New Pregnancy after IVF
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shel - January 12

Hello, I see you and I are about on the same time frame. I had my egg retrieval on 12/13/06. I only made five eggs, of which only three were good. Ended up with two "perfect" embryos. I took a home pregnancy test on 12/30 and it was positive. My blood test was 1/2/07 and it was positive :) They called me the next day with my hcg levels which were 1245. So all has been looking good. I have my first ultra sound on 1/16/07. The first week after I found out I was in good spirits and thinking positive and now I am a nervous wreck. After having two tubals, every slightest thing sends me into a panic. The first week after the positive pregnancy test I was feeling tired all the time, breast were very tender, hungry all the time and had to go to the bathroom constantly (no morning sickness, headaches, heartburn or constipation). Overall I just felt pregnant. I had some slight cramping a few times a day that is very brief. Of course this has me all stressed out. Now, I am still hungry and tired, but breasts are not as sore and I don't have to go to the bathroom as often so now I am afraid something has gone wrong. Tuesday cannot get here soon enough. Hope all is going well with yours.


Inna - January 18

Congratulation Shel,
You have such a high Beta number! that is fantastic and probably multiples. All the simptoms you have are normal so try to enjoy. Good luck to you and the rest of you , ladies!


shel - January 18

Thanks Inna!!! I had my ultra sound and everything looked great. Saw the heart beat :) I cried like a baby. They thought I had multiples because of the high numbers, but the doctor said it is very common to lose one in that time period. And I am only 5'2'' 110 pounds so I was nervous. I am just so excited and your right the doctor confirmed that everthing I was feeling was normal. I can finally breath. I am pregnant!!!!! How is everything going with you?


Inna - January 18

Hi Shel,
I am glad for your success. My numberes were big as well and still only one baby. But is for the best outcome, b/c I am only 5'2" as well. I have gained 10 pounds since I got pregnant, so I am around 120 something (53kg).
Have a great pregnancy and healthy babys for all of us!



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