Is it finally happening??
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jamielee - March 25

Hi Mary,

I had bad tubes (fluid filled) and my first IVF failed. I lost one tube from an ectopic previous to IVF and opted to listen to my Dr. and remove the other one before trying again. Well obviously it worked and I have twin baby boys now! If your tubes are bad the fluid inside is toxic to your embryos which could cause you to miscarry or not get pregnant at all. The fluid in mine backed into my uterus killing my embryos! I know its hard to go through with it and have them removed but with IVF you can absolutely get pregnant without them!! Also Tia on the no symptoms yet page had hers removed and also had twins!

Good Luck!!!



invertigo31 - May 17

ANOTHER UPDATE.....5/17/2008

I am officially 40 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow and WE MADE IT!! Our little miracle isn't here yet but she will make her debut by This coming thursday as the doctor has decided to induce me for fear of her getting too big because of the diabetes and toxemia that set in 2 months ago!!

I am scared to death but sooooo excited... Daddy put the crib together today that my mother-in-law bought for us....

I just feel soooo blessed that God allowed us this chance to experience a REAL MIRACLE!

I'll post when I finally have this little girl!!

Thanks EVERYONE for all the support!!



invertigo31 - May 17


This was a spontaneous pregnancy that came out of no-where! NO MEDICAL intervention at all!! That Is why I feel so blessed!

I never found out why I was miscarrying because there are NO specialist around here I live on an Island! I really was at the point where getting pregnant just meant I was going to have a really bad period soon!! I was numbed completely! And then BANG right out of the blue..6 weeks came and went 10 weeks 16 weeks 32 weeks and here I am at 40 weeks... I still am in denial during certain points of the day.....

I really agree with "jamielee" but if you have a strong feeling to not remove your tubes then don't do it!! But make sure what ever decision you make...You make sure you know everything you need to know first.... I never knew that fluid build up could be toxic to an embryo and its very likely that could be whats been wrong with me...

I still have both my tubes thanxs to an amazing surgeon but there pretty gnarled up and could be the reason I just havent been able to conceive and keep a pregnancy until now...

You should definately get in touch with a RE and get some info!!

Hope this helped...




invertigo31 - August 20

SORRY ITS bEEN so loNG......

LIFE has been a welcommed rollercoaster...

Trinity Faith was born May 21st at 702pm weighing in at 7lbs7ozs and was 19 and 1/2 inch long!

Induction was pretty bad but it was a short 4 hour labor! Start to finish just four hours and out she came!!!

I want to thank all of you for your support through this crazy journey!!

Pictures can be found here.....Theres a slideshow and some videos of her....

again to all!!




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