My babies have arrived!
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Karen123 - January 29

Hello everyone. I've missed you! I've had some major complications but I just got home today and have two incredible tiny miracles in the nicu waiting for me to come back. Hailey Paige and Jayden Jonathan were born by c-section on 1/23 at 1:23 in the afternoon. I spent several days in the hospital prior to their arrival with some pretty scary complications and just came home due to very high blood pressure but my little miracles make me smile through it all and I'm just hoping and praying that all is ok in the long run. Hailey is only 1 1/2 pounds and her brother Jayden is 2 1/2 pounds. They are both doing well. Hailey is having a tougher time of things but both are now breathing room air and starting to tolerate some tiny diluted feedings. I am so incredibly blessed and the fact that the hospital they are in can do so much is just amazing to me. My babies are tiny but I have truly come to believe that they will be fine. I've been through so much these past months and they are simply meant to be here. The love I feel is indescribable and being away from them is the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. Pain is nothing compared to missing your newborn babies. I am very anxious to read all the posts that have been put on this site since about 11 days ago when I last logged in but I'm supposed to be on strict bed rest other than my hospital visits so I must go but I will certainly check back. I hope and pray that you are all doing well!!!! I think of you often! Love you guys! Karen :)


fiso - January 29

Time to celebrate!!!!!!! Congrats to you. Every time one of us delivers, it really gives so much hope for the other ones still trying to get to that point.

Take good care of yourself, you'll need all your energy when your 2 tiny bundle of joys will finally be home with their mommy!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


baby4us - January 30

Karen.. congratulations!! I am so glad you and the babies are healthy and happy. That is such amazing news.. I hope you are doing well.. Post updates when you can!


justme - January 30

What great news!!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about Hailey and Jayden.


snindy - January 30

I'm so happy to hear that you and your twins are doing great! I'm sure it was a scary pregnancy, but you managed to overcome all your obstacles and deliver 2 bundles of joy! Truly a blessing!!!!!!



Meg - January 30


Congratulations on the birth of your babies :) You must be over the moon :) I kind of figured that you may have had them based on your previous posting that you were having complications. I am glad that your twins are doing well and breathing room air. That is terrific. I know what you are going through, as I our twins spent 32 days in the NICU. I agree that the hardest thing was being away from from the twins when they were in the NICU. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little ones. Take care and try to get rest as best as you can as those trips to the NICU can really wear you out :)



pluto - January 31


Congratulations ! Its a dream come true. Take care of yr twins. :D[color=Pink][/color]



SMS1129 - January 31


Congratulations on the arrival of your twins!! That is fantastic and I am glad you are all doing well. Get some rest because I am sure you will be quite busy once they are home.

Take care and let us know how things are going.



Karen123 - February 1

Thanks so much to all of you for your well wishes. My babies are still doing great. Hailey is having trouble digesting food but it's not surprising since she's 1 lb 6 oz right now. So tiny! Jayden is doing exceptionally well and both of them just amaze me every day. I've never seen such tiny babies and to see them perfect in every way yet so tiny is such a miracle. They were 29 weeks and 4 days when they were born so they certainly still have a long road ahead. But I will be there every step of the way of course and any problems that come up as they grow will just be a part of life that we deal with. They are just so precious to me. I cry constantly which I'm sure is hormone related somewhat but I cry when I first walk into the nicu, I cry when I leave, I cry thinking about them at night. I just can't help myself. Meg, you are right - it is very draining to arrange rides and get wheeled into the nicu twice a day. It takes at least 4 hours, usually 5 to 6 with driving time and I think my available rides are already wearing thin. I know that everyone is so busy but I wish they could just drop everything and DRIVE ME TO SEE MY BABIES! and I mean NOW! lol :) Well, I feel incredibly blessed and I've been reassured by many nurses and doctors that any baby after 28 weeks has a great chance at being perfectly fine, especially after the mom receives the 2 steroid shots I had. So I am keeping those words in my mind and holding each tiny miracle every chance I get. They peek at me with those tiny eyes and just melt my heart. I am so in love, it's just awesome! Thank you again, SO MUCH, to all of you! Today I turn 40 years old and holding my 2 children later is the greatest present I could ever imagine!! Karen :) :) :)


