my IVF baby is 9 months old and pregnant again
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honeybaby - March 22

I am happy to share with you that IVF for us worked a miracle-I got pregnant after a 2nd round of ivf with a beautiful baby boy who is now 9 months old and surprise, surprise I am 14 weeks now and I got pregnant on my own.

I have an 8 year old and conceiving him was in a snap of fingers, we tried for 6 years on our own and my doctor told me my tubes were clogged and only ivf would help us to ge pregnant again, call it luck, for me is a blessing my third pregnancy just happen with the help of faith or we were just at ease not even thinking about it.

[glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow]Keep the faith it can happen to you too.[glow=red,2,300]TEXT[/glow]


lili246 - March 25

COngrats on that baby boy. wow so you tried to get pregnant again that fast. That is nice that you got pregnant on your own and expecting your second baby. I wouldn't do that though I just can imagine being pregnant again after having a baby like you but like they say it;s better because they grow together. I guess it's different opinions.

I am glad that it happen on your own and yeah having faith and not thinking about wanting to get pregnant helps the more you stress on getting pregnant the less it will happen.

God bless and keep posted in your pregnancy congrats and best wishes.



honeybaby - March 26

thanks Lili246, we were not trying to get pregnant, as a matter of fact I was told by my doctor that I couldn't get pregnant on my own, so when I missed my period I was alarmed thinking something could be wrong, instead I got a big BFP with 6 wks we couldn't believe it.

You are right being pregnant and a 9 month baby is tough but it is happening and my husband is an excellent dad.

Take care of your BabyAngel, my two boys are my strength too without them I would be a different person.


lili246 - March 26

Hey girl I wish you the best and sometimes things happen when you are not thinking about it and stressing like most girls ttc conceive they can't get pregnant because they are stressing on getting pregnant and that is not good. Like you, you weren't even trying and well you didn't use protection because you were told that you couldn't get pregnant on your own so whats up with that I guess noone knows what can happen and never give up when they tell you that you can't because yes you can.

Good luck with your pregnancy and are you looking forward for a girl this time?

Have a great day



Tracy1 - April 2

Congrats on your pregnancy!
My husband is already talking about us having another baby but there won't be any chance of that for a few years. We are blessed to be having this little boy and I want to cherish and enjoy him for a while.
Besides, there is a 3 yr gap between my brother and I which I think is ideal so I hope to have the same for our kids and hoping we won't need to do IVF again either now the pressure is off to have the 1!



honeybaby - April 15

hello Lily and Tracy,

I am here typing with one hand while my baby is in my other arm resting sucking his finger.

I will be going to the dr tomorrow, this will be my 18th wk. We are looking forward to a healthy baby and yes it would be nice if this one is a girl but my husband's side goes only for boys so i better not get my hopes up.

For now I am happy staying healthy and trying to control the weight with my thyroid problem. oh well, the little one fall asleep and Ihave to help my 3rd grader with a report so got to go to do homework.

My best wishes to you with your little ones.

; )


lili246 - April 22

How are you doing girl? Hey I know what you mean as long as the baby is healthy thats all it matters. So how are you feeling? How is the little ones doing? Is he sleeping good at nights?
So when are you due?

My little one is doing great he is a big boy and he sleeps good at nights he does wake up to eat but he goes back to sleep right away he is a cute baby and I love him so much. My older boy is a trouble maker ofcourse I love him aswell but OMG he does everything to bring our attention and he is a trouble maker I need to do something about this any ideas???

Best wishes to you aswell

LOve Lili



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