Mathew and Lauren
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cassandra - January 9

Hi everyone! Mathew and Lauren were born on Dec. 19th via c-sec. Mathew weighed 7.1 oz and Lauren weighed 3.15oz. apparently Lauren wasn't getting any food the last month and a half or so and the dr. said there was a knot in her cord. She stayed in the continuing care unit for 9 days and has been home and doing very well. Her last dr.s appt. she weighed 5.10 oz and is growing every day! I have breastfed Mathew a couple of times but he falls asleep and is hungry 2 hours later so I just mostly pump. I also give them a lot of formula because I can't seem to make enough pumping. Only about 4 oz. every 4 hours. Today I am really going to try to pump a lot more and see if that will help increase my milk supply.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know they are finally here and I have almost no free time! What did I ever do with it before babies? :) I hope everyone is well...take care...cassandra


baby4us - January 9

Oh Cassandra... what wonderful news!!! Congratulations and I am so happy that you and beautiful Lauren and Matthew are home safe and sound! What great names!

I am also very happy to hear that Lauren is home and doing better...that must have been very scary for you.

Keep up with the breastfeeding... no matter how frustrated you may find it.. these are hopefully wise words from a few friends of mine.. one of which did successfully breastfeed her twins...

Congrats again!!!


Karen123 - January 9

Cassandra, I've been checking in every day hoping to read your update! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for all of you!!!! And that is SO wonderful that all of you are ok now. Yes, it must have been scary!! How terrific that you are all home now!!! Wow, your life must be upside down - in such a great way!! I'm so excited for that time to come! Last u/s I had my daughter was smaller than my son so they are watching that - I have another u/s 1/11. Well, enjoy! You must be exhausted yet happy beyond belief at the same time. I hope you enjoy every minute and I'm sure you know are very lucky but at the same time, I feel that your babies are extremely lucky to be born to a woman like you!! Take care of yourself and check in if you can! I'll be thinking about you! Karen :)


BabyBound - January 10

Cassandra, congrats!!! Your babies are finally here. I'm glad everyone is doing fine. You're sure to keep busy now.


Fortyfour - January 12

Alrighty then. I have been thinking of you and looking for your post. Congrats. I am glad your little girl is home and well. The only things I know about breastfeeding is the more you do the more you make or you are one of those women who dont make much or you make gobs of milk. Dont be too hard on yourself if it doesnt work. Congrat again. Happy parenting.


Trying in NH - January 12


Congratulations!! I am glad that Lauren is now home and healthy and hope little Mathew is doing well too. Breastfeeding is extremely challenging don't beat yourself up over it. I only did it for about 3 months and gave up. At one point they had me pumping every hour and feeding every two. It did bring my milk in alot more but then when I backed off so did the milk. My son also wouldn't latch on so I had to use a breast shield with every feeding and that is why I didn't produce that much. Actual mouth to nipple produces more hormone which in turn produces more milk. You will figure out what works . It takes time, just always go with your instincts you will know what is best! Good luck!


Meg - January 17


Congratulations on your babies :) I am so glad that both are finally home and hopefully doing well. Having twins can definitely be a challenge and takes some adjustment. I am sure you are handling it very well :)

I am finding breastfeeding this time around a bit of a challenge too. I have a milk blister on my right breast, so it is extremely painful to feed from that side. I feel like someone is stabbing me everytime Patrick feeds from that side. I found pumping so much easier on my breasts than the real deal. If you can't breastfeed than don't. Formula is fine :) You have to do what is best for you.

Congrats again and enjoy those little bundles of joy :)

Take Care,




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