Just had 12 week u/s
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baby4us - November 24

How amazing to see how much the baby has grown from my 8 week u/s to today's 12 week scan.

I was in for the neuchal serum testing... so won't know anything definitive yet.. because I had to do blood work as well.. but as far as the u/s went... all looked good and normal!


justme - November 27

How exciting!! I am glad that everything looked good! That is reassuring.

I can't wait for my next u/s. It will be Dec. 20th and we will find out the sex of the baby!! Yippee!!



HeatherMac - November 27

Yea!! I love u/s updates!! Just wait until you're 20+ weeks...you'll flip when you can see the shapes of little hands and feet - it's so amazing!!

I would also suggest that you ladies get one of those 3D u/s when you can!! I think they reccomend that you be at least 28 weeks...you'll just love it!! We had a stubborn little man that did NOT cooperate so we didn't get one, but the results are AMAZING!!

Congrats on the great u/s news everyone - keep us updated!!



baby4us - November 28

I'd love to get a 3/d u/s... it is just so amazing to see the baby moving around.. even when they are NOT cooperating!

I am still deciding whether to learn the gender of the baby.... I thought I could find out at 12 weeks... but I guess it is still a little early!!

Heathermac.. how is beautiful Duncan doing? How is the breastfeeding coming along (if you are going that route).. I do have concerns about breastfeeding.. I just want everything to go smoothly! I've probaby read too much.. but you hear horror stories of women who couldn't breastfeed for one reason or another!


justme - November 28

I am butting in here! I breastfed my daughter for one year and it was hard for me at first. I have very sensitive skin and that made it more painful to begin with. I won't go into the details ( not everyone would want to know that), but send me a personal message if you want more info, I don't mind telling. I stuck with it and it worked out great. You have to really want to do it if it doesn't come easy! Breastfeeding was very rewarding for me and gave me a lot of special time with the baby. The only downfall for me was the my dd would not take a bottle at all, so the kept me locked down. We did try a couple of over night trips without her and she would eat a little from a bottle, but not enough. She was stubborn!!!

I will breastfeed again this time around.

I wish you the best of luck!!!



Karen123 - December 2

baby4us, How exciting!! I'm so glad everything looked good on the u/s. I agree with Heather that the 3D u/s is amazing. I went at 17 weeks and it was incredible. I got to find out what both genders were (lucky for us!) Included in the cost is a video and when I got home, the video was blank! So 3 weeks later, I went again at no charge. It was a 2 hour drive but I would go anywhere to see my babies! It wasn't as much fun the 2nd time since the guy clearly rushed it since he wasn't getting paid but I brought my two daughters who thought it was great and again, anytime I can see those little sweet babies is a great day!

Heather, still thinking of you and hoping all is well with Duncan. And I hope you are feeling well too.

Justme, 12/20 will be here so fast! I hate waiting but the time just seems to fly by this time of year. I have my next u/s on 12/21 with a high risk doc and since I have placenta previa, I'm anxious to go just hoping that all is ok. Well, enjoy! I'm sure you will! Karen



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