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jamielee - August 22

I was also suppose to be in my brothers wedding but can't go now! I am upset because I don't feel part of anything now. Like I said my babies are worth any sacrifice like a wedding ect.
I am so clumsy lately!! I drop everything and trip over stuff! Last night I walked full speed into the corner of my sleigh bed! I stayed up and cried for like 20 mins before I could get back to bed! I thought that I hurt the babies! but feel them today. They just have to put up with their moms clumsiness a little longer!! Hopefully it goes away when I'm not pregnant anymore!

How are you feeling now Beth??? Still sick??


JENNY22074 - August 22

Hello ladies. Just wondering if anyone had trouble with libeing light headed or dizzy. It started for me late last night and is still going on but only when I stand and walk around a lot. I went to the RE office and they did my blood pressure and it was high whil standing 142/96 they told me to go to my primary care physician's office which is 1/2 hour away from RE. When I got there they took my blood pressure 5 times and it did not go higher then 134/84. Is this just pregnancy hormones or could I be coming down with the flu or a cold. No one seems to know clearly enough to say it si this or that. So it has been a long morning so far. I don't have a headache and the RE assured my that since I am not cramping or bleeding or spotting he is sure that it is not ob related and the baby is fine. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any similar experience?!?!? HOpe all is well with eveyrone else. Talk to you all soon.


jamielee - August 22

Hi Jenny I remember being light headed alot in the beginning but my blood pressure was always normal until now.


cvargas76 - August 23

hello ladies,

How is everyone doing? i have a quick question does anyone have any tricks with making these progestarone shots easier? My butt is hurting. LOL. The nurse said by next week i will be able to lower the dosage but i will still be taking one shot a night for about another 4 weeks i guess. If any one has any ideas PLEASE let me know i would really appreciate it and so would my butt LOL. Have a great day everyone.



jamielee - August 23

Oh Christie you poor thing!! You have to take them that long!! I used a heating pad on the area for 5 or 10 mins. before the shot, I also heated the progesterone so it was really warm (not hot) I could barely feel them! Then I put the heating pad on my back for a few mins after. I had no problems with pain, although once I stopped the shots I was sore for a little while.


Red - August 23

Christie~My doctor indicated that it would be beneficial for the progesterone shots to ice the area prior to the shot, rub area for 5 minutes after shot, and then do a hot pack for about 20 minutes and that reduces the pain and lumps. It has worked and my butt isn't even remotely sore or lumpy. Just a suggestion! Good luck!!


JENNY22074 - August 23

Hello ladies - Christie I was told oretty much the same things as Red and Jamielee but, this was when I was doing the stimulation needles. I started to get sore with them near the end. Good luck with the shots. I am on suppositories so I have not had to experience the progesterone injections. Hang in there. I am sure it will get better. Speaking of which does anyone know when they usually stop the progesterone in any form? I have to do suppositories 4 times a day in 6 hour intervals. Hope everyone is doing well and the babies are growing big and strong. Talk to you all later.


cvargas76 - August 23

I will have to try that because my butt is sore. I have to do one shot a night plus one suppository at bed time. The nurse said that they will start reducing the hormones at 9 weeks. So i will only have to do 1/2 cc injection one suppository every other night and only two estrogen patches instead of 4. It will stay that way until about 12 weeks. I have my second U/S tomorrow so i will find out more tomorrow. I am so excited to see the baby again. I am not having a lot of symptoms so some times i have a hard time believing i am PG. Have a great day everyone.


Thank yall for the advice on the shots.


JENNY22074 - August 23

Christie - I am right there with you with no symptoms and believing that there is something there. The only thing that reassures me as well is the u/s. My last one is on Tuesday. So I have a little bit longer to wait.

