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bdantonio - October 19

destiny: i have been bed riden since 3 weeks it sucks.

lili: i will pray for you.

Well went to my 6mths check up today i ahve a bladder infection. And the baby is still breach but it doesnt matter since im a scheduled c-section anyways. THe only part that sucks is her feet stay kicking my bladder and it hurts alot since i have a bladder infection. Well talk to you all soon


nadiaaboutaleb - October 27

how is everyone? no one posted anything for a while now.....!! i hope everyone is doing well.


bdantonio - October 29

WEll everyone ended up in ER last night. Had alot of pain since Friday under right rib cage. They checked my liver enzymes and gaul bladder. Everything came back normal. They think i pulled the muscles between my ribs. Hurts so bad to sit, lay, stand, and move. The only way i can think that i did it was picking up my 2 yr old. I was told that i cant pick her up no more, how do i explain that to her. I have a u/s friday. Baby is fine though. She moves so much. Her favorite time is at night when i want to sleep. Im telling her to go to sleep and let mommy rest already and she aint even here yet. Hope everyone else is good.


lili246 - October 31

hey girl how are you feeling? What a scarything at the RE ha. I know I get scared everytime I get a pain I think if that could be any labor sign pain.. I guess when you get this close it is hard to tell what could be labor pain and I get scared at anything.
I am glad that everythign went well and there was nothing serious. I know my son weights 50 pounds at 3 years old he is now losing the weight but I don't carry him much because he is to heavy so try to avoid carrying your lil girl I know they won't understand but just tell her that your tummy hurts thats what I do to my son and I let dh carry him instead. we need to be careful.

have a great happoween night..

Love Lili


bdantonio - November 1

Well according to the Dr i ripped some muscles on my ribs. So now the pain is horrible and there is nothing they can do just wait. I only pick her up if im alone with her and she getts hurt or something. I have a u/s tomorrow.


lili246 - November 1

hey girl I am sorry to hear that, I can imagine what pain you are having I hope it can ease away soon but I guess you will have to deal with it until you give birth? Do you think this can affect delivering normal?
How old is your lil girl?
Let me know how it goes at the u/s. I am still waiting for my level II u/s appointment. My insurance already approved it so I am waiting for the appointment which I hope it is soon. I need to let me boss know when I will be leaving and my time is getting close.
I will keep you posted aswell.

Have a great day,, are you working?


JENNY22074 - November 1

Hello ladies. I had my 18 week anamoly u/s today and found out that ITS A BOY!!!! Dh is very surprised!!! He ceratinly was not bashful at all and cooperated until time for the profile and the 4 heart chamber. They did see the 4 chamber heart but they need me to come back in 2 weeks to get the u/s of it and the u/s of the profile. How is everyone? Talk to you all later.


lili246 - November 1

Was it a regular u/s that you got?
COngrats on the baby boy that is so exciting. I bet that your dh is very happy about it right?
So you go back to get the results on 2 weeks?

Good luck


JENNY22074 - November 1

It was the 18 week anamoly u/s that they measure the head, limbs, 4 chamber heart, and all that. All measured normal. He is measuring 3 days above the due date. HE measures 18 weeks and 5 days and I am 18 weeks 2 days. I already had the results and I have to go back for a followup u/s because they saw the profile and the 4 chamber heart but were not able to get a really good picture. Other then that everything is perfect and normal. Talk to you later. Thanks for asking.


lili246 - November 1

Thats great I am so happy for you that everything is going well with that lil one :)
I am still waiting for my level II u/s hope they call me with my appointment soon. I hope that everything is good with my baby.

Have a great day


JENNY22074 - November 1

Lili - I am sure that all is perfectly fine with your little miracle as well. Talk to you soon.


lili246 - November 2

Thanks for the support. I am keeping my faith and trusting in god that my lil one will be as healthy as he can be. I am so faithful and I ams ure that he is alright.

How are you feeling? Is he moving alot? My baby is moving alot and his kicks are very strong it feels like if my skin will break open but it is a great feeling and makes me very happy when he kicks.

Have a great weekend!!
Love Lili


bdantonio - November 2

well my u/s went well today she is 1 1/2 lbs already.

llil: I dont have to worry about having her naturally that was never the plan. I am having a repeat c-section and getting my tubes ties in the process. Even if i wanted to try natural at this point she is still breach.

I cant beleave though i only have 14 weeks left till my scheduled c-section.


lili246 - November 2

thats right I forgot that you had a c-section so yeah you don' t have to worry about that. so that is good. Do you know when will be your c-section?
I am due anytime within 4 to 6 weeks so that is very close and I can't wait.

hey I have a question? Have you though of banking your baby's cord blood? I just enroll in the CBR and I feel more comfortable because I am looking into my kids future so that is such a relief.

Have a great weekend. :)


jamielee - November 7

HI LADIES!!! I had my 2 beautiful baby boys!!!

I went on Oct. 9th for a belly check at 33 weeks and I had been feeling really funny, so I asked my Dr. to check my cervix, well she wasn't going to but she did and I was 5 to 6 centimeters dilated! So I was admitted to the hospital immediately were I stayed on meds and bed rest for just about 1 month!!
The babies were born by c-section on Nov. 2nd at 36 weeks, Jace baby a was 6 lbs 11 oz and Jacob was 5lbs 15oz. I have been really down though because Jace is still in the hospital, he had alot of fluid in his lungs which they took care of but then he had problems keeping his body temp up and he really wasn't eating well. So hopefully he will be home with us today!!

I hope everyone is hanging in there its almost over!!



JulieC - November 7

Congratulations!!! I'm sure Jace is going to be just fine!



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