New Pregnancy after IVF
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Shdy Grove 2 - August 22


Thanks for the tip Jen on the supplement, worth looking into. I am sorry to hear about your nausea. Sending happy stomach thoughts your way.

I hear you all on the TIRED PART. It really is quite facinating how drained you can feel. By 1:00 my eyelids feel so heavy. I am taking a nap at work - I felt funny at first, but people are understanding and it's slow now. I offered my cot to others. That nap is the only thing that keeps me going.
My food issues have subsided, BBs are still feeling sore and growing by the day it seems... "slowww down there, lots of time ahead." How much bigger can they get! I miss my old body, have the full feeling all the time now and clothes just feel tight.

Jen good luck at your OB - have fun with the u/s at your OB. I did not feel much symptoms and was greatful to see the little one turning around and those little arm & leg buds. Don't you just love the weigh in?

I am in my last week of the proges. suppos. not as bad as I thought and am glad to be weaning off the meds. I will be 10 wks this thurs.

Enjoy reading all your postings and catching up!



jennifern - August 22

Hey Jen,
LOL on the bb's!!! I was just noticing how my bra no longer fits right! I wear vic. secret's IPEX which I love & may just go there to buy the next cup bigger --but do you have any suggestions on good maternity bras? Destination Maternity seemed to only have nursing or wireless bras.
Congrats on the end of the end is near too- I think he starts cutting me back on Monday (10 wks)
Can you believe we are so near the end of our first T????

Just came back from the OB- he was OK but a little stiff. But the practice has 4 doctors and apparently I will see all of them before my due date as any one of them may deliver. OB seemed a lot more 'old skool' and laid back than my RE. Saw the HB but he didn't even check the rate--he said it looks perfect. I guess he's been doing it long enough so he can eyeball it!

Is anyone else getting the 1st trimester amenploidy (sp)screening (includes nuchal trans.)? I have 1 scheduled for 2 weeks.

One more question, the OB took me off exercise restriction (said the cyst was normal!!). What exercise are you all doing? I am a little too nervous to jog or bike ride but would love to hear if any of you have.
I am apparently allowed to have sex again--which actually is scaring me to death!! I am sure DH will be thrilled but I think I may even wait a few more days!!! (not to mention my side effects knock any sexuality right out of me!)


jennifern - August 22

BTW I didn't intend for a sad emoticon to pop up when I said we were almost done w/ the first trimester...that's def. cause for lots of :) :) :) :) :-*


Julie - Hoping - August 23

HI ladies
My OB is a little stiff too... I haven't met the other 3 yet so we'll see if they're all that way. I think I liked my REs better but I suppose I'm glad to be done with that portion and moving ahead. I can't beleive we're almost done with the first trimester! I've only gained a pound although my pants are all tight and I look bloated. I read in "what to expect" that this is your intestines not the baby I was bummed but soon enough we'll proudly all have baby bumps! I like the fuller bbs! :-) (I was small to start so this part is great!)

I really miss the U/S mostly. My last one was at 8 weeks 2 day, now I'm 10 weeks 3 days and I still won't have one until 12.5 weeks! I'm hopeful everything is going okay in there still it's just no fun not getting to see. Can you imagine pregnancies before any ultrasounds? So do you ladies think you'll find out what sex the baby (or babies) are? DH and I can't decide.

I'm still sleepy although I'm making it through without my lunch time naps now - I'm still in bed at 9:30 though :-) Do you guys consider second trimester to start week 12 or week 13? Just wondered I keep seeing both. Say hi soon!


Julie - Hoping - August 23

Opps one more quick thing regarding excercise... I have just been walking everyday - nothing crazy. I'll swim on vacation but for now just walking. I'm not so into sex right now, either partially terrified I'll spot again (this hasn't happened since week 6 from the suppositories) and partially from jst being SO tired. DH is likely bummed at the lack of interest but hopefully if I get less sleepy in the next few weeks I'll change my mind.


Shdy Grove 2 - August 23

Jen and Julie,

Yes, we are almost there! A couple weeks to go until the 12 wks (or 13) milestone. Jen congrats in seeing the HB again. That's always fun. Julie, you are lucky only gained 1 lb. I think I am at 5 already. Mostly from due to lack of excercise during IVF. My doc said a fast walk, up to 4 on the treadmill is great. When I have the energy I do that. A great way to get through primetime TV.

Jen, I'll have to check out the maternity bra resource you mentioned. Last time I got bras from the maternity stores. However my sister and I found This was the only bra I wanted to wear. Keep in mind, the bras you get now you could use for nursing! If you breastfed, nursing bras are great. Try them out to see if you can do a one handed unsnap. (you'll be a pro in no time) I never could wear a regular one while nursing. Gosh I loved that Bravado (reminds me to order another).

I hope you both like the drs in your practice. It's nice to be able to meet a few and find one you gravitate towards. Jen, your dad is a good resourcel. I found that Lipil DHA supplement and will ask my dr as well. I've noticed the sex drive is touch and go, sometimes being preg increases it, but the progesterone can work against us. All I can say is take advantage while you can before the 3rd Tri. Feeling realllly sexy at that point. :-)

Oh, before I forget, are you guys taking pictures of your belly? Now in the flatter stage is a good starting point. If you are into that its a personal thing to see how your belly grows at each stage.

