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RB - March 30

Beth...please convey my warmest congratulations to Jenny and dh and a very special welome to little Gabriel!!!


JasJulesMom - March 31

Cograts Jenny. I am sure he is beautiful!!!


lili246 - April 1

COngratulations Jenny,
I am so happy for you girl please keep us posted on how the baby is doing. I am so happy for you girl hey you had the baby fast which is good. You need to stop by and share your labor story with us ok.
Warmest wishes!!

Love Lili


Arabsrcool - April 1

Hi girls,

Just got back from doctors ofc. I am having a singleton, thank god and everything looks good. I got to see and hear the heartbeat, which is so cool. I go back in 2 weeks for another check up. My due date is 11/16. He gave me a prescription because my morning sickness is so bad. I can't wait till after work to go pick it up!


bdantonio - April 1

Arabsrcool: your due on my wedding aniversary.

I havent talked to jenny today however they were suppose to come home yesterday if i talk with her i will update everyone. I do know she had 17 hours of labor and hes adorable. 7lbs 15oz 20 1/4oz


bdantonio - April 1

well everyone just talked to jenny told her you all said congrats. They are home and doing well. He has a dr apt tomorrow. I will keep you all updated as i find out info since her computer is still not working.


JulieC - April 3

Jenny had 17 hours of labor?? I thought she was having a scheduled c-section.


bdantonio - April 3

no she was induced


lili246 - April 3

How is your lilttle one doing?

Hey wow that was 17 hours for Jenny in Labor poor Jenny but I am glad that everything is well and the little one is home now. When did she have the baby? Why was she at the hospital that long?

Have a great one



bdantonio - April 4

She had the baby on Saturday 3/30/08 at 9 something in the am. She went in friday afternoon to have him.
I ffel jenny's pain my first was 20 hrs of labor to have a c-section.

My little was is getting big. I wish i new how to post a picture on here i cant figure it out she will be 2mths on the 8th and she is already almost 12lbs.


JENNY22074 - May 14

Thank you so much for keeping everyone informed about me Beth...You were great to help out so much with me not having a computer up and running...However now I do have one so I can keep in touch...Gabriel is doing great...I can;t believe he turned 6 weeks on Saturday...Time sure does fly...He is beautiful and has a great disposition...He doesn't fuss much and has been sleep 4-6 hours in between bottles since we came home from the hospital...I have been blessed...

My birth story...Well I went in originally on Friday the 28th of March at 6:30 in the morning to be induced...They were so crowded that they sent all the scheduled c-sections and inductions home until 21 people could be discharged from the post partum unit and the ones in labor and delivery could be sent to the post partum unit...It was crazy...Well then at 1:30pm that same day I got a call to tell me to come back in at 3:30pm...So when we got back there they took me right in and at 4:30 they started the pitocin and I was 2cm at that point...They also broke my bag of waters and put a monitor on Gabriel's head to monitor his heartbeat because of my excess skin they were not able to get his heartbeat to register with the external monitor...Let me just say that that whole ordeal HURT!!!!...So a few hours later I got my epidural and was relaxing...My left side kept getting more and more numb because that was the side that I was laying on so he could better tolerate the contractions that I was having...So at around 6:30am they cheked me and I was 9cm and then shift change happened so they did not check me again until around 8:30am and I was 10cm and could start pushing...Well after about an hour of pushing Gabriel came out at 9:27am and weighed in at 7lbs 15ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long...He was wide awake and stayed that way until they took him to the nursery to get his first bath...Now my little man is 12lbs 2 ounces and almost 22 inches long...He loves to eat and it shows...I would love to send you all pictures...Anyone interested just drop me an email and I will send you his shutterfly album...

Well enough about me...How is everyone else...I have sooo missed you all!!!...Looking forward to catching up


jamielee - May 15

Jenny, Congrats! Good to hear from you! Its so nice that you have a good sleeper! My babies are ok sleep wise but everything takes longer with 2 of course, so by the time one is done eating or whatever I have to do it all over again! They are good babies so its still going well!
Beth how is your baby girl??


bdantonio - May 15

jamieless i cnat get my ticker to work where do you post it t again?


bdantonio - May 15

angelina is great shes 3mths 1 week now. shes about 15lbs and 25 inches long. She is on foods now. Im still breastfeding which isalot easier now tht she only feeds about 4X a day and sh sleep throght the night. She oes to bed about 7pm and sleeps until 630am


lili246 - May 15

wow bdantonio that is great that she sleeps that long all night long you sure are lucky. So you are giving her foods now?
I started giving my baby at 4 months old he is doing good and eats alot but he still wakes up at night to eat about 2 times per night but he goes back to sleep right away he is a good baby and he sleeps alot during the day.

hey ladies I have a question?? Have any of you tried to travel by car with your baby that would give me feedback on how it went?

The thing is that dh is going to Las Vegas, NV this saturday it is a 4 hour drive without stopping from home to Vegas and I would love to go but I don't know if the baby will be good with that. I know that he doesn't like his carseat because he is uncomfortable so I don't know if he will like traveling that much ot not.
If we go we plan to go very early in the morning around 5a.m..
Any suggestions???

Have a great night


JENNY22074 - May 16 is funny that you pose that question because we just traveled a 4 1/2 hour drive to take my godmother to meet my godfather at a 1/2 way point between pennsylvania and north carolina...He did great...My suggestion would be to travel closer to the evening time because the baby would more likely sleep during those hours close to their bedtime...We left in the afternoon around 2pm and got home around 1am...Make sure that you leave enough room for pulling over to let the baby's legs stretch by getting them out of the car seat if you go earlier in the day or leave in the afternoon like we did...Just don't hurry and take your time and pull over to let the baby stretch or even to hold them while you give them the bottle...You should have a nice car ride...Just judge your little one and thing should go just fine...



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