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cassandra - November 12

Hi Karen! I just wanted to check in on you. I don't know how to IM you anymore. I hope all is well. I am hanging in here. I am tellling my boss tonight next week will be my last. I will be 36 weeks next Wed. and am posibly the biggest pg. girl I've ever seen. Working is very hard now. This coming Wed. they are checking me for dialation. Anyways, i expect to deliver within the next 2 weeks. These last weeks are the hardest. I weigh more than a linebacker and am moving s l o w l y. My health is good and I'm keeping my chin up! Take care...cassandra


Meg - November 13


I know this was addressed to Karen, but I just wanted to jump in :) I can't believe that you are still working and have made it this far. Great for You :) I can't even imagine how you are feeling !!! I remember at 31 wks. I felt huge and uncomfortable, so you are a trooper. My friend who had twins carried until 38 wks. and had a scheduled c-section. One twin was in the 6 lb. range and the other was in the 7 lb. range. Her twins just turned 2, and her daughter is already wanting to potty train. It is amazing the difference a term birth has on development. I am so happy that you will have made it to at least 36 wks. if not longer. Your long awaited miracles will soon be here and then the real fun will begin ;D Please continue to update us on your progress. Take care and know that I am thinking of you :)

I had checked a post on one of the other boards from Karen and it seems that her husband is having surgery again for previous problems. Poor Karen always has so much on her plate :( I hope that her husband is doing well. Just thought you would like to know in case she doesn't get time to check or post to the website.



cassandra - November 14

Thank you for inquiring about me Meg. You have been so helpful in this pg. and patiently answering all of my questions. This Wed. I'll be 36 week. this is my last week of work. Gosh, I can't believe it! I have an u/s on Wed. and they are checking for dialation. Last week baby a (Lauren) had turned breech (again) and if she hasn't turned back around in 2 days they will schedule a c-sec for 38 weeks. Jeez, I still can't believe the time is almost here! I don't think they will weigh as much as your friends babies and Lauren has been smaller this entire pg. 3 weeks ago Mathew was 4lbs and Lauren was 3.7lbs. I expect Mathew to be 5 lbs Wed. and Lauren to be at least 4.1. We'll see.

Take care! cassandra


sussie88 - November 15

Wow! Congrats on making it this far! I am 15 weeks with twins and my MD just informed me that at week 28 he will take me out of work. Needless to say, this is not what I wanted to hear. I am hoping to work longer, but will do whatever is best for the babies once the time comes. Good luck.


Karen123 - November 16

Cassandra, HELLO!!! Thanks SO much for asking about me!! I've been running ragged with DH so sick and still taking care of the house, dogs and working full time. Anyway, I just can't express how happy I am for you! I get so happy to see your posts - I mean, you are my inspiration! I am 20 weeks today with b/g twins and I just love reading about someone who's "made it." That is SO great that you have made it this far!! I feel so big already, I can't even imagine how huge I will end up being!! I wish we could share pictures. I remember having my daughter (15 years ago!) who weighed 7 lbs 10 oz and I swear, I thought I was going to explode carrying her!! I was SO big and uncomfortable and feeling like a foot would pop out of me any second! So carrying two...well, believe me, I am SO thrilled and excited and happy but at the same time very worried about how on Earth I can do it! Did you feel that way?

I am definitely having a C-section - both my daughters broke my tailbone on their way out and now that it's twins, my OB said it's safer for them anyway. I have several girlfriends who've had c-sections and say it was the better way to go. No labor pains? Works for me! I wish you SO much luck and a smooth and fantastic delivery no matter how they are delivered. I also wish you SO much happiness that I know your sweet babies will bring. You deserve this!! Enjoy! And post as much as you can! Take care of yourself!!! Karen


cassandra - November 17

Karen, I hope dh is feeling better. 20 weeks! Geez, time flies! You aren't going to believe how big you are going to get! :) I remember my flat stomach at the ivf clinic and telling the nurses I can't believe I'm going to look pregnant! Back then it was so hard to imagine! Well, now I'm positively huge! :)I'm 36 weeks now and no signs of delivering. No bh, and a closed cervix. My body may be huge but it loves being pg. These kids are doing great.