cassandra - February 5

Karen, congratulations! I'm so glad your babies are geting the best of care. The nurses in the nicu at my hospital definately love their job. They are much nicer than the ones I got for my post op care. You sound in good spirits! That's great. I know it is soo hard to leave them. Keep your chin up Karen...your doing great. I can't wait to hear of all the little milestones they overcome. Truly a miracle.


Karen123 - February 6

Cassandra, So nice to hear from you!! I sure hope that you are doing well with your babies. I just saw my two this morning and they are having a very good day. They are both doing better with digesting their food. Hailey had a bad day yesterday because her Pic line (like an IV in an artery) went bad and her little arm was all swollen and red. Boy did she cry! And of course, so did I. It was heartbreaking. But they got a new line in her last night and she was very peaceful this morning. Jayden still forgets to breath quite a bit so it is nice to know that he's monitored constantly. They are 2 weeks old today and truly, for how early they were, they are doing great. They make me smile all the time when I'm with them and I miss them terribly when I'm home. Luckily, I've had a lot of offers for rides so my 2 long visits each day are great. Well again, I hope you are doing well and I'm sure you are busy as can be but loving it all. Take care! Karen


cassandra - February 7

Karen, were you able to pump colostrum? They wouldn't let me breast feed Lauren at first because she had to stay in the incubator and couldn't regulate her own body temp. to stay out long enough so I pumped for her. Just curious... : :)
I'm glad you have rides for the trip to the hospital. I wasn't allowed to drive for 2 weks after my section. Take care and keep on posting! I'm glad Hailey's IV is right again. Poor thing. It is heartbeaking to hear them cry. Speaking of... gotta go :)



Karen123 - February 7



Karen123 - February 7

Hi Cassandra. No, I never was able to pump. Weird thing is, I never produced any milk at all. My babies are getting a special formula made for premies. They had such a good day today! Both are digesting their formula and Hailey even got her canula (air flow) removed so she's completely breathing on her own! Jayden is in an unheated incubator now and doing well on room air. Once their IV's are removed, they will move to a "step down" nursery since they won't need intensive care any more. That may be within a week or so! I just can't believe it. I'm so lucky!!! Take care and please keep posting. I would love to read some updates about your babies too! Karen


sblanton2 - February 8

Congrats Karen, it is wonderful to know all of you are doing well. ;D Keep the faith and you rbabies will be home soon!!!!!!

Take Care,


chynnadoll - February 9

Karen123, Congrats on those beautiful babies :), my daughter who will be 10 in August was born at 26 1/2 weeks weighing 1lbs 13ozs, I have been there done that, I know they are so little and prescious, my dd could fit in the palm of my hand, I pumped the full 3 months she was in the NICU and out of 24 hours I was there at least 16 hours aday, it was my second home.

You and the babies will be in my prayers....Good luck...China


Karen123 - February 9

Thanks Sylvia! I sure hope you are doing well and feeling good!

China - it's so good to hear from someone who's been there. It IS a second home - absolutely nothing gets done at my house. I am there twice a day for many hours and the little time I'm home I check my email and this site, play with my dogs and do laundry. That's it other than sleeping. But the time with the babies is precious and I just know that I'm helping them get stronger. They stare at me while I sing or talk to them and I just feel like I'm really making a difference. Jayden is moving to the newborn nursery tomorrow!! I can't believe it!! It'll be weird to have Hailey in the nicu and Jayden away from her but it's such a big step for him and i'm thrilled. Hopefully Hailey will follow soon. Thanks for telling me about your daughter. It sure helps to hear about other children who "made it." I'm still scared but feeling more and more like they will be perfectly fine every day. And what a great feeling that is! Karen



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