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nadiaaboutaleb - July 17

unfortunately jamie it is a 4 months and a half to go. I can't wait either.


jamielee - July 17

I know, but my doctor said I will definitely go 2 weeks early maybe more depending on their size. My son was close to 9 lbs. and each baby is growing right on track according to a singleton pregnancy!! (which I think most do) but babies usually get bigger each pregnancy so I'm a little worried about that. At my level 2 u/s they were measuring a week farther than I am!! I will see today how they are I can't wait to see them!!

Jane have you thought of names yet?


JaneX - July 18

My understanding is that twins should be the same as singletons until about 20 weeks and then they slow down a bit - I hope so otherwise I will be as big as an elephant. At my 20 week scan they were measuring right on. No names yet . . . but I too am ready to have them in my arms!!!!



jamielee - July 18

Well my appointment went well, the babies looked great! She said that she will let the babies get as big as they can (she said she delivered 8POUND twins before) Now I'm scared!! But she still said most likely 2 weeks early. They look like they are getting more crammed in there every time which is good to see them growing nicely.


jamielee - July 18

Oh and I wanted to add that one baby is laying across the top with his feet at my right and the other is breech with his feet down also on my right. So thats why my movement is all on one side.
Jane-I still go monthly for a little longer I think till 28 weeks.


destinybaby - July 19

Hi ladies,

Glad to see everyone is doing well. I have been suffering from severe migraine for a few days now could not even function. More issues, this past Friday night i was having cramping but i thought that it was from the IVF just before going to bed i used the bathroom and a big blood clot came out :o i swear I thought it was one of the babies, we then rushed to the e/room, the u/s tech told us i had a subchorionic hemorrhage, we did see both babies and heard both heartbeats so that was good.

I am still spotting what seem to be old blood (looks) brown and tiny clots still coming out. I gotta say i am nervous because they say there is nothing they could do to stop this. just taking it easy.

Jamie, when you were bleeding did they say it was this same thing?



jamielee - July 19

Wow Tia so scary!! Looks like your taking my exact road! They never told me why I had bleeding but mine was a period like bleed (sort of heavy) with quarter size clots for only about ten mins. then it stopped and I had a bit more small clots and brown spotting the next morning. Its very common to have those bleeds in the beginning with twins. Remember I spotted until about 14 weeks! Just listen to the doc take it easy and I'm sure it will pass. I am sorry you have to go through this I know how scary it is!! I'm sure that its just the rest of the leftover blood and clots coming out from the hemorrhage.
Let me know how it goes!


Alexa - July 19

Hi Destinybaby,

I just read your post, this happened to me early on I was 6 weeks pregnant and starting bleeding heavy and also went to the E/R I was then told that I had a subchorionic bleed also, I was bleeidng for about 3 weeks and then it was gone so I know you will be just fine...I found out this is common in IVF patients I am now almost 19 weeks and everything is back to normal Good luck to you and don't worry it will stop...



destinybaby - July 19

Hi Ladies,

Jamie and Alexa, Thank you both for letting me know it will all be ok. I guess I can't help but worry. It does help to know that I am not alone in this.

Jamie, i know that you worked during this time, wow how did you do it. You are so close now only a few more weeks. how are you feeling these days?

Alexa, did you work during the bleeding/spotting?

There is still i guess old clots and blood, but i am feeling a little better.

I am actually thinking of changing ob, there are a few things i don't like about this ob's office, for one, your doctor will not be the one to deliver the baby, and each time i call i am put on hold for at least 45 mins just to talk to a nurse for someone to then get back to me, that is so annoying to me. I got a referral from a friend who has 4 kids her last two was with the ob she referred me to and when i called to make an appointment i was only on hold for about a min. and i will see two ob's either of them my deliver the babies. I feel much better about that.



Alexa - July 19

Hi Tia,

I was not working during the bleed that I had going on
but I do have a 3yr old that I was running after which made it difficult..I was told no heavy lifting and when I noticed the bleeding starting to just lie down and elevate my feet on pillows...the whole thing lasted about 3 weeks with clots and bleeding....

I saw my OB today and she had stated that she had several patients expecting twins and singletons with sub bleeding and they were all fine its just scary while its there but this is something that most often goes away before the second trimester ....

So try to rest easy you will be fine its more common than most would think....congrats on your BFP! :)



destinybaby - July 20

Hi Alexa,

I have my internet travel business so i work from home. I can't imagine having a regular job at this time. Anyway chasing a 3 year old is work :) so i give it up to you. I can't wait for this to pass. I am realizing how common it is, still sucks :(. well I am nine weeks so only a few more weeks till 2nd trimester starts.

Janex are you doing sweetie,



jamielee - July 20

Hi Tia, I'm glad you are feeling a little better, the worry never ends trust me I am always worried even if I feel great! I know it has to do with the bleeding in the beginning! I still have a few months to go but I'll make it! I feel pretty good although work is becoming more difficult!!
My doctor did not deliver my son either and I thought it would bother me but it was fine. When I got there I just wanted to have him and hold him so bad I didn't care who delivered him! But I would change doctors if you have to wait so long! You need to feel comfortable with your OB!


JaneX - July 23

Hi Everyone. Sorry to hear you are having spotting and bleeding Tia. I hope it passes quickly. Even though it is common it is still not much fun and a little unsettling. Nothing much going on with me - just counting the weeks. It is great to be over half way. Actually I am well over half way now - my doctor will not let me go over 37 weeks so only 15 more weeks to go!



jamielee - July 24

Hi Jane, It feels like its flying by, but its those last few months that take forever!! When is your due date?? I got paperwork in the mail for my son to return to preschool its about a month and a half away!! I can't believe how fast the summer flew by! I am so excited because it means I'm getting closer! Are you very big? Everyone tells me my belly is small for having twins! I guess I should enjoy that. I still have days where I have little or no movement but then the next day they are so wild! My doctor said 38 weeks. I still feel all the little kicks VERY low so I'm assuming they are still breech, I hope they flip before the end! They have been breech the entire time!

Tia hows it going??


JENNY22074 - July 30

Just needed to get some advice. I had my first draw on 07-26-2007 and today 07-30-2007 I had my second draw. My level on Thursday was 336 and my level today was 1570. I still have sore BBS to an extent some days, a little bit of a sick feeling this morning and a lot of cramping over the weekend when AF would have been visiting. Now my RE wants me to schedule an ultrasound for next Monday the 6th. Do you think that they are just looking for single v. twin gestation or is it that something may be wrong. Hope to hear from you soon.


jamielee - July 31

Its normal to have the cramping at that time, some pretty intense which I experienced! I wouldn't worry that something is wrong because its standard to do the u/s to see the baby or babies after IVF. Try not to worry! Your numbers sound great for twins or a single!! Good luck I'm sure your fine!



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