low projesterone help
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lisa13 - October 19

okay give me directions but u too are only people I know on my space. THis forum was a big step so you going to have to walk me through it. When do i get my due date; i go back monday for bw. jenny, when is your due date have you gotten yours michelle


mjforney - October 19

I will help you, Lisa, on myspace. :)

My due date is around June 15th/17th... I will probably get confirmation after my 1st ultrasound. Jusr google pregnancy calendar and follow the steps....YOur's will be just a week after mine!!! :)


JENNY22074 - October 19

Lisa and Michelle - If you did an IVF you may not want to actually date it until after you are released. I had several due dates in the beginning since I really did not have a normal AF while on BCP and Lupron. But everyone is different. My first u/s was dated at 5 weeks and then 10 days later I was 7 weeks and then 12 days later I was 9 weeks and that is where and when they actually dated the due date to be April 1st. LOL!!!! I know April Fool's Day go figure!!!! I was all around witht he pregnancy calendars but I was a week earlier then I suspected. Lisa a myspace is very easy to do. You will be surprised if you do a search how many people you may actually know that have one. Also ladies if you have not already there are many places to google and such to get free samples. I waited until almost the end of the 1st trimester to sign up at Gerger, Johnsons, Pampers, Huggies, Enfamil, and Similac. I signed my mom up as well since she will have the baby during the summer to save us some daycare money at first. All right ladies I will talk to you all later.


mjforney - October 19

Thanks Jenny... Good point about the due date!!! Thanks for the advice!!!


lisa13 - October 19

Thanks jen.

lindsay's pregnant yea


JENNY22074 - October 20

I saw her post. If I don't talk to you all until Monday have a great weekend.


Tracy1 - January 8

A friend of mine was pregnant with twins and had very low progesterone and went on to have a healthy pregnancy with and twin boys!



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