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JENNY22074 - September 14

Jaimelee - that is great news to hear.

Anyone that can help with this...I have had a migraine (I think) since yesterday...So this is the second day...I have tried Tylenol, caffeine, chocolate...No help...I am waiting for the dr's office to call but until then just wanted to know if there were any recomendations from any of you...I have never suffered from migraines so I am sure it was brought on by pregnancy hormones...Any advice is appreciated...Thanks in advance...Also, should i be concerned that there may be a problem with the baby?..Talk to you all soon.


Red - September 14

Hi Jenny~In regard to your migraines, I used to get them and I had to take salt. I would take a little handful of salt and it went away. Mine were more like mini strokes (numbness on one side) but this might help. Also, I found that I couldn't have anything that had aspertame (fake sugar) in. That was when I noticed I got them. Also, some people recommend heat and/or cold. Anyway, I pray it goes away and that your baby puppy is still doing well. Take care!


jamielee - September 14

Hi Jenny, I had migraines in the beginning of both my pregnancies and the doc just said to do pretty much what you are doing, tylenol caffeine (tea or iced t) they eventually went away. The baby is fine so don't worry!


bdantonio - September 15

jeeny you can also do aromatherapy. I have migranines with or without pregnancy. I use vanilla lavendar in a warm bath with just a night light in the room helps alot. They also make migraine patches for your forhead and its non medical its cool feeling. Put one on and hop in a bath helps me everytime.


JENNY22074 - September 15

Thanks everyone for your advice..Feeling a lot better now..The doctor gave me a prescription for something called reglind which also helps with morning sickness...They can either do it in pill shape but if they were to continue and get really bad they may have to put an IV in...I pray it does not go that far...After I took that I went into the bedroom and turned on the fan, turned the lights off, put blankets up at the windows, and a cold rag on my head and went ot bed...How is everyone else doing?...Talk to you all later.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 15

well my results came back borderline. the doctor asked me to repeat it again in 2 weeks. i hope everything will be fine.


JENNY22074 - September 15

Red - honey I have been thinking about you...How are you doing?..I am sure that is probably a question that you are sick of hearing...Hope you are doing as best as can be expected..Hope to hear from you soon.


jamielee - September 16

Nadia don't worry mine was borderline also and I passed the second one. Do you have to do the 3 hour one??


nadiaaboutaleb - September 16

no my doctor told me i don't need to do it now. he said wait 2 weeks and do it again. then if the number goes up then i will have to do the 3 hour one but if it stays the same then no need. the cut off is point is 165 and i got 164. i was worried but he said don't be. so i hope everything will be fine.


jamielee - September 16

Oh wow you were close mine was more off by maybe 10 or so. Your fine!


bdantonio - September 16

jeeny i use to take reglan for my m/s but wasnt strong enough unfortunitly the one i take gives me headaches. Lovely side effects of meds and pregnancy


destinybaby - September 17

Hi Ladies,

I am so happy to see everyone still on the board.

Jamielee, wow you are so close to bringing the babies home. How are you feeling, do they move around a lot, i am so excited for you. I feel some movement right under my bust line the top of my belly especially on the right is that were you felt them first/

Did they schedule a c-section or are you gonna try to deliver natural, i have been getting different take on the c-section thing, most of the women i met so far that had twins said to try naturally because it so much better and only do the c-section if its needed..

When is your exact due date?

Congrats on you test results, is that a test that i am going to have to take too and why?



jamielee - September 17

Hi Tia, Yes you will take the test. Its for gestational diabetes that occurs sometimes in pregnancy.

I think that she will schedule a c section just in case, I won't know for a few weeks. As of my last u/s both babies were head down! I'm praying for a vaginal delivery but whatever happens I'm ok with it! I will be breastfeeding and I think that it will be difficult with twins if recovering from a c section! I feel so close and I am so excited!!

How exciting you can feel the babies now!! Let me tell you I have had NO movement on my left side! I was always worried about it but in my last u/s it showed that baby B had his back to my left and he has been kicking his brother the whole time! I can feel limbs and bones popping out of my belly its so cute they are SO active all day long!! I hope they sleep when they come out lol!!!
Glad to hear you doing well! Keep in touch girl!!


bdantonio - September 18

jamielee: I had a c-section and the recovery was not bad just listen to the dr and dont rush recovery. I breastfed my daughter and all. It is easier to move around then you think. It hurts worse to lay around cause you get stiff.


jamielee - September 19

Thanks Beth good to hear! I'm just concerned about breastfeeding 2 babies to begin with and I think it will just be easier after a vaginal delivery. Is it very painful or at least the first few days after the c section??


JENNY22074 - September 19

Good morning fellow mommies. How is everyone doing today? I have the first trimester screenign today so I am a little worried. Most of my symptoms seem to come and go now. The only thing that I seem to have a lot of is cramping (like gas). Some days it seems neverending. I still check the toilet paper after wiping each trip I make to the bathroom. I actually sleep 7 hours straight with no wakening to use the bathroom. I am just praying that the little one is still haning out and growing. I turned 12 weeks yesterday and have not had the opportunity to hear the baby'S heartbeat for 3 weeks now. This is the main reason we decided to have the screening. This wait is horrible. Does anyone know if they will print pictures to take home when we have this done? Alright, I will talk to you all later. My appointment is at 1:30 for the bloodwork and then 1:45 for the ultrasound.



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