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anniekate - April 4

I broke down and took a Zophran lastnight because I was SO nauseated and had a BAD headache. It did MIRACLES. The pills cost 30 dollars a pop! CRAZY! So this will have to be emergency only use, but I can vouch it was amazing.
I can't imagine your dilemma with three,...but I maybe be able to within a very short time....We'll know Friday and I'll be sure to post over the weekend.
Jamie, Glad your prog. is so solid. Hang in there and let us know what the HCG report is.



jamielee - April 4

My hcg came back at 15,000 and the nurse said I have a strong possibility of twins! OK so thats 15,000 hcg and 177 of progesterone and NO symptoms! I'm going to stop complaining now. I am sorry you guys feel so sick! I'm sure I will be there soon and I will be kicking myself!! Jane that is just crazy! have you asked about reduction?? Hang in there!! It will be OK!


destinybaby - April 4


wow, 15,000 those are great numbers.


anniekate - April 4

yeah! 15,000 sounds great! I wish I new what mine is now...I was at 5708 on day 16 after transfer and I'm 8 weeks tomorrow, so that would put it way up there! So ready to see what's going on in there on Friday!


vw79girl - April 5 I probably would have been a bit freaked out too. I was thinking of you today and wondering how things went. I am thinking we will begin again the last week of April. I am anxious to start up again. I have heard that those sea bands that you use for cruises for sea sickness help with Morning sickness. Just a thought. take care of yourself and try not to worry too much. ~Lisa


JaneX - April 5

Jamie - those numbers sound good. I am thinking you and Anniekate might both be headed down the same track as me! Although having said that I had really high numbers with my last one and it was just one. How do you both feel about triplets?

I have asked about reduction and at the moment my DH and I are thinking we will go down that road. In a way it is not such a hard decision because up until now every decision around conception has be very scientific and about going for the best possible outcome and really this is no different. I do not want to deliver 3 sick babies at 24 or 28 weeks and have them fighting for their lives and maybe even losing one or two or all. And the reality is that is the risk you take with triplets especially following a C section. I would rather deliver 2 healthy babies at 34 or 36 weeks.

I am going to call my doctor and get a script for the morning sickness. Was sick the whole way through (right to the end) with my last one and just can't cope this time (well don't want to cope is more to the point). I feel awful 24/7. I was in a bit of a daze yesterday and forgot to ask for a script for something to take away this awful feeling.

Lisa - the waiting to start a new cycle is a pain - I always felt like I was waiting valuable time. But really there is nothing you can do about it so it is better to just relax and go with the flow.

Keep us updated on your scans!
Good Luck,


jamielee - April 5

Well 1 or 2 I will take either one! We put 2 exactly the same quality embryos in so I thought from the beginning if one took they both would! I know that it doesn't always work out that way but we shall see!
I would feel the same as you and I do think its the best option for you and your babies health! I know it is a hard decision to make but it is a good one.
Anniekate- I'm sure your numbers are crazy by now!! I'm really thinking 3 for you!!! I am so jealous because so many women here have 5 1/2 week ultrasound! I have to wait 2 more weeks!! AHHHH!


anniekate - April 5

Hi Ladies,
Jamie, I can tell you feel better have the good HCG report. I am so glad. I wanted to ask you...why do they make us wait longer than a 5 1/2-6 week u/s? I guess they want to make sure the heartbeat is there and it's okay before releasing us to a regular ob?

I am so nauseated still and the phenegran (sp) sort of works but makes you ultra drowsy. I'm going to try the gel that you rub on...maybe it will work better.

I'm still hoping mine are only twins. I have a friend who had IVF with the same numbers as me (hers were about 300 points higher) and she ended up with twins. But I know it could be three. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Will post on Saturday and let you all know. Have a good holiday weekend. JaneX, grace in all your difficult decision-making...and get some medicine!!

:) Annie Kate


jamielee - April 6

I am starting to get worried again, I started spotting again and now its more consistent. I have had this off and on but this time I have had it since last night! Its pink mucus like and I'm freaking out! I hate this why can't this go smooth for me!?


nadiaaboutaleb - April 6

Jamie i am so sorry. did you call the doctor or nurse? do you have any cramps? i think you should tell someone and i think you should rest. I have been having cramps and the doctor asked me to bed rest completely. Take it easy and hopefully this is nothing and it will pass.


jamielee - April 6

I have no cramps and the doctor said not to worry. This was happening before I had my 15,000 hcg test, but today its a little more so I am beginning to worry!


destinybaby - April 6

Hi Jamie,

I know I am in no position to tell you this, but try not to worry about the new spotting. My girlfriend who as 4 kids she told me that spotting at this stage is very common and I think its a good sign that you have no cramping.

You are in my thoughts. Just wanted you to know.



nadiaaboutaleb - April 6

does that mean cramps are a bad sign? i am freaking out now. I have some cramps and some back pain but no spotting or discharge. they come and go. I am really scared.


jamielee - April 6

no don't worry you are not spotting! I think cramping is quite normal in fact I was nervous last week when I stopped cramping. Are they bad cramps or sharp? mine have just been very mild and off and on which happens I remember from my last pregnancy! my spotting is almost gone for now, I hope it doesn't come back! at least for today!!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 6

they are very mild cramps and mild back pain that comes and goes. it is freaking me out. you had that in your first pregnancy and things went fine Jamie? i really hope your spotting doesn't come back for good. you are in my thoughts...


jamielee - April 6

Really I wouldn't worry I had them throughout my first trimester! and they may get worse as your uterus stretches! I wish I only had mild cramping because this is freaking me out! I'm suprised your Dr was concerned because I talked to my nurse and she said with my spotting I could work! and not to worry this happens alot!



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