New Pregnancy after IVF
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jennifern - August 14

Hey there Liz!
From doing research & talking to the nurse I think it's just leftover blood pushed by the uterus stretching (cramps due to stretching as well). She said that the ovaries are doing all kinds of things as well..not sure what that means really!
I don't have any rips or visible blood on U/S so all is fine...
Spotting seems to be normal as long as it doesn't get bright red--BUT I think Risa on this thread had red blood & it was OK--is that right Risa?
How are you feeling? When is your U/S?

Another one of nature's little headtrips!


liz - August 14

Jennifer -

What your nurse told you does make sense. I am so glad this is all it is. I know all to well what you must have been going through this weekend. I am glad everything looks great with the little one! Now maybe you can relax a tad, if that is possible for any of us.

I am ok, I am going for an u/s tomorrow morning to take a look at my overies. They think they might be a bit swollen and want to make sure everthing looks good. I have been having cramping on and off everyday. Often it feels like af is about to arrive which I am sure you know can be very nerve wracking. Did you have any kind of cramping prior to this weekend? I am just curious if it is as common as the nurse seems to tell me. I know my last pg I did not have this much cramping but I am thinking it had a lot to do with an unhealthy preg that eventually ended in m/c.

There is always so much to worry about, I find it so difficult to just relax. I am sure you and many others can relate.

I am also scheduled for an u/s next mon. and by then we should be able to see the sack. Tomorrow might be too early.

Take care,


jennifern - August 14

I did have some cramping at first--it was more like ovulation pains than af & only on my left side. They gave me a really early U/S b/c of it (5 wks?) and we didn't see the sac which scared me to death...but a week later there it was!
I think cramps are totally normal so I wouldn't worry (as you said--hard to do!) --also don't worry if you don't see everything you want to on the first u/s...I have had 5 already (2xtra b/c of cramps/spotting!!!!!!) and it was only this u/s I felt really happy(growth & HB up to par).
Remember--the u/s is not such exact technology & we are looking at something teeeny at first!
GOOD LUCK tomorrow & I won't try to tell you to relax b/c I know how hard it is!!! But try to think about your lil' one growing away & surround yourself with only positivity..pretty soon you'll see that first heartbeat!!!!Let us know what happens


Risa - August 14

Oh Jennifer,
I am so glad to hear everything is okay and the baby is getting bigger. What a relief to see that on the screen, right? I know you were so frightened because I was there too. And yes, it was bright red, but not much of it and I had pretty bad cramping too. But like your nurse said, just everything stretching and getting into place. I still get quite a bit of cramping, but I don't get as worried as I used to. I think I had my scare around the 8 week mark also, I wonder if that is a time period where something occurs to cause that spotting. So Liz, try not to worry too much about the cramping. But I think I am the biggest worrier, no matter how hard I try not to be. I don't have another U/S for two weeks and trying to not stress out too much at work, since school just started. I was just wondering, do any of you have demanding occupations that require you to be on your feet all day? I just wonder if I will be okay although I stand in the classroom and pace a lot. I can't help it!


jennifern - August 15

Thanks so much & YES--it's SUCH a relief to see everything is OK on that screen.
That is really weird that spotting happened to you at 8 wks as well.....make you wonder!
I am also a teacher! Actually-now I work about 3 days a week as an art consultant in high schools so I create art programs/mentor teacher & still teach. The teaching part keeps me on my feet the whole time but I know I will be sitting a lot more & having the students come to me this year!


Julie - Hoping - August 15

Hi ladies!
I'm glad to hear everything is okay Jennifer - I know that's just terrifying! Look slike his/her little heart beat is going strong too.

I had a bit of red with the brown spotting when it happened to me and all was okay but I didn't have any cramping.

I went to my OB/GYN yesterday for the first visit. He did a pap smear which I was surprised about (did any one else have pap smear done?) but it has caused a light bit of brown spotting but he warned me it might happen. It should be done today or tomorrow so I'm trying to be sane about it, which of course isn't easy. I'm 9.5 weeks now and I don't go back to the OB until 12.5 weeks for an ultrasound and BW. It's kinda weird not going to my RE I think they understood me better. And of course the weekly U/S were so reassuring. I still don't have any m/s but I'm still SO tired and constipated. I am calling my grandparents to tell them this week, that should be a lot of fun :-)

I'm glad everyone is still doing so well - eat/drink lots of calcium... that seems to be the most prominent thing I'm hearing right now. :-) Best to all!


