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nadiaaboutaleb - April 11

not really and i told the doctor that i don't have nausea and he said that is totally fine and that i might get them when in a week or two if not then i won't at all and i would be one lucky pregnant woman :) I am sure everything will go well with you on monday i told you from the start i feel we are in the same boat jamie.



nadiaaboutaleb - April 20

finally the site is working again. Jamie how are you? how was your ultrasound? are you feeling any symptoms yet? I am still the same not really feeling syptoms except a little sore boobs and fatigue, but no nausea.


JaneX - April 21

How is everyone doing? I am fine. Still feeling pretty yuck! Am expecting to feel this the whole pregnancy. I had a scan on Wednesday and we still have 3 - one is a little smaller but that is normal apparently. Anyway, go back in about 10 days for another look and then we have to decide what to do. We are still thinking of reducing down to 2 at this point.

Hope you are all doing well and feeling OK.


nadiaaboutaleb - April 21

Jane glad to hear you are fine and all your babies are well. keep me posted on what you will decide to do. I wish you all the luck and courage.



jamielee - April 21

Hi all! I am having twins! Which is the reason for my spotting which stopped but made a return today! very very light but bright red this time! I am trying not to worry since it was just a little and that was it so far today! The doc on call said that I can go to the er to get checked out if I like but I have no cramps and no heavy bleeding so I think I will stay put and go in on monday! I saw their heartbeats which were 157 and 153 hopefully a good indicator! and have been pretty sick lately!
hope everyone is doing well!!!


JaneX - April 22

That is great news Jamie. I understand spotting is much more likely when there is more than one! Are you excited or in shock?



nadiaaboutaleb - April 22

Mine is December 5th. So am I the only one who is not experiencing the nausea/vomiting? anyone else is not? my next appointment is on Tuesday I will be almost 8 weeks, hopefully everything will be fine.



jamielee - April 22

My due date is nov 30th. So I had no spotting the rest of the day yesterday and very little on the paper again this morning but a lot less!! I wonder why its happening in the morning?? I hope its not because I'm a restless sleeper! any thoughts? Can't talk to my doc til tomorrow.
As for having twins I'm very excited! I am just so nervous from seeing red that I'm scared to think how this pregnancy will be!!
Nadia please don't worry I'm sure your fine!! I am totally kicking myself for wishing this misery on myself! I was actually crying the other day from being so sick! Its reasurring but when its gone for a little while I still worry! So I'd rather be without it all together!


jamielee - April 23

I had another u/s today and things look great! The doc couldn't find any reason for my bleeding and told me it shouldn't be an issue! Thank god! The babies look right at home in there! I feel a lot better!! I hope everyone is feeling ok!


JaneX - April 24

Jamie I am totally with you on 'I'd rather be without it altogether'. I would love not to have to feel this way. I am totally over feeling this way. I basically feel like crap the entire time.

Anyway, I am please to hear everything is going well and your scan looked good. I have read in lots of places that you are more likely to get spotting with more than one - my doctor even told me that.

I go back to the doctor early next week and then it's time to make a decision and make a plan. Am trying not to think about it! I figure worrying will not change anything.

Pleased to hear you are all doing OK.


jamielee - April 24

I am starting to feel a little better lately. I have "morning" sickness only, by noon I start to feel a little better but its still there all day! I have to lay down until 10 am if I get up I run for the toilet! I feel so bad because my son has had dry cherrios for breakfast everyday this week because I can't make anything!! He doesn't seem to mind though. I also have crazy migraines which cause my vision to go and parts of my body to feel numb like my lips and cheeks, its horrible I can't stand it!! I hope at 12 weeks this goes away!

Nadia let us know how today went, I'm sure your fine!!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 24

went for my second scan today. Everything went well thank God. We saw a strong heartbeat and movement. I told the doctor i don't have any symptoms and he said that i should be thankful. So I am really glad. But i have some anemia and i need to drink a lot of water which was always a problem for me. But I definitely will do the effort.


nadiaaboutaleb - April 24

i wanted to ask if anyone got the baby toddler? if yes does it really work or it is not worth buying? I know it would put my mind at ease if it works but don't want to buy one if you can't really hear anything!!


jamielee - April 24

Nadia I'm so glad you are feeling reassured! Are you talking about the headphones to listen to the baby? If yes don't bother I bought one with my last pregnancy and it didn't work, I think I was picking up my heartbeat most of the time! I have heard women talking about renting one (a good one) that seems to work well I was thinking of looking into that! because I'm always nervous lately!!
Isn't it so great to see the baby moving and the little heartbeat!! I'm starting to really get nervous about the whole 2 babies thing! I'm really excited I'm just wondering how I'm going to manage! 2 baths 2 diapers 2 feedings AHHHH! It will all be worth it in the end!!


anniekate - April 25

Hi, it's anniekate. I couldn't log on forever, (anyone else experience this??), so I just tried and it finally worked. I just read your post and figured out that you have twins! CONGRATULATIONS! Remember, so do I! Do you STILL not have nausea?? If so, my cousin who had healthy fraternal twins last November had no nausea either. She carried two beautiful babies (a boy and girl) to term! So, BE THANKFUL. I'm telling you, I have continued to be so nauseated for these eleven weeks (today!). Pluss I was diagnosed with PUPP--a harmless to baby but itchy pregnancy rash. It doesn't normally appear until 35 WEEKS, but because I have twins, it came early. The doctor said it will come and go throughout the pregnancy. It's basically hives that takes over the abdomen, breasts, and thighs Lovely, I know. So, I have creams and an antihistamine to help with itching. It basically isn't too bad as long as I don't touch it. Anyway, it will all be worth it.

How far along are you again??

Annie Kate


jamielee - April 26

Hi Anniekate, I am 9 weeks today, and yes I am pretty sick now! Still spotting a bit here and there but the doc said everything looks fine. I'm still kind of worried about it though! but being sick does help ease my mind a bit! I can't wait for a few more weeks to be sure all is well! I'm pretty happy that we get to have an u/s every 4 weeks with twins! Can't wait to see them again!



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