I hope things are good with you. May I ask what you do for work? Today and tomorrow are my last days. How big are the babies now? It is amazing they can tell while inutero! Enjoy all of the u/s pics too. When they get bigger they are a lot more fuzzy! Have a great day! cassandra


Karen123 - November 21

Cassandra, I'm an accountant at a manufacturing place. Been here 21 years! I've held many different positions in the Finance dept over the years. I also supervise accounts payable - just one girl who has become a good friend. So I sit most of the day which will be nice as I get bigger and bigger. I still just can't imagine how big I'll be. How does our body do it? Already I am up repeatedly during the night with back pain and just being uncomfortable. During the day I still feel really good though and I just love being pregnant. People are so nice all the time! I can't believe that you are still working....did you say before you're on your feet alot? Well, I hope you deliver soon but it must be great to know you carried these babies for long enough that they will be healthy and a great size when delivered. Good for you!! And them! Last u/s I had where they told me the sizes was 3 weeks ago. My son was 9 ozs, my daughter was 8. I think they gain about an ounce a week now (not sure) so I'm guessing 12 and 11 oz now. But I feel so big! I'm in big trouble! :) Karen


cassandra - November 22

Karen, I'm glad to hear your job doesn't require standing on your feet all day! 21 years there? Whew!! The weights sound great! Before you know it, you'll be hearing about lbs. instead of oz.'s! :D

Don't worry about the weight gain. It's inevitable. I remember when people were asking me if I was pg. when I was going through the shots! Anyways, I think I put on 15 lbs before pg, while doing the treatments and since then I've put on 40lbs. My boobs rest on my stomach and my stomach sits on my legs! :) Yup, I'm quite the sight to see. :)

I hope your dh is doing better. I can't imagine how you keep it all together. You are a strong person and an inspiration to me. I would cry at anything and everything. You have had blow after blow and yet you still sound cheerful! Take care of yourself....cassandra


SMS1129 - November 22


I had the same experience with people asking me while I was still undergoing treatments. The weight gain was quick. When I got pg, people were afraid to ask.

I am amazed that you are at 36 weeks, that is super!! I hope to go that long.

Karen, you are amazing also, at 20 weeks doing all that you do. I get tired at 15 weeks, I still go to bed at 8:30...I am not sleeping too well though.

I wish you the best, keep in touch.



cassandra - November 23

Sue, same thing with me about people being afraid to ask if I was pg. After me saying no soo many times and going outside to cry. It was awful. One guy approached me at the grocery store and asked when the big day was and I was surrounded by stangers and I said loud enough for everyone to hear, I had had a m/c. Needless to say he is afraid to talk to me now and that's fine with me! That part of this journey was extremely difficult. Fortyfour was always there for me and my vents. And for that, I will always be grateful to have met her here.

Well, I am off to the dr.s I'm 37 weeks today and no signs yet, I imagine he will say see you next week! Sleeping is very hrd now I'm up constantly all night. I have a great time with my pregnancy but now is when it gets difficult. I won't complain though, it's almost over.
Have a good holiday! cassandra


baby4us - November 23

Good Luck Cassandra.. how exciting that this part of the journey is almost over for you....

Let us know what the doc says about your delivery...


Karen123 - November 23

Cassandra, 37 weeks!! Wow!! Any time now I would think!! I wish you SO MUCH HAPPINESS and a smooth delivery! I can hardly wait to hear your great news!!! Good luck and very best wishes! Karen


Meg - November 23


Congratulations on making it this far :) That is truly amazing. Hard to believe that next week or maybe even sooner you will meet those two little beautiful babies growing inside you. Our twins will be 2 Dec. 12. It is so hard to believe - enjoy every moment b/c it goes so darn fast. (Although some days seem to pass at a snail's pace !!!!) You will be a great mom. I hope you will get to take some significant time off to spend with your twins. If you ever need advice or need to vent please know that I will be glad to listen, since I know what it is like to have twins :) Please keep us up to date on your progress and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Take Care and enjoy your turkey tomorrow, since I know that you have been looking forward to it for a long time now :)



cassandra - November 24

Hi ladies! Thank you for the good wishes. I have a date now for a c-sec because yesterday we found out Lauren is breech and if baby a is breech you will need one. Sooo, The big day is Dec.6th. I'll be 39 weeks by then. We'll see if i make it that far. I am so excited about totally pigging out today! Have a good one ladies! cassandra



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