Julie - Hoping - August 15

Hi ladies
Sorry to write twice in a row... is anyone else having those days when you're just bursting to tell people? I can't wait to tell people! Everybody in fact (i work in a big office) I'm biting my tongue of course but ugh! 3 more weeks of silence is tough! I can't wait!!! Talk to ya soon!


love2Bparents - August 15

This was my first horrible weekend.
I was 14 weeks prego and I had such a horrible weekend! I cant believe it. This might be a little long so bare with me. Saturday morning, hubby is getting ready to go to work and ironing his shirt. I wake up thinking I need to go potty. Its 6:14 a.m. and I am pretty upset that I am up that early. Anyway, I go potty and wipe still feeling moisture, I wipe and look my t.p is covered in blood! Like the first day when your 13years old of your menstrual period. I yelled for my hubby that there was blood. He turned around to look at our bed and sure enough it was there too! I called my obgyn and headed for the E.R. When we got to the ER I was treated like VIP, 2 nurses were waiting for me. Before I could get undressed the doctor was already in to see me. They took blood samples, I spent 1 hour in the ultrasound room (which was really neat b/c we saw the babies over and over) basically they chalked everything up to intercourse. Fine, they sent me home and I wasnt bleeding. So Sunday rolls around. And sure enough I wake up at 6:45 a.m. with the urge to use the potty. With paranoia set in the first thing I do is wipe and look. And what do you know bright red stuff again, but this time not on the bed. I call my obgyn he asked how things went in the ER and I told him they didnt say much. So he had me go in and he wanted to see me. So I went in and he did an ultrasound. Basically Baby A has a great placenta but a little too much causing an extra little lip. My body is trying to get rid of it. I go back on Tuesday for another ultrasound to find out how its progressing. The babies are really healthy so I shouldnt be alarmed. Whatever blood is blood! So the doc was like I know you have had such a yucky weekend lets have some fun. I said okay he turned on the 3d ultrasound and let me watch my babies for about 30 minutes. It was the best feeling ever.

So now I am almost 19 weeks and still going strong. Remember if you ever see blood regardless if you cramp or not call your doctor immediately!


Risa - August 15

Luv2be, I know how unbelievably scared you were. Just the fact you had to go to the ER is scary enough. Having 2 on the way, I know that I have double the worry when something doesn't look or feel right because I worry that one of them is being hurt or something. Thank you for sharing that with us, I am glad everything is okay and babies are strong and healthy.
I also feel like the RE knew more about us because of everything we went through, while the OB treats us like we are normal pregnancies, for the most part. But I really like my OB and they never seem as much of in a rush like my RE's office. As for telling people at work, everyone knows already!! I told my direct boss and two supervisors so they can plan the school year based on my leave, and well they told someone, who told someone and so on......
There are 2 other ladies at my job that are pregnant, they are both about 6 or 7 weeks ahead of me, but it is nice to talk to them about everything too.
And Jennifer,
I'm going to try to take your approach to things and have the students come to me as much as possible. I just feel like I have to hold my little 6th graders hands for everything, since they're new to middle school.

You guys are great and I'm so glad you're here for me. Will keep in touch.


jennifern - August 17

Anyone else feel less 'symptom-y'? Is it ever normal to feel better at 8 ish weeks?
My queasiness/hunger is much better--pretty much gone! & bb's are still a bit tender but not insanely painful.
I just had an 8wk U/S on monday & saw that all was good but this really worries me!

Love2b-Thanks for the story! You poor, poor thing!!!!!

Julie- I have told my 'close' & a few friends. I know how you feel tho'...can't wait to feel 100% comfortable telling all. My bro's wedding is in 2 weeks & that's when I'll go public (I'll be 10 wks)

& I agree with Risa-so glad you guys are here for me --I need to be neurotic to someone besides DH!


jennifern - August 18

I spoke to soon...symptoms seem to be back this morning!


Shdy Grove 2 - August 18

I've been away from the board but was able to read through and catch up. What an emotional rollercoaster. Thank you all for posting back and letting us know how things went.

Risa, your sharing of your cousins experience was very humbling. No one should have to go through that and it breaks my heart. I wish her so much strenght and healing.

jennifern - glad to hear all is well with you! Your last posting mentioned an absence of preggy feeling sometimes. If it's any help I'm with you on that. Some days it intense and then the next I get a reprieve. From what I've read our BBS will get less sore after the 10 wks or so, or when our bodies start to adjust to the hormones. They may not stop growing, but may not be as sore.

love2bparents - my heart was in my throat reading your last posting. I thought "no. no. This is not happening." I couldn't help but tear up as I finished reading.. from relief. T hanks for sharing. It's nice to know that spotting or bleeding is not a for sure bad sign.

