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lili246 - March 19

The best of luck girl I was induced aswell and it went just fine. Yeah you don't want your baby to keep growing and then have complications during delivery so inducement is a good idea. I bet you are very excited and can't wait to meet your little baby it will be a bless :)
Let us know

good luck and keep us posted


jamielee - March 21

Lili, I'm not sure yet if I want to try again, I have 3 and I think if we have another set of twins its going to be a mad house!!! I'm sure I will have more boys so I wouldn't try for a girl, but because I have 7 frozen embies that I'm not sure if I can't just "get rid" of them!
I saw a psychic when I was 2 months pregnant with my first son and she told me that I was pregnant with a boy (I was NOT even close to showing) when I asked her if I would ever have a girl she said no, you are the mother of all boys never a girl!! Well she was right!! Crazy! But I am very happy to have 3 mamas boys!!

Jenny thats great! Get that baby out! My first son was 8lbs 6oz and had a lovely episiotomy!!! (sp) Not fun but worth it none the less!! Good luck!!



lili246 - March 21

Hey girl I know what you mean being around men is fun it would be nice having a girl but if we weren't meant to have the girl then theres nothing we can do.
I will try one last time in about 3 years and see if I can get the girl I will not be thinking of the girl or else it won't happen but it would be nice having a girl aswell. WE should see what god gives us later.
For now we are happy with our 2 kids for now we can't ask for anything else we aer enjoying our kids to the fullest :)
Hey your first kid was big, my son was 8lbs 7 oz about the same :)

Have a great day and good luck :)



jamielee - March 22

I know what you mean about the girl thing, and its hard to not have a little hope about possibly having one!! If we do try it will be in about 3 or 4 years so we shall see I just don't know how I feel about not using my frozen embryos yet. We'll see. Who knows they are probably all little girls lol!!!


JENNY22074 - March 24

Hello everyone...I am getting ready to go to my final doctor's appointment...It looks like if he doesn't come on his own in the next few days I will be induced on Friday the 28th between 6am and 8am...I am so excited and just want everyday to be the day...So we are finally at the end of our journey...

How is everyone else doing?


lili246 - March 24

That is great you are so close I bet you are excited.
One recommendation is that push everytime you have a big contraction I know that helps alot pushing on every contraction helps you bring the baby lower so take my advise you'll see it will help I have given it to all my friends and they sure say it helps.

I was induce with my first son at 6am and it was a great time because I had him that evening at 5:36p.m. and by the next day we got to go home.
With my last son I went to the hospital at 10p.m. and had him until the next day at 6:25p.m. and didn't go home after 2 days later...UGH It was harder this last time because I spend more days at the hospital I just don't like being there.
I really think it is a better time in the a.m.

Good luck and keep posted.

You are right what about if they are all little girls that would be nice. I think waiting for 3 to 4 years is my goal aswell I want to enjoy my little boys and then try again later hope we can get a girl but we never know but we need to risk it. Which dh doesn't want anymore kids but we shall see.

Take care and have a great day

Love Lili


JENNY22074 - March 24

Today was my last doctor's appointmnet and we have our set schedule now for Friday...I have to be there by 6:15am and my induction will start at 6:30am...My doctor chose Friday since he is in labor and delivery all that day...So we will be letting you know when he arrives...Talk to you soon


JasJulesMom - March 27

I had my last appt with RE today. I am sort of nervous because my appt with ob/gyn is not until 4/10. Two weeks seems like an eternity. Everything seems to be going well. RE said heartbeat is strong and baby is measuring 7 weeks and 6 days so very close to the 8 weeks I am.


Arabsrcool - March 27


Everything sounds good, you are almost 8 weeks. That is great!!! It sucks you have to wait another 2 weeks to see RE, but stay postive, chances are everything will be fine!

Any pg symptoms?

I have my u/s on Tues and alternate between being excited and fearful. I have been having morning sickness (all day long) for about a week, and keep telling myself that is a good sign.



JasJulesMom - March 27


I am actually done with RE that is why I have to wait two weeks. I will be seeing ob/gyn and then after that every 4 weeks. I have never had m/s even with my ds and dd. I only get some nausea through out the day. Much more mild this time around, that is why I am always so nervous. Thankfully after RE appt yesterday I was a bit more at ease. Once I saw that beautiful heartbeat and the baby was the correct size, I was able to relax a bit. I am sure that relaxing will only last a few days and then I will be anxious for my next appt. I know this will be my last time being pregnant so I am really trying to enjoy it.

Will Tuesday be your first u/s? How far along are you? Do you think it could be multiples?


Arabsrcool - March 28


I'm glad to hear everything was as is should be. The waiting and the wondering is always so hard.

Tuesday will be my first ultrasound. I am 6 weeks along and will be 7 at the time of u/s. My husband thinks its multiples, I however am holding out for a singleton! We transferred 2 perfect embies, so I suppose it could be multiples, but realistically, not likely. I will find out on Tues and cannot wait to see the little tadpole and hear a heartbeat!! Then I start thinking less than postive thoughts (you know what I mean) that something could be not right etc. I try not to think about it too much, otherwise I think I could go crazy. I know the morning sickness is a good thing, it means the hormones are cruising along....but boy its hard to remember that when all you want is to laydown and not be sick!



bdantonio - March 29

Hey everyone update on Jenny: She had the baby tody at 9:24 m hes 7lbs 15oz dont know the height yet ill let you know when i know. They are both doing great. Hes eating ad all. She is doing good with breast feeding soo far. Ill update everyone as i find out more.


bdantonio - March 29

Ronda youll prolly not be able to hear the heart beat until later but you should see it


doglover - March 30

Congrats Jenny...can't wait to hear all about it!!!!!
Take care, Linzie


RB - March 30

Ronda...good luck on Tuesday - i will be anxiously waiting to hear all about u/s is not until the week after (7/04) when i will be in my 9th week so i'm really hoping that i will be able to hear the heartbeat...that's my last appt with the RE and then i am in the hands of my ob/gyn.

JasJulesMom...i know what you mean about being anxious...i havent had m/s only mild nausea throughout the day - it comes in waves and goes alomost as soon as it comes....sometimes i wonder if i actually felt it or if i was just hoping to feel something....i cant wait for that u/s!



RB - March 30

Beth...please convey my warmest congratulations to Jenny and dh and a very special welome to little Gabriel!!!



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