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snindy - February 15

I wanted to share my experience with you guys, today was the first u/s I had done since early December. The babies are so big. They both weigh a half of a pound and their heads measure 2 inches. The one baby sits high by my belly button and the other one is really low by my cervix. They look healthy. We are still shock that I'm pregnant! Never thought in a million years I would get to this point.

The weeks are going by so fast, I will be 19 weeks this Saturday. It's truly a miracle!!!!!

Thought I would share my happiness with everyone, thanks for listening.



baby4us - February 15

That is such great news.. I am so happy you had a great u/s and the babies are doing well! What a great Valentine's gift!!

It does go by so quickly.. so enjoy every minute


Karen123 - February 16

Cindy, I am so happy for you! Having an u/s is just the greatest thing ever. All my best to you. Karen


snindy - February 16

Thanks baby4us and Karen123!

Baby4us, your ready to give birth pretty soon, how exciting! Are you getting nervous or are you relaxed about the whole birthing thing?

Karen123, How's the babies????


Karen123 - February 17

Snindy, MY babies are doing well - thanks for asking! Hailey does have an infection called MRSA (stands for something I can't remember) so she's been in isolation since last Sat. Now, 6 babies have it so a big area of the nicu is sectioned off for all 6 of them. Jayden does not have it thankfully. On the bright side, she's still doing great and both are gaining weight and have no IV's at all. I'm just incredibly lucky! Jayden actually started to drink once a day from a bottle!! He's a week and a 1/2 ahead of when they normally introduce the bottle but he showed signs that he was ready and it's working great!! So, things are awesome!! I sure hope you are feeling well! Karen


baby4us - February 17

Karen great news about the babies... but sorry to hear that Hailey has MRSA... so I hope she is feeling better soon.. any idea when the babies can come home??? My heart goes out to you and all your trips to the NICU!!!

Cindy.. have you felt any movement yet... ? How are you feeling??

I still have a way to go before giving birth.. beginning of June... but it will be here quickly! I am VERY scared about the whole birth process...

And last night was the first night I felt really uncomfortable.. now that I am getting bigger and bigger.. I don't know if its because we ate too late.. and I went to lie on the couch to watch some Olympics and I just was so uncomfortable.. and was all flushed.. I eneded up just going to bed right away.. I feel ok this morning.. hopefully it will last!


snindy - February 17

Karen123, I'm sorry to hear that about Hailey but I'm sure everything will be fine. It's probably hard to have them at the hospital and not at home, but they will get stronger and be home in no time.

Baby4us, June is right around the corner. If it's going fast for me, I can only imagine how fast it's going for you. I'm having my baby shower in May just to be on the safe side, They said by week 36 if the babies aren't turned downward then they will schedule me a c-section, so that could be the end of June or early July.... I can't wait!!!! Just hearing the words BABY SHOWER gets me excited.

I haven't felt anything yet, I will have a twitch here and there but I don't think it's anything. They said I could possibly start feeling something in the beginning of my 5th month.

I'm still feeling good. Heartburn is starting to kick in but tums takes it away. Since I don't have a job, I have been just relaxing and taking it easy. I finished a 1000 piece puzzle on Monday, so I try to keep myself occupied. I also do scrapbooking to keep me relaxed. It's been smooth sailing.



SMS1129 - February 18

It is so great to hear everyone is doing well.

Karen, I hope Hailey's infection clears up soon and they both come home healthy soon.

Baby 4 us, I am having twins and the one closest to my cervix is breech now, but hopefully will move by 36 weeks. We'll see, otherwise it will be a c-section.

Snindy, I didn't feel any movement until 19 weeks and now it is pretty regular. I just started feeling kicking at 27 weeks and am looking forward to the visible movements I hear about.

Keep healthy ladies.



Karen123 - February 18

Wow, it's so great to hear that you are all doing so well!! Cindy, I had the worst heartburn ever and it's so neat how it disappears the day after the babies are born. Baby4us, nights were always tough for me. I felt much better in the morning. Just hang in there as I agree with Cindy - the time just flies by, it really does. My babies will be 4 weeks old on Monday. Jayden is now 3 lbs 6 oz! And Hailey is 2 lbs 4 oz!! Jayden is moving up on bottle feedings and Hailey's eyes are clear and look great. I suspect that her infection is now gone (test will be back soon). I am anxious to read about how happy you are all once you see your beautiful babies. I still cry all the time just thinking about them. The love I feel is incredible. I'm SO anxious to have them home! Take care all of you! Karen :) :) :)


sblanton2 - February 19

Good Luck Karen.....I hope all goes well with those precious babies and you have them home soon! Take care.


snindy - February 20

My twin is also in the breach position near my cervix. It's all snugged in the corner, my u/s tech said that will probably be my snuggle baby that likes to snuggle, she said the baby has all that room but just sticks to the corner. It's hard to see the face, it won't budge.
The other baby is as perfect as can be sitting up by the belly button area. That baby will be the one who wants all the attention.

But anyway, I'm in the same boat, I hope the baby turns. But I have a feeling that I will have a c-section. I'm thinking that is the way to go anyway. Just get it done and overwith.



baby4us - February 20

It is great news.. from everyone.. so far so good!!!

My heartburn has kicked in too.. not too bad.. usually in the evenings.. I take some tums..

Cindy - it took me a while too to feel any movement.. I first felt a really slight fluttering at 22 weeks.. so just a couple of weeks ago.. now it is every day.. but still very light and subtle.. I am sure you will soon be feeling it too!!!



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