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baby4us - September 26

Hello to all the moms and moms to be.. I hop eeveryone is doing well and feeling well.. just thought I'd start a new thread... perhaps we can all update eachother on how are babies are doing.. and how any pregnancies are progressing..

DD is at 16 weeks... I cannot believe it.. almost at the 4 month mark!!! She is smiling and laughing all the time and sleeps well through the night. She doesn't like to nap much though.. and really still likes to be held and carried all the time.. which is great.. but hard to get work donw.. oh well... I am sure when she becomes more independent I will wish for these days to be back!!!

I am back doing regular yoga and going for lots of hikes with Annabel and my two dogs... autmn is the best time of year and I am enjoying it thoroughly!!! Looking VERY much forward to Christmas this year and seeing th ejoy on our little one's face on x-mas morning!!!!!


Meg - September 26


I am glad that you are doing so much better :) You sound great. Annabel sounds like a wonderful little baby girl. I agree that fall is a nice season; it is actually my favorite.

We decided to put our twins into preschool two afternoons a week starting in November. We think that they need more than what I(we) can give them. I am sure that I will be a sappy mess when I leave them for the first time at school. It is so hard to believe that they will be three in Dec. It seems like yesterday that I had them. How quickly time goes by... They have made terrific progress, but still lag a little behind their counterparts due to their prematurity.

Our little baby is not so little anymore :( Patrick is 8 1/2 months old. He is such a love :) He brings so much joy to us. We love seeing all of the kids interact together. Patrick loves being w/ his brother and sister. Seeing them together makes it all worth it. I feel like the luckiest person in the world :) (On Most Days that is; there are some days that I still want to run to the hills ;D)

Again it was so good to hear from you. Please take care and enjoy every moment w/ your little girl :)



snindy - September 28

Angela and Kyle are doing wonderful, Kyle is now 12lbs and 8oz and Angela is 10lbs, 6oz. You wouldn't even known that they were preemies. They are now sleeping through the night which gives me some rest and they are smiling and cooing. They are trying to grab things with their hands.

I have to have early development classes for them to help them get to where they are suppose to be. They do physical therapy and occupational therapy. So far everything is going good, I just have to work on their legs a little bit more.

Angela is doing wonderful, I don't think she has cerbral palsey at all, she is very active and alert. I'm praying to God and crossing my fingers that she doesn't have it. We won't know until she is 1 or 2.

But other than that, they are my miracle babies and I'm loving every minute with them.



Meg - September 30


I am so glad to hear that your twins are doing so well :) That is great news. Our twins receive early intervention also, and it has helped them a lot. They are truly miracles arriving at such an early date. I am sure you are having so much fun with them now :) Please take care and keep on giving updates.



fiso - September 30

Hi Baby4us,
You sound so much better. The fact that Annabel is getting bigger and interacts more with you probably helps too.

I'm on the lookout for any signs of labor no after the doc told me on Thursday that I was 1 cm dilated. I had some cramps this morning and I thought, oh oh, this is it. But then I went to sleep and the cramps are gone! Next time!

Doing good, taking it easy, I have no choice, I get tired so fast and I feel soooooo heavy! Dh has prepared bags of snacks to take with him. He is ready!!

Will keep you posted.

Cindy, your babies have grown so much. This is great.

Meg, a new step for you, sending your kids to preschool! Time flies, doesn't it. Enjoy Patrick who is still the little one!

Take care. Fiso


baby4us - September 30

That is amazing about the twins.. both Meg's and Cindy's// I am sure it has been such a challenge... but what amazing progress!!!

Soon.. soon Fiso.. you are almost there.. have been thinking of you.. and wondering how close to your due date you will be!!!!!


SMS1129 - October 4

Jake & Lily are also doing well. They will be 6 months old on 10/11. They are 15 lbs. and 13 lbs. respectively, which is great, considering they were born 5 weeks early.

We have not been told to enroll them in Early Intervention, so hopely that is a good sign.

They are just starting cereal and doing well with it. They are not sleeping through the night consistently. They were and then the teething started and now it is a crapshoot.

I have been back at work full-time since 9/11 and they are here at our onsite daycare facility. They seem to really love it and enjoy watching the other kids.

I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. I miss this website and don't come here too much lately. It was such a great source of comfort for me during our journey.

Take care,



Meg - October 5


I love reading the updates :) I am glad that your little ones are doing so well also. I know that you had such a rough beginning w/ the pregnancy, so it is nice to see that the twins are doing great. It is also good that they don't need Early Intervention. Unfortunately, our Patrick now has to have it also :( He has difficulty sitting up on his own and eating any food that is not finely pureed. He will be nine months tomorrow, and should be doing those things well at this point. So I guess all EI doesn't necessarily only go to the preemies... At least I know what to expect. Please continue the updates; it is great to follow the journey of the little ones after they are born.

