My last day pregnant
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cassandra - December 5

Well ladies, these last nine months have flown by. I want to thank everyone here for your support and advice. This is it for dh and I. I sincerely hope baby dust comes down on each and everyone here. This is a wonderful support group and I am lucky to meet other women going through the same thing we had to.

Heather, thank you for so eloquently putting into words the joy of being a first time mom.

Meg, thank you for your wisdom on twins and your advice. Good luck to you.

Karen, I hope you have smooth sailing for the rest of your pregnancy. Good luck to you and your family. I'm sure your dh will come around when he's feeling better.

Elizabeth, Shaz and BB, my very best to all of you. Have a wonderful time with your new bundles of joy!

And last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank 44 for everything you have said to help me along the hurdles to get here. You are a very special woman. My mama bear. I pray your next attempt is successful. You have been through the wringer yet you still post good wishes to everyone else here. I hope your pain eases some and you get your wish next year. Please know you are in my thoughts.
Love, cassandra


Meg - December 6


Best of Luck tomorrow :) You are going to be wonderful mom, and you are going to love having twins. I will be honest that there are days that you think that you will never be able to meet the needs of two babies at the same time or when they get to toddler age, you sometimes feel like you are going to lose your ever loving mind, but it is the most joyous experience to see these two wonderful blessed miracles interacting and giving you hugs and kisses :)

Our twins will be 2 on Monday Dec.12th. Time has flown by so fast. It seems like yesterday they were born... Enjoy and relish every moment with them :)

Good luck to you tomorrow and please keep in touch with us and let us know how you and the twins are doing. Also you can always feel free to email me; I would love to help you in any way I can.

Give those babies lots of hugs and kisses tomorrow :)



baby4us - December 6

Good Luck Cassandra,... noit sure what time today your c-section is.. but I'll be thinking of you... I hope you can post at your earliest convenience to let us know how your bundles are doing!


cassandra - December 7

Hi. They sent me home yesterday. They did a scan before starting an IV and Lauren is head down yet again! Dr. said the c-sec would be an unnecessary surgery. I can't believe this. I almost didn't post because I'm a little embarassed but I wanted to let you know.
I'm a fingertip dialated and had a few contractions while there but I didn't feel them. So, now I'm just gearing up for a vaginal delivery. Now I don't know what to do with myself. I am going to try to move and walk more although it is hard. One thing I don't want is to be induced. I guess the babies like it in here. I'm 39 weeks today. I think this is a little rare to be sent home from a scheduled section. But if they don't have to cut me all the better right? Still holding on here....cassandra


baby4us - December 7

That is amazing Cassaandra! But I guess a bit of a let down... you were all psyched up that it was happening yesterday... but at least the babies are in "line" and if they want you to deliver vaginally.. all the better!

Good luck.. I guess it is just the waiting game now!


Karen123 - December 7

Cassandra, I am so surprised to hear that you were sent home!! Well, I would imagine you'll have your precious babies any day now and you've come SO far already so you know you can make it! Wow, a disappointment for sure but yes, if you can avoid surgery then that's great! Keep posting!!! Karen


Meg - December 7


I am shocked to hear that you were sent home. My friend who had twins that were full term, had her c-section scheduled at 38 wks. I am scheduled at 39 wks. for mine. What position was your son in? Our daughter was head down and ready to be born vaginally, but I insisted on c-section, mostly b/c they were premature, and our son was breech. I was afraid that they would have to turn him, or I would have to have a vaginal delivery and a c-section. Unfortunately my epidural was not that strong and I felt them pull our daughter out - OUCH !!!! They had to give me morphine b/c the pain was pretty strong. I am not saying that a c-section was pleasant experience, but if you don't start having contractions soon, I would ask to have the c-section after all. I am sorry that you did not get to meet you two little bundles today. Hopefully you will get to see them soon :) I will be praying and thinking of you :)
Please keep us updated :)



cassandra - December 8

Meg, I am soo ready to have these babies one way or another. I'll see what the doc says today. I am not looking forward to another cervical check. That was definately ouchy. Mathew is head down too.My mil says push for inducement and my mom says wait it out. Easier said than done mom. At this point what does a few days difference make?

I tried to get things moving yesterday by vacuuming and steam cleaning my carpet but all I have today is sore butt muscles. ::)

A vaginal delivery means less time at the hospital. Which is good. Who knows, maybe I'll need an emergency c-sec anyways if one turns after one is delivered? Everything is up in the air. My brain is on overdrive. Hopefuly dr. can answer some serious questions about inducing today. I hate to spend the first 3 weeks of my maternity leave still pregnant. I can't wait to meet them already! Ok I'm a little grouchy. I'll keep you girls posted on what he says today...cassandra 39weeks 1day and counting!


cassandra - December 10

HI! I'm still here. At the drs. on Thurs I had high blood pressure and they sent me to the hospital for monitoring and bloodwork to check for toxemia. Everything came back fine and they sent me home. He checked my cervix and it hadn't changed. The nurse did tell me I did a great job practicing my breathing. The doc also said he would be more gentle this time so it wasn't too bad. I have a bpp scheduled for Mon at 4 pm. My last one got me sent to the hospital so we'll see. I am going to ask that they keep me if this happens again. One thing that bothered me was the dr asked if I wanted my tubes tied. Hello?!!! They are blocked dummy! Have a great weekend everyone! cassandra (39weeks3dys)


HeatherMac - December 10


Sorry to hear about the back and forth...I hope you get to deliver soon!!

I wanted to tell you about your sore butt is NOT your sciatic nerve and DO NOT let anyone tell you it is!! It is your piriformis muscle. I think that is how it's's the muscled that goes left to right directly across your butt and it gets pulled and strained during pregnancy. BE WARNED that it might get worse just after you deliver...mine got SO bad about a week after I delivered. HOWEVER, it does get better, and if you can get someone to rub your butt...really will heal more quickly. I would stand and brace myself on the counter and DH would use his knuckles to rub it. Once my c/s healed a bit, I could stretch more, which was helpful...but be warned and don't let it get you down!!

The reason I bring this up is because ANY sciatic treatment will NOT work for this - so since I tried everything before I got ANY relief, I wanted to make sure you didn't suffer the same fate as my butt!!

BEST WISHES to you and your beautiful family!!



Fortyfour - December 12

Hi Cassandra, I was offline for awhile and thought I would come back to pics of the babies. You must be going crazy with the wait. I dont have any tips for making labor come sooner. After working labor and delivery I know that they come when they are darn ready. Those little buggers. Let us know your progess.

Thank you so much for the kind message. It brought tears to my eyes. We will try again in Feb or March. My body is just getting back to normal.




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