Level II Ultrasound
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Darby206 - June 10

I guess when it takes you a while to get pregnant you are a little more paranoid than most people right? I hope so, because I am turning into a raving lunatic! My mom says I am over-reacting, but I want some other opinions.

At my last OB visit, they did my quad-screen test for Down's, Trisomy and Spina Bifida. The lab tech told me that if the results were normal, I would not hear anything from the doctor. I would just see him at my next scheduled appointment. Well, you can imagine how my heart sunk when my doc's nurse called me at work today. Here is what she said:

"How would you like to have another ultrasound?"

I said "Sure, I would love to. Why?"

"Well, your quad screen test results came back negative, which is good, but since you are having twins they want to do a level II ultrasound to correlate the results."

I have been doing some internet research on the level II ultrasound and I can't get a clear answer. Has anyone had one before? Is it normal with twins or do they think something might be wrong with the babies?


HeatherMac - June 10


I think a level 2 u/s is just a "targeted" ultrasound. They'll use more intense equipment to get a better look at what's going on in there. With the u/s machines they have in the office, they can only see so much. With the targeted u/s machines, they can see a LOT more. But, it takes longer, and you need some more training, so I'm sure that's why they're not regular OB office machines. Actually, with the more advanced u/s, you'll get a chance to have much better pictures of the babies than with the regular u/s pix.

I chose not to have any of the screenings for a couple of reasons. If you are over 35, you will get a "negative" report without ANYTHING being wrong with your babies. If you're over 35, your test is negative right away without anyone so much as LOOKING at the actual test results. So, since I'm 36, I decided I didn't need the extra worry. Secondly, I knew any results really wouldn't change our minds...if there was something wrong as far as spina bifida, it's amazing what they can do in utero for the babies.

So, don't fret. Really. The chances of something ACTUALLY being wrong are very small...but they usually don't give you that statistic...they'll tell you there is a 23% chance of some horrid problem. What they DON'T tell you is that there is a 77% chance NOTHING is wrong! They never put a positive spin on it, so it's up to you to change those numbers around to see the truth about what they're talking about. If they say 2 in 49 will have a problem, they're failing to tell you that 47 will be fine...and that's a far greater chance than 2 in 49. Really, these people crammed in the labs must just live to scare the hell out of us.

Besides, if you're over 35, the test will always always ALWAYS come back with a "potential problem" with your pregnancy...no matter what. So, you're already in the hole before you even begin if you're of "advanced maternal age".

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY to remember - these tests give you the percentages of the CHANCE that something could be wrong...they do NOT give you a definitive answer that there IS a problem...just a chance. Well, heck, there's a chance a meteor could slam into the earth this afternoon and we'll all be vaporized. There's a chance cows could revolt and start eating people. There's a chance something will not go right in your life every single day that you wake up and get out of bed...so don't read too much into anything until your OB starts to worry. Once your OB worries, you can, too. Until then, try not to worry your wonderful head about anything but getting enough to eat to making those babies in your belly beautiful and perfect.

Take good care of yourself and let us know what happens.



shaz - June 10


Im sure Heathermac is right. But you have every right to worry about your pregnancy, it's very precious to you. I am the same, I read things into what doctors or nurses say to me.
I also had a tripple test on Monday but wont get the results until I have my 12 week ultrasound which is in 2 weeks. I wasnt going to have any testing done as when I had my daughter I had a routine blood test done (wasnt even sure what it was for), I wasnt expecting anything bad to come back from it. One day at work my OB rang me with the saddest voice and said that I was at increased risk for Downs Syndrome. We went and had genetic counselling and they gave us the odds, which to me werent great. We decided not to do any further testing as nothing would have changed our minds about having her, she would always be perfect to us no matter what. Until the day she was born we werent sure what was going to be. I was 33 at the time and am now 38. Im nervous about the test but would like to go through this pregnancy not so stressed. If however we get unfavourable results we will carry on as we did last time.....

Im sure things are fine with you, and Im sure your OB is just being extra cautious. As you would want him to be.

let us know how the u/s goes.




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