Take Care,


Fortyfourfive - October 7

It was so great to read all the updates on all the babies. Im glad everyone is well. Darcie


honeybaby - October 7

Hi I am new in this trend and I enjoyed reading all about your babies. I

t seems there are a lot of you with twinns, and I was wondering if when you became pregnant if you had a high HCG the reason why I ask is because my first reading has a significant number what you should know is that I had 2 blastocyst and on day 12 my first reading.

I would appreciate if you can answer the question and the about of your symptoms if you can recalled I am very tired and cramping with headaches and fatigue I am not that at all always on the go cleaning every dust now I just want to lay down.

Well I wish you happiness with your children and enjoy the autumn the breeze will put your honies to sleep.

Take care!


snindy - October 8

My numbers were high, I can't remember what the numbers were. I was very tired and had headaches all the time. But I never had morning sickness. I didn't know the sexes of the babies until I delivered, but they say when you have lots of headaches, it means your having a boy, but it's not always true for some women. Other than that, I didn't even feel pregnant. Especially when I gave birth at 6 months, I didn't get to experience anything that happens in the 3rd trimester, oh well, I got 2 miracle babies out of it.



shaz - October 13

Hi all,

So good to hear that all is well with you and your precious babies......

I dont get to come on the board often enough these days, I am very busy as you can imagine with Billie (6) almost completed her first year of school and growing up fast. Her social calander keeps me busier than anything else.....I cant believe how fast they grow. It seems like yesterday I was enduring the dreaded 2WW for the results of her cycle.....

Mackenzie is now 10 months old. I am so in love with her. What a beautifull little soul she is. She has been such a delight from the moment she was born....We have two teeth now and we also say Dad, Mum, Nan, Bub, Boo and Bear......She is commando crawling which is very cute and babbles alot in her own baby language. I still cant believe that I havent had a bad day with her, she is just always happy......

We are now thinking of going back for number 3!!!!! We have four frozen embryos and DH is very keen for baby number 3....I'm not sure how I could handle the pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see that everyone is well



justme - October 27

HI GIRLS!!!! I have not been on here in forever, but decided to check things out. Glad to hear about all you all are up to. Luke is 5 months now. We are staying very busy. We took both kiddos to Disney last week. (that was an adventure!)

I just love being a mommy of 2. My life and our family is so full now. I would like a 3rd but DH is not up for going through the pregnancy again, or going through the new baby phase again! :(



HeatherMak - November 5

Hello, everyone!!

I was SO thrilled to read the updates - I'm so glad to hear babies and mommies are well!!

Things here are great!! Duncan will be A YEAR OLD Nov. 10. I cannot even believe that!! We had a rough go at first, but we're cooking right along now and grateful for each day with that miracle baby!!

He's a REALLY funny baby who is friendly to damned near anyone that will look at him and he's "little girl pretty" as my waitress at lunch told me today. We are so praying that we will be able to have one more happy, healthy baby...which is all we ever prayed for...and all I'm praying now.

It's official, Duncan rocks.

I'm glad to see that everyone's baby/babies rock and are doing well!! We need to do this more often...I love the updates. Maybe we could update around the holidays with pix and whatnot...sound good?? That way we would be somewhat regular with updates...every few months...since none of us have tons of time anymore!! HAHAHA!!

Glad everyone is well and hope everyone continues that way!!




Fortyfourfive - November 5

I loved all the updates!!!!


baby4us - November 10

Such great news from everyone... and Now Fiso can join this mommy update thread!

Shaz.. so amazing about your (not so little anymore) girls!.. and HeatherMak -- I cannot believe Duncan is one year old -- today?? Happy Birthday!!

I love the iddea of holiday pics.. hopefully I'll have lost some preggers weight by then.... I am losing it slowly... but I wish it would com eoff faster!!!! Oh well.. have better things to worry about these days!!

Annabel is 5 mos now and she laughs all the time... rolling around.. trying desperatly to crawl! She can sit for short periods and plays by herself for longer periods.. which is so great.

I started her on solids... at the beginning of November and she LOVES it... just rice cereal and oatmeal pablum right now in the evening.. I don't want to rush anything.. but she sure loves it!!!

I am soooo excited about Christmas this year.. all the past christmases I kept hoping I'd be pregnant... finally last year I was... but had had some bleeding scares... so I felt I couldn't really celebrate.. just to be on the safe side.. but this year Annabel will be 6 mos at x-mas and she and I and DH are going to have such a blast!!!!
Her grandparents have already bought her wayyy too many things... oh well..... it is fun to shop for these precious little ones!



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