It's a Boy for me too!
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tinkerbell - December 23

Hello ladies, Congratulations to the new (and new-again) moms in this thread! I am so happy for everybody. Its been a long time since I last checked the site, sorry, too many work needed to be finished.

I am having a boy too! DH and I are very happy! It's a baby boy boom for the women of this thread, I guess.

Happy Holidays to everybody! Lots of blessings this Holiday Season and the New Year ahead!


melanie - December 25

tinkerbell- congradulations! so many boys this year! I am also having a boy, I am 25 weeks and growing! Wishing you the best


SMS1129 - December 26


That is fantastic!! I just sent you an e-mail earlier today!


Take care,



baby4us - December 27

Congratulations Tinkerbell on a boy! How exciting.. I still haven't decided yet if I want to find out.. my next u/s is on Jan 12 -- and will be the anatomy scan.. I just don't know yet if I want to know!

But would be exicitng to know and prepare! Any names picked out?


Meg - December 27


Congratulations on your baby boy ;D I think I am having a boy, since the heartrate has been in the 140's every time I have gone to the Dr. I know they say that the heartrate isn't that accurate predicting gender, but I think it does predict more times than not the gender of the baby. Anyway, we only have a little over a week to find out and meet our new baby, of course unless it decides to come before the new year !!!! We can't wait :) Take Care and congratulations again :)



tinkerbell - December 28

Hello ladies,

Thanks! We haven't had a name picked out yet. It's funny because all along I thought I am having a baby girl, and have 5 baby girls' names chosen (it's this Chinese calendar you see, which is suppose to predict your baby's gender. My 5 friends who were pregnant got their babies' genders right according to the calendar, and so I thought it works 100%. The calendar says I'm gonna have a baby girl). when we found out it's a boy, Dh and I were laughing. Well, DH is elated because he wanted a boy :D I am fine whatever gender as long as it's healthy. The miracle of just conceiving is a blessing enough so I can't ask for more :)

Happy New Year to all! Happiness and more blessings this New year for everyone!


Karen123 - December 28

Tinkerbell, CONGRATULATIONS!!! A baby boy! How wonderful!!!! ALL the best to you and DH!!!

Meg, How exciting!! You are SO close!!! All the best to you, too! Please post if you can after your baby is born and take care!!



Meg - December 28


Thanks :) We are so very excited, and would love the baby to come soon so that we can find out what we are having. If it is a boy, he will be Patrick and if it is a girl she will be Paige :) Our twins are Ainsley and Gavin.

Life in our house is never dull. Our son has the beginning of pnemonia and has been having to do nebulizer treatments every couple of hours. Last year he had RSV. He has asthma, so as soon as he gets a cold he gets very sick. I worry about him all of the time. Our daughter also has a cold pretty bad, but at least she doesn't have pnemonia. I just want a healthy house, before the baby comes :( After baby comes, I think we all will be bathing in antibacterial agents and never leaving the house !!!!

Take Care All and I hope everyone else is staying healthy and well :)


Karen123 - December 29

Meg, I sure hope your children get healthy. How awful it must be to have them sick and be so far into your pregnancy and have to keep going. You know, it's always something. I finally got over my 4 week long cold/sinus infection, have no rash, am not throwing up and I smashed my hand in my front door letting my dog out. Here it was completely swollen and purple with my nails broken way far down and turning purple. Boy did I cry! My poor DH was on the phone with me when it happened and I dropped the phone and screamed and then cried loudly and he panicked thinking I fell on my belly or something! Well, 3 days later, the swelling is way down and it's less purple. Just unreal that there's always something! Well, good luck again and I sure hope everyone is well soon! karen


justme - December 31

Congrats Tinkerbell! More boys!!!!! There is a lot of testosterone around here!!!!




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