Low Beta
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Ladybug - March 17

Hi everyone,

First, can I just say I'm so excited to be able to post in this forum!!!

I just had my first beta this am. it was 68. Its my understanding that the first beta should be about 100?

Have any of you had a lower # like mine and have everything be ok?

Is it normal to have cramping some days and not others?

Any help you guys could give would be great!!!
Thank you


JulieC - March 17

Welcome Tracy and congratulations!

A beta under 100 is ABSOLUTELY normal. My first beta was 89, but I know that others have been as low as 10. It's all about the doubling. Are you having another test soon?



Ladybug - March 18

Hi Julie,

Congratulations on you baby boy! You only have 108 days to go.....how are you feeling?

My next beta is in 2 days but feels like a year!



RB - March 18

Hi Tracy,

My first beta was 85 which I thought was low at the time, but Julie is right...it can be as low as 10 and what's more important is that it doubles every 2-3 days...good luck with your 2nd beta and let us know how it goes. As for cramping, it's pretty normal...it has to do with the thickening of the lining in your uterus and expansion of ligaments...feels a lot like period cramps...if you are having severe and continuous cramps it could be a cause for concern, especially if accompanied by spotting. A great peice of advice i got was that i should call my doctor if for any reason i am particularly worried or concerned...trust your instincts.



JulieC - March 19

[quote author=Ladybug link=board=9;threadid=5571;start=0#47815 date=1205799938]
Hi Julie,

Congratulations on you baby boy! You only have 108 days to go.....how are you feeling?


I feel really great! I know that at some point I'll probably get more uncomfortable but right now I feel good. I have been taking a prenatal yoga class and I think it really helps with any back ache issues and leg cramps.

Good luck on your beta!


RB - March 19

Tracy...good luck with your beta today (it is today right?)....let us know how it goes.

Julie....congrats and i think it's great that the prenatal yoga is helping with the aches and cramps...i'm thinking of getting a dvd that i can do at home since i dont think there are any classes in my area.

Stay well girls,


Ladybug - March 19

Thanks everyone!!!

I must have been wishful thinking or something but my first beta was really 64 not 68. My second beta was today and it was only 95.

My re tells me there is no need for concern.....that they only need to see it rise 1 1/2.

Of course I'm freaking out and I'm soooo sad! What do you guys think? Anyone ever have this happen and had a healthy baby in the end??? Just tell me the truth guys.....is all lost for me?



doglover - March 20

Hi Tracy
I just wanted to tell you that my beta did not double the first three times it was measured...not even close. As you can see, I am over 6 months pregnant. They convinced me that it was an ectopic-it was an incredibly stressful time. Then, for whatever reason, my numbers started to double right as I had my first u/s. I cannot tell you how grateful I was to see a yolk sac in my uterus...and of course the heartbeat was the best!!!
So, try to hang in there and be cautiously optimistic. I know, it is torture.
Take care,


Ladybug - March 20


thank you very much! you give me great hope!! may I ask what your first few #'s were? I know everyone is different but I'm thinking that if they thought it was ectopic it must have been low? When did the #'s start to go up? I would love to hear more about your story.



jeni_turner - April 2

Hey there Tracy...Just wanted to say that my first beta was 64 also at 13 dpo. 48 hours later it was 260. They told me that any number over 5 is positive for pregnancy, so I don't know where you got the 100???
I am 5 1/2 weeks preggo and SOOO excited. We can't wait for the sono! Hope this info helps you. :)



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