Sweet dreams,



Risa - August 23

HI everyone,
Jennifer, I hope your quesiness goes away soon. I felt very nauseated too and started to feel better at the end of the 11 week mark. So hopefully it will be the same for you. Thanks for the supplement info, definately want bright babies.
I am very tired too. I wake up tired and am falling asleep watching tv, sometimes as early as 8pm! Julie, I know what you mean about not having the u/s at every visit. I fortunately have had an u/s at each visit but they said that will stop soon and I hope tomorrow's appt still gives us a chance to see the babies. That's the best part.
Jen, thanks for the bra suggestion. It is time to start looking for bigger more stretchy types. I miss my body already too. It's hard for me to look in the mirror and get over that I am not fat, there are babies in there.
Oh and if we were having a single child, we would not find out the sex of the baby. But since there are two, we want to be prepared with names so we will find out as soon as we can.
Take care guys,


liz - August 24

Hello ladies -

I wanted to tell you guys your posts are so much fun. Since I am so far behind you (5 weeks and 4 days) I enjoy seeing what I am in store for. :)

Congrats to all of you who are soon ending your first trimester. It seems hard to believe you are almost there. Great news!

I had an u/s on Monday that showed for have 2 sacs and they were very happy to see 2 yokes as well. I am thrilled but also very nervous. I have had 3 previous miscarriages in the first trimesters and of course that has me pretty scared. For me I am going 1 day at a time. We go again next Friday for another u/s and a visit with the re to discuss pregnancy with twins. They told me we should see the heartbeats at this appt. I am excited but again a little nervous.

I am glad to see you are all doing well.

Take care of yourselves, get you rest and grow babies grow big and strong. :)


Shdy Grove 2 - August 24


Oh what good news! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to hear about the next U/S. Even though you are a few weeks behind, its all the same stuff. With carrying two your symptoms will no doubt be intensified. You and Risa are in the same boat. I hear you on the word of caution and with 3 miscarriages I can only imagine your refrain from getting too carried away. I will keep you in my thoughts for strong healthy little embies. This is such a journey and each day it seems we over anaylze.

Some of my symptoms have subsided (10 wks today). While the dr. said at the 8 wk U/S that all looked good and at this point we have a 95% chance for a healthy baby, you just never know. So while I like feeling better, I'm not relieved by it. Make any sense.

Risa, Jen and Julie hope you get a nice nap today and look forward to chatting later. Risa, great to hear you are finding out the sex. I did with my DD, although at the 18 wk u/s she wouldn't cooperate and we couldn't find out then. It wasn't until later that I did. I really enjoyed knowing and plan to with this one too.



liz - August 24

Hi Jen

Thank you!
My biggest symptom is my bb's they are huge. DH can hardly believe it he says it looks like I got a boob job. lol. I am fairly small chested normally so this is quite a change for me. I am enjoying it thought, clevage for the first time in my life. :) Poor dh can't enjoy it, no touching. He just laughs and says "I paid for them when we got married." Quite a sense of humor he has.

I have noticed in the past 2 days my belly is sticking out. I know it is too early for baby but this happens to me everytime I am preg. I get a bump around 6 weeks and everyone who knows me well can tell. We have decided to keep this quiet (except for a couple of people) and it is going to be hard for me especially as I am poking out.

As for morning sickness I haven't had much of it. Just feel nauseus on and off. It comes quick and goes quick. Did any of you ladies have m/s and when did it start for you? I am nervous about this since all my previous preg I did not have m/s and they ended in m/c I am actually hoping for it just for a postive sign for me. I know that sounds dumb but what can I say I am a little gun shy here.

Take care ladies,
Talk to you soon


liz - August 24

I almost forget - Tired, tired, tired. I feel like I could sleep all day long. I know some of you are feeling the same way. I love the idea that you guys take naps at work. That is awesome.


Shdy Grove 2 - August 24


You are too funny about the BB's. Too bad with this now voluptuous bod it's like "Do NOT touch the BB's." So sore and achy. And don't they start to get in your way? Your DH sounds like he is enjoying your transformation. So much more to witness. He's going to get quite a package deal.

Its completely understandable about keeping things cool right now. Did you mention you got an u/s with your last miscarriage? I have not experienced this myself, but know of so many people who have and have children both before and after. From what I understand. Once they see the HB and as things progress the odds increase exponentially. But we all know of women who have lost later too... so all we can do is hope and keep helping things along. Liz, you are due for a healthy uneventful pregnancy....this is your time!

