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bdantonio - August 31

jeeny i had the first trimester screening with my daughter and this pregnancy. with my daughter they said there was a 85% chance of downs and they rans some more tests then it came down to the amino and i refused and my daughter was perfect when she came out no downs or anything. Now with this child everything came back fine so im not sure if i trust it or what i did it cause dh wanted to but i didnt care. And the sugar test does suck i have done it 7 times now. The best advise i have for you is when they give you the bottle and cup forget the cup and chug it like it a beer. The quicker it goes down the better. The test doesnt start until its all gone. The best way to describe the taste is flat organe thick soda its nasty. I always just chug and go.


JENNY22074 - August 31

Thank you for the heads up on the liquid. I will try to chug it. That is what I am hearing about this test. That there are false positives and false negatives so I may worry over nothing and be sure of something. It is crazy.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 1

i also have my glucose test next week. Not looking forward to it from what i read here. Jamie been a long time but i can see you are still hanging on. We are in our last trimester can't believe it. my stomack is big i gained already 18 pounds my doctor is giving me a hard time but i really don't eat much at all even my dh tells me all the time that i don't eat and still i gain weight so i guess i can't help it.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 1

oh and i start prenatal classes this week, i have one prenatal class and one breastfeeding class. Trying to get myself ready :)


jamielee - September 1

Hi Nadia, So glad to hear from you. I know I can't believe we are so close to the end! I feel like it went by so fast! Someone told me yesterday that she had her twins at 27 weeks from doing to much! I am still waitressing so I need to take it easy because I have alot of Braxton Hicks Contractions! I can't leave my babies in the hospital, I really want them home when they are ready to come out!! So I don't want them to come early!
18 pounds is NOT to much!! I have gained 30 pounds!!! and I feel that I don't eat enough either! I do have edema and alot of swelling! so maybe thats it?!


nadiaaboutaleb - September 1

Jamie- definitely your edema is contributing to the weight you must have a lot of water retention. put your legs up whenever you can. and you have to take it easy so the babies stay in there the longest time possible. when do you take your maternity leave? did you start with the nursery? i ordered everything and can't wait till i get the stuff it is so exciting. I only received the nursing chair which i bought RED :) the room will be very colorful. let me know how your glucose test goes on tuesday, mine is still next week.


JENNY22074 - September 1

Hey ladies - the glucose test is not that bad. You have 5 minutes to drink the liquid. I opted for the orange flavor. It tastes kind of like the mcdonalds orange drink just a lot more sugar. The only prblem that I had is since the gastric bypass I can only hold about 8 ounces in my pouch and I believe the drink is 12 ounces and it was really cold so drinking it fast kind of gave me a little bit of brain freeze. LOL!!!! The only other thing is the wait. Are you all doing the 1 hour or 3 hours? I did the one hour today and it just dragged on so I can imagine how long the 3 hour will feel. The hubby went with me and I just felt like he gets off so easy in this whole journey. I guess the only place to hurt him is the wallet with buying stuff. We are going to look at nursery sets this afternoon. I think the DH wants me to do Boyds Bears. The nursery is already painted. Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - September 1

Jenny i have done the 4 hr sugar tests that sucks to sit there for 4 hrs. My nursery is the blue jean teddy bears the same as with my daughter i wanted a nutural sex theme. Since i was alsways scared to lose it i figured i could us it for either sex and definitly saved money this time around. It sounds like you are finally chilling and getting excited im glad for you. I am trying to be excited but unfortunitly i have bronchitus right now so i feel like crap. On top of all my meds for the hypermesis that i have to take thy just added 3 more i am up to 7 meds a day. I am starting to feel like medicine head. 4 of them once a day 1 of them every 6 hrs 1 of them every 8 hrs and 1 of them 2x a day. I feel like im a pharamcy. I take less meds when im not pregnate. So when will you know the results of your 1st trimester screening. I have a feeling all will be well just remember though even if they say bad news just go with your gut feeling about the baby thats what i did with my daughter and i felt why would i have lost 3 before her to have a sick baby god is not that crule. But i also new that if i carried a baby to full term that if she did have downs then i would deal. I knew no matter what though i would not terminate the pregnancy. Even though my re at the time kept telling me that i did not understand what she was telling me and she kept asking me if i was sure that i wanted to carry the pregnancy. I had other tests after that and they came back unclear they wanted to do the amnio buyt i refused. I was induced with her at 39 weeks was in labor for 20 hours then had a c-section i never got past 3 centimeters. It was weird i lost so many babies but she held on for dear life to stay in me. Her name is morgan and she is perfectly health and tests of the charts in mental development. she is 2 1/2 yrs old in preschool already she is starting to read. So matter what ladies those tests are not always right, mom does know best.


