My babies have arrived!
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Karen123 - February 9

Thanks Sylvia! I sure hope you are doing well and feeling good!

China - it's so good to hear from someone who's been there. It IS a second home - absolutely nothing gets done at my house. I am there twice a day for many hours and the little time I'm home I check my email and this site, play with my dogs and do laundry. That's it other than sleeping. But the time with the babies is precious and I just know that I'm helping them get stronger. They stare at me while I sing or talk to them and I just feel like I'm really making a difference. Jayden is moving to the newborn nursery tomorrow!! I can't believe it!! It'll be weird to have Hailey in the nicu and Jayden away from her but it's such a big step for him and i'm thrilled. Hopefully Hailey will follow soon. Thanks for telling me about your daughter. It sure helps to hear about other children who "made it." I'm still scared but feeling more and more like they will be perfectly fine every day. And what a great feeling that is! Karen


SMS1129 - February 12


It is so great to hear that your babies are doing well!! I can't imagine how hard it is to see them crying! I wish you all the best, keep posting!!

I am almost 27 weeks now and feeling pretty good. I stopped working already at my doctor's recommendation, nothing really wrong. It's kind of nice to be home. My dh is working on their nursery and I can't wait to start decorating it. My daughter is 2 lbs, 1 oz and my son is 1 lb 14 oz., so they are coming along. I just started to feel my son kicking. He is breech now, so his feet kick my bladder constantly. My daughter moves around alot too, but she seems to always have her feet over her head at u/s visits.

Anyway, keep posting and let us know how your little ones are doing.

Take care,



Karen123 - February 13

Hi Sue! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well! Enjoy your time off.

Here is a link to see pictures of my babies.

I have to laugh because Jayden looks a bit like a little old man. lol I've read that it's common with premies but he'll fatten up and look more baby like in a few weeks. Hailey still had her feeding tube in but you can see most of her face.

will probably have to copy and paste in the address. Hailey will come up then you can click on Jayden's name towards the bottom. Karen


SMS1129 - February 14


They are so adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

Best wishes to all of you!



justme - February 15

Karen, what sweet babies! I just want to love on them! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!!



sussie88 - February 26

:) Congratulations and thanks for sharing your pics! Your pictures make me very anxious to meet my two boys, Mason and Logan - who were, two weeks ago, upon u/s 2 pounds 4 oz and 2 pounds 14 oz! I am 30 weeks today and counting!!!


fiso - February 27

How sweet they both are! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.



snindy - February 27

Thanks for sharing your precious babies w/ us. Seeing these pics also makes me anxious and excited to meet my little miracles.




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