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jamielee - June 28

Well everything looks great!! My 2 BOYS are measuring just right! No signs of anything abnormal! I feel so relieved. I am pretty shocked knowing that I am soon to be a mother of 3 boys!! I am excited but a part of me is sad to know I will never have a daughter, I will just have to be the only spoiled female of the house! haha...
Oh and they were both sucking their thumbs and one was holding his penis!! So funny!! BOYS!


JaneX - June 28

Am so pleased everything is OK and you do not need to worry any more. And congratulations on the BOYS! How exciting for you - now you can go ahead and start thinking of names. You will just have to try again for a girl!!


jamielee - June 28

Thanks Jane, When is your big u/s?? Can't wait to hear what yours are!! I think this is it for us unless we win the lotto! I will end up with 2 more boys if we try again! Although I keep thinking my 7 frozen embies are probley all girls and would hate to discard them!! My DH is more sad than I about not having a girl! I think hes worried about 2 more mamas boys!!

Tia where are you girl?? Hope you are doing ok!

Nadia how are you??


destinybaby - June 29

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA. I was in florida at a business conference and had no time to post. I would pass out every night. Then when i got home my computer broke. :(

Anyway, my DH brought home his computer (work ) so that i can function.

now with the good new. I had my u/s yesterday and I saw them there are 2 for sure. It was the most beautiful thing i ever saw, and their little hears were beating nicely. I feel so much better now. Now all I need to know is the sexes.

Jamie, congrats on the BOYS, wow a house filled with boys, well at least you know how to take care of boys already.



jamielee - June 29

Congrats Tia!! Have you told your mom yet?? What a relief to see the hearts beating!! The whole twin thing is so exciting! I was so scared at first but I am so anxious to met and hold my new babies!! I never thought I would wish the summer would fly by!
Congrats again!! Sooo happy for you!


jamielee - June 29

When is your due date??


destinybaby - June 29

Hi Jamie,

I am really excited, but i am still in the stage of shock about twins. No i have not told my mom as yet because its still so early and if I tell her then too many people will know ;) she means well, but can't hold water for nothing. :-X

My husband's family renunion is the end of july so we may annouce it there by give everyone an envelope with a picture of the u/s and I will tell my mom then as well.

My due date is Feb 20, 2008, but it maybe earlier since its twins . Next week is my last week at the ivf clinic and on to a reg obg so maybe she will let us know for sure, I am thinking the end of January. I never thought i would have a winter baby, since myself and my DH are summer babies. This will be interesting planning parties.

I almost told one of my very best friends today but didn't :-X

so far no m/s i am so happy about that. when did you start getting sick. I am 6 weeks and 2 days today.



jamielee - June 29

Yeah the winter b-days are tough! Me and my son share the same B-day march 11th so I am used to that! But no biggie! These babies will be fall babies. I think my m/s came on full force at 7 or 8 weeks.
I feel horrible today!! My legs are so sore from charlie horses OUCH! and my neck is stiff and a nice headache to top it off!! The worst part is I'm working tonight! I have the next 4 days off so I'm really trying to suck it up! I'm not sure how much longer I can work (waitress) I might have to stop sooner than I thought!


destinybaby - June 29


So sorry you are feeling bad today. stupid question, but what is a charlie horse ??? ??? standing on your feet a lot can be hard i am sure, try and take it easy.
I am soo not looking forward to m/s i hope i am blessed to not get it, sounds like hell. I had a teribble headache 2 days ago too for 24 hr.

I hope you feel better sweetie. when is your due`date?



jamielee - June 30

Charlie horse is like stabbing pain in your leg muscles, trust me you will have at least one during your pregnancy! Mine are horrible! Someone told me I need more potasium.
My due date is nov 30. most likely earlier than that with twins!


JaneX - June 30

Congratulations Tia. Great news. More twns!!! How exciting. Good you have not started m/s - I had it really bad from about 7 weeks. I could hardly function some days.



nadiaaboutaleb - July 2

hey everyone.... just came back from london last night. Had a great time shopping for little T. Jamie 2 boys that is fantastic news. Tia great your pregnancy is progressing well and twins!! Now I feel left out with one :) Jane can't wait to find out what you are having. My stomach is getting bigger. Now i don't have anymore flat days, i look very pregnant. I started feeling movement a little a couple of days ago. it was so exciting but they are not strong enough for my DH to feel them yet. My bad news is that i caught a cold in london and it is horrible cause i can't take anything for it so it sucks.


JaneX - July 4

Pleased you are doing OK Nadia and hopefully you will have beaten that cold by now. It is so much fun when you start to fell movement. How are the rest of you doing? Hope you are all feeling grand.



jamielee - July 4

Hi Nadia sorry your sick! What a nice trip to London! How much fun to shop for the baby! I haven't done any shopping yet, although I started putting some items I need on a registry for Babies r us and I put a bedding set for the crib but only 1 because it was expensive, and I was browsing and noticed that it was on sale for $25!!!! I was so excited I bought 2 and the whole bedroom set to go with it! I spent $75 on 2 crib bed sets a diaper stacker and baby blankets!! I can't believe it now today the price is higher I wonder why?? Just glad I got it when I did! I am so excited to get it so I have something for the babies! Sorry for rambling on but I was so excited on my bargin!!
Jane are you feeling alot of movement?? So exciting!!


destinybaby - July 5

Hi Ladies,

Sorry for being MIA, DH bought me a new computer yesterday, my old one broke.

Nadia, London wow, that must have been nice, sorry about your cold, it sucks when you can't really take too much for it.

Jamie, you got a really good deal on the stuff for the baby. How are you feeling still having m/s have you seen the babies lately.

Janex, no m/s so far i am hoping i get lucky, I am 7 weeks and 1 day today. Twins are exciting, but my i am nervous because they say you can loose one at anytime.

So today was my last appointment at the ivf clinic, both babies are growing nicely, they got really big since last week. one was hiding in the corner of the sac so it was hard for he dr to do the measurement. Both heartbeats were strong. Everytime i hear the hb i just giggle its soo amazing.

I have been having cramps like everyday even since getting the positive results, so much sometimes i can't walk. I asked the dr today about that and he said that its my ovaries that were stimulated, maybe overstimulate from all the drugs and that's what's causing me the pain.l He said it will soon get better. I took some pain medication today and i feel much better. It been really hard to enjoy being pg because of this pain. Did anyone have this pain?

DH asked the dr when are we out of the woods with twins and the dr said 32 weeks, you should have seen dh's face, too funny. I guess with twins you just never know.



jamielee - July 6

Hi all!! I had a lovely appointment yesterday, I have to get a catheder (sorry spelling) so my doctor could get an extra clean urine sample! It was quick but it really sucked!! Anyway I had spotting the rest of the night, which freaked me out a bit but I knew it was due to the sample. I also learned that I gained 16 POUNDS!!! I can't believe it!! I feel like I don't eat enough and to learn that I gained that much was shocking!

I need 1 more boy name that starts with a J I am using Jace for one but all of the boy names I read are so common I want something a little different.

Tia congrats on graduating from the clinic!!
Jane- any news yet??



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