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ElizabethS - October 2

Hi girls,
I have a crazy one for you. Has anyone developed any new moles/growths since being pregnant? I noticed that I have two new growths on the left side of my breast close to my armpit. They look like moles, but stick out a bit more. They are freaky and I wonder if I should call my dr. We have an appointment on Thursday, so I might wait until then....I haven't heard of this type of symptom. Do any of you know if this is common?


HeatherMac - October 3


Hey!! Don't call your doctor...just talk to him when you go. But, know before you go...there is nothing that can be done about it.

They're not actually moles...they're skin tags. They're harmless, they're annoying, but that's really it. You're more prone to them when you're pregnant for some odd reason, and they will subside after your baby is born.

If you have moles, you may actually notice more during your pregnancy...I've had a few new ones crop up, and some of the ones I did have have gotten larger. OB said that it was all part of pregnancy. So did my there you go.

So, these things? They're harmless...nothing to fret about...just chat with your OB and know that this is all part of the joy of pregnancy!!

Have a great night and enjoy your wonderous pregnancy!!



Meg - October 3


During my p/g w/ the twins, I developed many skin tags, especially around my breast area. I have gotten a few new skin tags this p/g as well. I also have noticed some other weird skin things also, that I need to see a dermatologist for. I keep putting it off, but a couple of weeks ago, my father had a freckle looking mole removed and it turned out to be malignant melanoma, which now has me a bit freaked out. I am hoping to make a call this week to get the thing checked out. I would bring up to your Dr. as Heather suggested. It will make you feel better. I hope you are doing well and keeping the triplets nice and cozy :) I went to our twins/triplets clothing sale and saw a few moms w/ triplets, and I thought of you. You are going to have so much fun w/ your little babies :)



ElizabethS - October 3

Thanks Heathermac and Meg,
I am feeling much better. I guess they will always remind me of my joyous pregnancy. They are small and I don't mind if they are there as long as they are harmless.

Meg - I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Let me know what the dermatologists says about your new spots. I also went to a multiples garage sale this weekend...found great stuff, but didn't see any multiples running around. I plan on attending their next meeting the third Tuesday of October.


SMS1129 - October 4


What meetings do you go to? Is it the Triplet Connection? I just joined that, but there are no meetings in my area.



ElizabethS - October 18

I go to The Mothers of Twins meetings. It is for any mother of multiples. Hope this helps



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