My twins have arrived early
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snindy - April 27

Where do I begin.... On March 26 th I started to have contractions, I went to the hospital and they discovered that I was dialated to 3 cms and that my water bag was in my cervix. Now I was only 24 weeks at the time so I was freaking out, they sent me to a high risk hospital and I had to be on bed rest for about a week and a half at the hospital and then on April 7th when I was 25 and a half weeks pregnant, my water did break and I had to have a c-section. I had a boy and a girl. Kyle James was born at 4:32am, he weighed in at 1lb and 15oz and 12inches long, Angela Renee was born at 4:34am and weighed in at 1lb and 13oz and was 12 1/2 inches long.

I got an infection under my c-section stiches that's a long story and I'm doing good. But it has been a roller coaster for the twins. They are up and down but they are still doing good. They probably won't come home until July.

I finally get to share my news, when I was on bed rest at the hospital I was so anxious to tell you guys and then when the twins came, I was really anxious to tell you guys so now I can.



justme - April 28

Congrats on the twins. They were soooo tiny!!!! I am glad to hear that they are doing good and I hope you continue to have joyous news to share with us about Kyle and Angela.



baby4us - April 28

Such great news Cindy! Congratulations.. tell us more!! (When you can!!)

I am glad ot hear the babies are doing well.. would love to see pics if you have any and can post them somewhere!!

Seems like such a long process you went through.. but I am sure you are glad it is all over and yoru babies are here and healthy and doing better each day. Great to hear from you!!


ElizabethS - April 28

Congratulations Cindy! I know having your babies in the NICU is extremely exhausting and stressful. Hang in there, and know that I am thinking of you.


fiso - April 28

Cindy, congrats!!!
I'm sure you can't wait to bring them home. All the commute back and forth to the hopsital will be tiring. Take good care of yourself. You need to be ready when they come home!
Thanks for sharing the news with us.


Meg - April 28


Congratulations on the arrival of your twins :) I do hope that they are doing well in the NICU. It helps to know that they are in such good hands. I can only imagine what you are going through. It is very difficult to have twins in the NICU, but knowing that they are being monitored so closely probably gives you a peace of mind. I will keep you and your precious little ones in my thoughts and prayers.

Take Care,




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