Luke is here!!!!!
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justme - May 11

My water broke on the way home from Barney Live on Sunday night! I didn't go into labor though, so on Monday at 7:00 am I went in to be induced. Luke arrived at 3:17 that afternoon. It was a wonderful experience! Luke was 7 lb 4 oz and 20 inches. He is a little jaundiced today but not too bad. We are home and doing well. Just a little tired!!!


fiso - May 11

Congrats to you!!!!! Hope you are doing well. Glad to hear that it was a wonderful experience (labor too...???)
Enjoy you new bundle of joy.
I'm happy for you and DH.
Talk to you soon, after you have adjusted !



baby4us - May 11

OHMYGOD!!!! Justme that is so amazing!! Congratulations and so happy to hear that you and Luke are doing well. THis is so exciting....

I hope you can write more as you get more into a routine.

Congrats again and hope ot hear from you soon!


HeatherMac - May 12


Yea, yea, yea!!! What great news!!

Congrats to you and DH on the birth of your darling son!!

Keep us posted - we want to see some pix soon!!

Congratulations, again!!



SMS1129 - May 15

What wonderful news!!!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!



baby4us - May 16

Hope all is well with you and Luke.. and as I mentioned.. would love to hear more about the birth experience and what it was like to finally lay eyes on baby Luke for the first time!!


sblanton2 - May 17

Congrats Baby4us!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile.
Hope your little boy is healthy and happy!



Kris - May 18

Congratulations I know you just cannot stop smiling.


tinkerbell - May 18

Congratulations Justme! It is a wonderful news indeed! Hope you had fully recovered by now. I'm sure you're super busy with little Luke and receiving well-wishers :)


justme - May 19

Thanks all!!! Things are going great.

Baby4us, I promise to post my story soon. I had typed this very long story for you the other day and I couldn't post it when I was done. Ughhh!!! I will post it now that my account seems to be working again as soon as I have more than a minute on here!!!!


baby4us - May 21

Oh that is furstrating Justme.. btu I can appreciate you probably don't have a lot of free time right now!

Just glad you are doing well!! and post when you can... I need all the help/advice I can get!!



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