Is it finally happening??
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invertigo31 - October 16

9 miscarriages and 2 ectopics later.......... ;D

I am freaking out... I know its early (10 weeks) but this is the furthest we've made it ever Besides with my ectopics.

I have an ultrasound of my beautiful miracle and he/she is fit as a fiddle and so am I... Well besides the fatigue dehydration and puking all day and night (small price to pay), LOL!! Hormone levels are great too!

My husband and I have never been so excited and terrified EVER!!

Going friday to hear the babies heartbeat again....

I am just feeling so immensely blessed! SO many of my friends and family are praying and routing for us.. I have never been surrounded by so much love!! :'( ;D

Thank you God for never letting me give up!


lili246 - October 16

Congratulations girl I am so happy for you and god bless you. I will pray so that everything goes well and you have a bless and healthy pregnancy. Hang in there everything is worht it.
I know your fears because I had one m/s and now that I am pregnant every single detail scares me and it is all natural.
Good luck and best wishes.



mjforney - October 21

Hi invertigo..How did your ultrasound go on Friday??


bdantonio - October 22

invertigo make sure you stay hydrated.


JulieC - November 2

I am also wondering if it will finally happen, although I have only had 3 m/c. I can't believe you went through 11 tries. I really admire your determination! Good luck with everything!


bdantonio - November 2

invertigo: I know how you feel i am on pregnancy 7 and i will be 25 weeks sunday the fear never goes away. I had a u/s today and before they start i always am like let me see the heartbeat and let me see it move. Even though i feel her move i am always scared that its in my head and something will go wrong. Have they bed ridden you yet. I have been homebound as my dr calls it. Im not suppose to leave unless its for the Dr or hospital. I can get out of bed but very little. How is the m/s going. I have what they call hypermesis grandviulem. Its the worst m/s you can get. I had a picc line in the beginning and now am on 3 meds just to hold down food still. I lost alot of wright in the 1st 2 trimesters. Like i said i am 25 weeks on Sunday and have onlye gained 6lbs. Well keep us updated and youll be in our preayers.


invertigo31 - December 17


Ultrasound again today the last was perfect...

I have made it to 18 weeks I cant believe it!!

Im nervous because I have a professional doppler and no heartbeat or movement for 4 days now....

I am trying to stay positive BUT I am ready to keel over in agony.... I'll post and let everyone know whats up after I get home.....



bdantonio - December 17

heidi ill pray for you. let us know asap


invertigo31 - December 17

well baby is doing fabulous!! Thank you for your support BDANTONIO, it means so much....


bdantonio - December 17

see everything is okay could they tell if it was a boy or girl yet?


invertigo31 - December 19


It's a girl!!!!!! and she is growing like a weed and healthy healthy healthy!!!!!

I am still in shock most of the time and although I know I am pregnant Its as if it's not real!!


invertigo31 - February 2


I am now 25 weeks our little baby GIRL (yay) is just wonderful and so am I! I actually feel better now than before I was pregnant!!

I have gained a few pounds finally after months of being sick and feel so beautiful, proud, sexy, confident, and blessed!!

I still can't grasp that this is a reality sometimes!! I have seen her 5 times now on ultrasound, I feel her kicks and tumbles, and I see my big cute pregnant belly but it still isn't real sometimes!!

I think I am suffering from the "once bitten twice shy" thing!!

OH I am so so grateful, and blessed and I wish I could send baby dust to everyone and give them a piece of my miracle!!

Happy Pregnancies!!



invertigo31 - March 21


I am 32 weeks (unbelievably) and feel like a water buffalo, lmao... while I have only gained 10 lbs so far I feel so freakin huge.... movin around is getting pretty

Our little miracle is growing and getting ready for her debut!

I have been having contractions (nothing consistant) for 2 months now and my mucus plug is letting go finally. It is early but I am not to worried she's fought to get this far...

My only complaint THE ANTICIPTION is killing me.. each day when the contractions start I wonder is this it? is today the day? I wonder if my water will break under all this stress and pressure...

Anywho just thought i'd drop by and drop a line!!

baby dust to all!!



lili246 - March 21

I am so happy for you girl you have made it this far it's amazing.
I wish you the best for you and that little girl. I am so happy that you are so close to your due date.
When is your due date?

Don't worry and stress I know any symptom make you think and worry if that is the begining of labor but let it happen on its own and everything will be ok.

Keep us posted ok

Best wishes



honeybaby - March 22

God bless your little one, you will do it


greeneyes8269 - March 25

You give me so much hope.
I only wonder how (after 9 miscarages and 2 etopic pregnancies) this one was such a success... Its truly a miracle! Was this an invirto procedure or did it occur naturally? Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for years. I had an STD-gonorrea when i was very young. I was so foolish than, this infection cost me my reproductive organs. What was your problem? did you have bad tubes or ovaries? I don't know what to do anymore. My doctor wants to remove my tubes but im faithful that i will get pregnant naturally if i continue to try. Im thinking of doing an HSG to see if it will work for me. I don't know what to do though. Im very confused about all of this and in my heart i honestly feel that removing my tubes will not change anything.
A little advice would go along way for me

Thank you



jamielee - March 25

Hi Mary,

I had bad tubes (fluid filled) and my first IVF failed. I lost one tube from an ectopic previous to IVF and opted to listen to my Dr. and remove the other one before trying again. Well obviously it worked and I have twin baby boys now! If your tubes are bad the fluid inside is toxic to your embryos which could cause you to miscarry or not get pregnant at all. The fluid in mine backed into my uterus killing my embryos! I know its hard to go through with it and have them removed but with IVF you can absolutely get pregnant without them!! Also Tia on the no symptoms yet page had hers removed and also had twins!

Good Luck!!!




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