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jamielee - July 6

Hi all!! I had a lovely appointment yesterday, I have to get a catheder (sorry spelling) so my doctor could get an extra clean urine sample! It was quick but it really sucked!! Anyway I had spotting the rest of the night, which freaked me out a bit but I knew it was due to the sample. I also learned that I gained 16 POUNDS!!! I can't believe it!! I feel like I don't eat enough and to learn that I gained that much was shocking!

I need 1 more boy name that starts with a J I am using Jace for one but all of the boy names I read are so common I want something a little different.

Tia congrats on graduating from the clinic!!
Jane- any news yet??


JaneX - July 8

We are having a boy and a girl! Everything looks fine.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your pregnancies.



nadiaaboutaleb - July 8

oh my god jane that is sooooo exciting. so happy for you.
Jamie I like the names Jerry and Jamal.
I have my appointment tomorrow with the doctor, i hope everything is fine. Today i can feel the baby move i feel so relieved and excited every time i feel him.


jamielee - July 8

Jane congrats!! That is so great! I was kinda hoping for one of each myself, but I am really getting excited about the boys! Glad everything looks good!!
Nadia thats so exciting! I get nervous because some days I can't feel them but then the next day they are moving around again! The peri said they face each other and move and kick so thats probley why.
Its so nice to hear everyone is doing well, we all started with our own problems and I am glad all our babies are growing nicely!!


bdantonio - July 8

Well I am 8 weeks pregnate I have one child who is 2 1/2yrs old and i have had 5 m/c all fertility pregnancies. I have had such bad morning sickness. I have havent gained a pound but lost 12 so far. has anyone had this?


jamielee - July 8

Sorry to hear of your m/c. Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!! I responded to your question on the other page.


destinybaby - July 10

Hi Ladies,

I had my app today with my new obg, went ok, i waited forever, i got spoiled with my 5 min waits when i was at the fertility clinic. Anyway, obg wants me to see a peri i see him on the 23rd for some special week 10 test, then I will see obg every month, next visit aug 8th.

Janex a boy and a girl wow that's great, i hope am that lucky.

Jamie, so happy things are going well for you, 16 pounds is not bad at all at your stage for twins.

another note, sometimes, i feel like i have the baby blues, i get soo sad and depressed all the time, and i am soo snappy at DH, the thing is, i really can't stop it. i feel like i should be excited, but i am not sometimes. What is wrong with me :(


jamielee - July 10

Tia, I have been a major b*tch since I got pregnant!! Only to my DH of course. I think its all part of it, we suffer the symptoms and growing and everything, and they suffer our moodiness which is probley just as bad!! Don't worry its just your hormones and getting used to the fact of carrying twins! You have been through alot the past few months you will feel happy soon, I was the same way and I am so excited now!!

I am thinking of the names Jace and Jacob OR Jase and Justin, what do you all think??

Jane are you feeling consistent movement?? I get nervous because I still only feel taps here and there!


JaneX - July 10

Jamie I really like the name Jacob! I am not so keen on Justin. Are you and DH on the same page when it comes to names? Also, no I am not feeling consistent movement - far from it! Some days I feel a lot of movement and others hardly any. I was pleased everything looked ok on the scan because that reassured me. How often are you see your doctor now - monthly or every two weeks?

Tia - sorry you are feeling so blue. It will pass but I think it is something you should bring up with your doctor. Your doctor will probably just say 'deal with it' as I do not think there is much they can do but I think it is something that you should make your doctor aware of and it is important that they keep an eye on it. Also be totally honest with your DH about how you are feeling as I think it will help and it is hard for him to support you if he is not clear on exactly how you are feeling. Take care of yourself and don't be afraid to ask for support.

Hope you are doing well Nadia.



jamielee - July 10

Thanks Jane, I like Jacob better also because I like the name Jake. I have an appointment next tuesday so I will find out then how my appointments will be. I think I remember her saying after 20 weeks it will be every 2 weeks. I hope so because I am such a worrier! I finally do not have a bladder infection!! I have had one since I got pregnant! It sounds like we are feeling the same amount of movement, I get scared because I guess I feel that there should be more by now!? My doc says no.


JaneX - July 11

I am sure the movement is normal - I think mine is picking up a bit. Maybe in the next few weeks it will get more and more. I am sure by the end we will be wishing they would stay still! I also think I will go to evey two weeks.

Great to hear you are bladder infection free! That is excellent news.



nadiaaboutaleb - July 11

hey girls, glad to hear you are all fine. Had an ultrasound last monday and my little T is looking great. I now feel him everyday and my DH can feel him too which is sooooo exciting. another good thing is that i only gained 4 kilos till now. My only problem is that i still have an anemia and i really have to work on it cause my doctor says i can't have anemia during delivery so wish me good luck with that.


jamielee - July 11

Thats great Nadia, I am just feeling taps here and there, although right after I posted last time they were moving around quite a bit! I feel like only one is really active while the other only says hello once in a while!! I am anemic as well since I became pregnant so hopefully thats passes by the end! I'm looking forward to a vaginal birth I will be upset if I have to have a c section!

Tia any m/s yet?? I hope not....


destinybaby - July 11

Hi Ladies,

Thank you all for your wonderful advice on me having the blues. If this continues i will talk to my doctor about it on my next visit.

I am now 8 weeks and thank God no m/s so far. I do feel some pressure in the lower abdomen i guess from the babies. Oh i finally told my mom, she is so excited it makes it easy for me to talk to her about how i am feeling.

Jamie, Jake is a really nice name, bladder infections can be so painful, glad yours is gone :D


jamielee - July 16

Tia thats great you told your mom she must be so excited!!

I have an u/s on Tuesday and I can't wait!! I am feeling more movement but its frustrating because you have to think is it one moving or are they both?? I know I'm totally getting ahead of the game here but I can't wait to hold my babies!! Just to know they are safe! Well 3 1/2 months to go!!

What ever happened to anniekate??


nadiaaboutaleb - July 17

unfortunately jamie it is a 4 months and a half to go. I can't wait either.



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