Do you all have the "What to expect when you are expecting book"? I must say that that is the 'bible' for being pregnant. Anwsers so many questions and a great format. I highly recommend it!

I had an U/S on Tuesday and while I am 8 wks, the little one measured 9 wks. We think it implanted early and hence the higher HCG numbers. I recall a slight, one time spotting on the 4th of july and I believe that was the beginning implantation. After seeing the little gingerbread man looking sonogram image turing and moving, it finally hit me "There's a baby in there!" Even though this is my 2nd, everyone says each pregnancy id different and I feel like a novice at times. I really didn't think about ME having a baby. Now it's starting to sink in.

My OB Dr. is expecting his 1st child, his wife is an OB. I was telling him about some of the DO NOT eat items I ate. He told me his wife is 7 mths, she's had brie, a glass of wine, smoked salmon and is fine - and these are OB's. He also said they were taking U/S's every wk because they are so excited. Basically he said use moderation and common sense. Of course the Pediatrics Assoc is not going to say 1 glass of wine is okay and will be overly cautious. Not that he is recommending it, but you'll hear of others doing far worse things and having healthy babies. So... a little reality check. That made me less neurotic.

Ok, think I've used up my quota and made up for missed postings.

Congrats Liz on the BFP!!!!



Shdy Grove 2 - August 18

Oh forgot to mention... regarding working during prenancy. I don't know about you guys, but I get really tired. I work from 9:30 - 5:30. Office is small and casual. I realized I have to take a short 20 min power nap during the day or else it is hard to drive home and I need to lay down once there - not good when I have a 1.5 yr old that wants to play. So I am going to try and put up a cot in the empty office behind me. Sneak 20 mins in my hr lunch break. Unconventional I know, but best for all.

For you teachers, and everyone else for that matter, once you start showing it should be easier for people to take your 'taking it easy' with more understanding. They'll come to you for sure :-)



Risa - August 19

Hi everyone,

Yes, my symptoms have subsided also. My breasts are really not sore anymore, occasionally in the morning. My nausea has subsided, but I am not sure if that is only because I am trying to eat 6 small meals a day. Packing food for work is like I'm going on a weekend trip, a bunch of fruit and snacks to last the day. It worries me too, but I've been worried before with the lack of symptoms and then go into the ultrasound room to see the little ones doing well. I am sad that the doc said that not every visit will incorporate the use of the u/s because they are getting bigger and they will be able to hear the heartbeat through my stomach. On Wednesday, I'll be 12 weeks!!! Yeah!!!
Good to hear from you Jen (shady grove) and hope everyone is doing well. I have an appointment this Thursday and will let you know how everything went.



jennifern - August 21

I am SO tired these days i's insane! All I want to do is sleep on the couch &my queasiness is soooo bad !
I have my first OBGYB appt tomorrow but I stay with the RE (and on the progesterone!) until at least next week.

I just wanted to give you guys some advice from my father who is a pediatrician...
I am taking my prenatal multivitamin but my father tells me to take Expecta LIPIL DHA as well which is a "Supplement for Pregnant and Nursing Moms" Apparently it raises your baby's IQ by 7 points....I am going to talk to my OB about it tomorrow

Jen- YouR OB sounds v. chill..I hope mine is as well!


Shdy Grove 2 - August 22


Thanks for the tip Jen on the supplement, worth looking into. I am sorry to hear about your nausea. Sending happy stomach thoughts your way.

I hear you all on the TIRED PART. It really is quite facinating how drained you can feel. By 1:00 my eyelids feel so heavy. I am taking a nap at work - I felt funny at first, but people are understanding and it's slow now. I offered my cot to others. That nap is the only thing that keeps me going.
My food issues have subsided, BBs are still feeling sore and growing by the day it seems... "slowww down there, lots of time ahead." How much bigger can they get! I miss my old body, have the full feeling all the time now and clothes just feel tight.

Jen good luck at your OB - have fun with the u/s at your OB. I did not feel much symptoms and was greatful to see the little one turning around and those little arm & leg buds. Don't you just love the weigh in?

I am in my last week of the proges. suppos. not as bad as I thought and am glad to be weaning off the meds. I will be 10 wks this thurs.

Enjoy reading all your postings and catching up!




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