Anyone out there have any problems with older stepchildren not accepting the pregnancy? My DH has a 16 year old daughter by an ex girlfriend. Everything was fine while we were going through the fertility treatments. Since announcing the baby she has totally rejected not only her father but me as well. She no longer has us on her myspace and has deleted every comment (even if it was about a birthday) that she has ever left her father or myself on our myspaces. She basically has told her father in a very ignorant way where to go and how to get there. This upsets me because I wanted her to be involved and she has always said she wanted to be involved and now the time has come and she does not want anyone to know that she has a father or stepmother. Her mother has children (2 be 2 different guys) but that was when she was younger. I just don't want her to hate this baby for no reason. Any advice?


JENNY22074 - August 24

Hello ladies - Hope everyone is just fine this Friday afternoon. I have yet another question for anyone. I am 8 weeks as of yesterday and I started feeling mild AF type cramping off and on. I would be around the time for missing my second AF. Is this normal? There has been no spotting just a mild cramping, pulling, maybe even stretching feeling. Talk to you all soon.


jamielee - August 25

Hi Jenny, I had AF cramps for quite a while off and on! I would ask my Dr at every visit about them and she told me not to worry!

I feel like this is my pregnancy journal, because from the beginning I have been posting here with all my questions and the crazy things I went through.

Tia where are you?? Are you OK???


Eddie - August 25

hi Jenny, christie, jamielee and anyone else I have missed.
been MIA for awhile as been very sick. Have had a really sore throat and headaches with mild temps which worried me. I don't get to see my ob until monday morning. So I have felt terrible.

Jenny - I have also had mild AF cramping on and off for the whole time, I heard this is normal so I am not worrying about it too much.

I have been reading the entries but have not had the energy to post.........sorry but am so glad to hear everyone is doing ok.

LOL xxxxxxxx


bdantonio - August 25

Jenny what the cramping during your second month usually is the placenta forming and attaching to your uterus way good sign. ALso called implantaion sign. Also on the blood preasure i would get it check again in a few days if it stay up i would ask the dr about a med. High blood presure can end a pregnancy. Just as much as low. Usually you see it towards the end though. Just make them keep monitoring it and ask them to do a u/s just to be safe

Christie you can also have your RE prescribe Alma cream which you put on 20 min before injection and it is a ladicain cream it will numb the area i did that then would put ice on tod for the last ten minutes and i never felt the shot at all. its was great.

On another note went to the ob on thursday everything is okay with the baby and me i dont go back for 4weeks they will then schedule my level 2 u/s.


JENNY22074 - August 25

bdantonio - Thank you so much for your reply about the cramping. It makes me feel a lot better. I have no cramping today but, crazy cravings. LOL!!! Sounds like you are cruising along just fine. I think I will rest a lot easier once I am out of the first trimester, especially since I have had m/c in the past. Thank you once again for settling some of my fears.

Christie - I read your post for the doctor. I would not worry. It sounds like you said that the replacement tech did not know what he/she was doing. When is your next one? Have you had any symptoms that might be of a concern? When I went in about the light headedness, and found out that my blood pressure was a little elevated that if you are not spotting, bleeding, cramping then it is not an OB related problem. They also expect that at my next u/s the baby should be moving around/fluttering a lot so that may be the reason why the could not get an exact rate. Hang in there honey, we are here for you.

Eddie - Welcome back girl. How is everything with you and the baby? Hope all is well.

Everyone else - thank you for your support and I hope all is fine with all the mommies and their little miracles.

Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - August 26

well i am still getting m/s alot and still on meds for it but besdies that the baby is good 15 weeks today. Saw the baby on thursday and it all looked good. It moves alot. Sometimes i think it moves so much thats why i get sick. I have also developed motion sickness cant stand to be in the car. Glad that i helped ease the mind. keep me updated about your next u/s and blood preasure check


JENNY22074 - August 26

Beth - no problem. I have been checking the pressure at home and all seems fine. I think I just may have been a little dehydrated that day. Also the next u/s is in 2 days on Tuesday at 10:45am. I can't wait to see the baby again. Each time I go and get to see that everything is okay the less I worry. I am a little worried this time about making sure we see the heartbeat and I think it is all in my head pretty much. I think I shoudl have more symptoms by now and I can't believe the Man Upstairs is going that wasy on me. Thank you for you time.

Talk to you all later.



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