JENNY22074 - September 1

Hey Beth - I know it is weird because since being released to the OB I hae felt a new sense of calmness and peace. The baby lets me know everyday so far that it is okay. I thing is still check thoroughly though everytime that I go to the bathroom to make sure there is not anything that should not be there. The only that I have been meaning to ask is as you go later in pregnancy, the less your bbs hurt? My nipples are still a little sore to the touch but nothing that I can't handle. I still go to the bathroom frequently and I have the whole gassy bloated feeling so I know that at this point in time all is well. I kind of feel the same way. They say that most women's bodies have the ability to know if there is something wrong with implantation and developement that is why they say it is healthy if you m/c. It is your body working properly even though you are devestated at the loss. I would hope after all this that the chances of a disability with the process we have gone through should be less. I mean you figure how thorough they are in the cell development of the eggs, the sperm quality going into the eggs. I would think in a way that would lessen our chances then if we would have gone naturally. Makes sense to me. Yeah, I agree that I do not think God woudl be that cruel to do something like that after all of this. I have read and re read the brochures about the screening and read about it on the interent and they even say that this is not a diagnostic and that it is more of a possibility and not a probability. So I am going in with eyes fully open and I am right there with you. Even if there would be something wrong I will learn to take care of it the best way. I will not abort it because there would be a reason as to why God choose that baby for me. I don't believe there is anything wrong or I would not be this far along. Talk to you later.


jamielee - September 1

Hi Nadia, I will be putting the boys in my sons room and he his moving to one of our spare bedrooms upstairs. The room is a light royal blue with airplane border, so its all set I am just waiting for the cooler temps to come so I don't have to run the air upstairs! We got the babies dresser and crib at my shower so now we just have to set up my sons old crib and the new one and we should be all set! I have to get a nursing chair, mattresses, bottles and pump and save baggies but we are just about set! I got so much for my shower!!

Jenny you are quick girl!! I like the boyds bears, my girlfriend got that set!


jamielee - September 1

also I think I will try to work through sept. then thats it!


JENNY22074 - September 2

Hello ladies - Well the looking at nursery sets at Boyds Bear Country was a bust. The set that we had painted the room around has been discontinued. So now we will have to try and agree on something other then Boyds Bears. The new one that they have out is in primary colors and we have gone with more of jeweltones. The nursery has 5 walls and each wall is a different color. So our nursery is very colorful as well. We have lavender, mint green, sky blue, pink, and yellow. It sounds weirs but it floes very well. I found another set that goes with the colors. Now to just get the DH to agree. It is made by Cathy Heck and is called little pond. It is cute and for a boy or a girl. I put it on a wish list that I hope to transfer to a registry when the time is right. My mother thinks it is to early to place a registry. I will wait a couple more months to actually register. I did sign up for all the free stuff like pampers, huggies, enfamil, similac...etc. We painted the nursery in November of 2006 when we started re-doing the interior of the house. I figured one way or another I would have a baby whether it came out of me was a different story altogether. I was prepared either way. Talk to you all soon.


jamielee - September 2

Jenny where did you sign up for the freebies?? I remember that with my son but forgot where it is....


JENNY22074 - September 2

Go to the websites. Type in,,,, and I can't think of any others off the top of my head that I have sugned up for. I already started getting coupons for the diapers since we of course will need a lot and you will need double what I need. I will let you know of anymore if I find them. Talk to you later.


bdantonio - September 2

jenny: the bbs sore will go away towards the end of the 1st trimestre but will be back towards the end of the second and will stay. The bloating and gas is more the nlikely here to stay. The peeing frequently just gets worse, towards the end with my daughter i had to wear a pad cause i would be sitting there not having to pee then she would lay on my blatter and i wounldnt be able to make it to the bathroom. Now on the nursery theme dont give up search on the web we had to on alot of things for our nursery with my daughter cause certain pieces were discontinued and there are always ways to find it. We found them at discount websites that buy out discountinued stuff when stores go on clearance and then att the acessories we found all over even e-bay never opened you would be surprised at how many people get duplicates or buy stuff and then sell it on e-bay and unfortunitly women will buy stuff then lose the baby or find out they are having the opposite sex and sell it all. So dont give up if you both like it until you have tried everything. You should know that you went through fertility nothing is hopeless.


jamielee - September 3

Jenny, is there anything I can't eat or drink before my glucose test?? Its tomorrow at 3:00 so I want to make sure I do it correctly!



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