Thanks for being there Jane!!


JaneX - June 27

Pleased to hear you are feeling more confident. Let us know how the scan goes. Am dying to know the sexes. . . hope they were cooperative.



jamielee - June 28

Well everything looks great!! My 2 BOYS are measuring just right! No signs of anything abnormal! I feel so relieved. I am pretty shocked knowing that I am soon to be a mother of 3 boys!! I am excited but a part of me is sad to know I will never have a daughter, I will just have to be the only spoiled female of the house! haha...
Oh and they were both sucking their thumbs and one was holding his penis!! So funny!! BOYS!



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