I've been feeling the same way regarding the nausea. I think we are the lucky ones. No races to the bathroom, but just feel uneasy and after I eat feel better. (Hmm, do you think the M&M's I am eating right now at my desk are helpful? :-)

Oh, yes, and almost nap time. Need to set an alarm on my cell, last time I took the full hour. Let's hope for no 'bed head.' :-)


Shdy Grove 2 - August 24

All this talk of the BB's prompted me to share with you a pregnancy issue that not many people will tell you and what I can only describe as a conspiracy. Let me first tell you that before I got pregnant with my DD, I had what some would say is a 'nice rack." 34C and pretty firm. Its genetics. When I got pregnant, well... we all are experiencing what goes on, they got bigger and boy when breastfeeding.. it was quite amazing a body could grow like that. I stopped breastfeeding when my DD decided she was ready after 6 mths. I started to get back into shape. My body actually recovered quite well, however what I was left with 'up there' was nothing like my pre-preg bod. The term droppy, a bag of marbles came to mind. I was more a small 34C and much differently shaped, and lower! I asked my Dr. about this and he sat back, sighed and said "Yes, your BB's will never be the same. Its a result of the pregnancy, not only the breastfeeding." I felt so tricked. Why didn't I read tons of articles about this!?? I could have prepared myself. Anyway, the moral of this story is enjoy your bod, if you are concerned start to take care now. Wear support bras to bed, get fitted correctly and for heavens sake don't walk around without one. It may be inevitable, but you may be able to help minimize the demise. Of course there are the exceptions to the rule, and you may be lucky. I did manage to escape the stretchmarks.

All this really makes you appreciate your mother a little more doesn't it?



jennifern - August 24

Congrats on 2!!!!!I know how hard this first weeks can be and that you have reason to be even more nervous. Once you see those little HBs you'll feel better --and then every day brings a little more reassurance.
Don't worry about the lack of MS--it really is not a sign of anything. I know how you feel tho' cause I drove myself crazy with analyzing my symptoms or lack of and am just starting to relax. 6 weeks is when I started feeling really bad nausea so may be in for more as well! It's a "happy pain" I guess.....
I am so disturbed about your bb story!! Can't nature leave us alone? Isn't the cellulite, stretch marks, 9 months of craziness enough??
I've been taking off my bra at night but those puppies aren't gonna see the light of day for quite awhile after reading your story!
Risa, Hope your appt was good-did they give you another u/s?

---SO I have another pregs related problem--I am breaking out worse than I ever have in my life! I have always had really clear skin & I don't know what to do! I have read that salicylic (sp) acid should not be used but benzoil per. ik ok...any tips ladies?
Also, my scalp is CRAZY dry & I can't find any good tips on what shampoo/drops are OK.
Couldn't get an appt w/ a dermatoligist until October & I have my bro's wedding this weekend & I am a MESS!!!
Advice please!!!!!


liz - August 24

Good Evening Ladies -

Jen -
Thanks for sharing your story. I am disturbed by that as well. Just as Jennifer said I don't think my bb's are going to come out of their protection for quite awhile. :)

Jennifer -
Sorry to hear about your break outs. I too have been starting to notice some breaking out on my face which is not normal unless af is coming. I really think it just has to do with the hormones. I had read in one of my books that Progesterone causing breakouts but I have been sitting here trying to find it and can't seem to be able to locate it again. I am not sure if it is was a rise or drop in Progesterone. I tend to think it might have been drop because I remember reading it and thinking that is why I always break out right before af.
As for treatment I use Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment. It has Benzoyl Peroxide in it. I use it in the morning before I apply make-up and again before I go to bed. I use it all over my face just to keep it in check.

Thank you both for your kind words and support. It is wonderful to have this site to go to for support through our journies.

Take care and have a good night


Risa - August 27

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I get home from work and am soooo tired. Exhausted is more the word. Relaxing on the couch I struggle to keep my eyes open and once I give in and say I'll close them for a few minutes, I really am out until the next morning. So hard to for me to get online these days. Well, my appt went well. I didn't think they would do an ultrasound but then one of the midwives came into the room and said that she knows we would like to see them, and moved us to the ultrasound room. They look great. One was sucking its thumb and trying to kick its legs close to its face too. And the other one was hard to see because the first one was stealing the show, but we did see its heartbeat and kicking legs also. I measured 12 weeks and 5 days, but I think at the time, I was only about 12 weeks. I can't wait for you all to describe your little ones activities in there too. It is just amazing to see how fast they grow in just two weeks.

Liz, congratulations on the twins. A lot of books say that with twins the sickness, tiredness and other symptoms double. I don't have any other pregnancies to compare this one too, but I think I was only moderately sick and it sounds like everyone is just as tired as I am. So I hope you don't have double symptoms and just try to take it easy. .. as much as you can.

As for the bigger boobs.. mine are definately fuller. I was at the maternity clothing store this weekend and the lady who worked there told me to sleep with a support bra to slow their growth down. I don't think I can sleep with a bra on comfortably but I will wear one around the house on the weekends after reading Jen's post.

Jennifer, I hope you had a great time at the wedding. I had a lot of problems breaking out when I first stopped my birthcontrol pills 3 years ago. After trying many over the counter washes, I bought Proactive off an infomercial on TV. I don't use it anymore, but maybe you can go to their website and see if it is safe during pregnancy and ask your doc too. It worked wonders, I know how terrible it makes you feel when your face isn't clear. I hope you find a remedy and maybe it is only during the beggining of the pregnancy.

Well I hope everyone else is doing well and I'll check in when I can stay up long enough. Have a good week!



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