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cassandra - August 23

Hi everyone. Have any of you had a yeast infection while pregnant? I have one and it is the most uncomfortable I've had in a long time. The dr. gave me a slow dose for treatment because it isn't as strong as a monistat. I wonder if this will affect my babies at all. I also wonder if being prone to them is heriditary to my little girl. Sheesh! cassandra


cassandra - August 25

Hi girls! Feeling better. It's starting to cool off aound here thankfully.At work my uniform is a wraparound black skirt and terrrible print blouse. I don't wear pantyhose because of the heat lately. Yesterday at work after 7 hours, my upper thighs after rubbing together all day they rub raw! This has happened before but I thoughtI was done! I put lotion on them in the bathroom and it was too late because they burned sooo bad I almost cried. I was hobbling around like I had already delivered. I'm going to have to purchase bike shorts or something this weekend! We girls at work have been begging for new uniforms like pants and a knit polo. Good news, the company stopped making the skirts. YAY! Hopefully a 20th century update is coming!
I did notice last night that I can't see my upper thighs anymore! My belly is taking over! Luckily, after my nine hour shift yesterday my feet were't swollen. I hear that is a bad sign of preeclampsia. So far only skin irratations and nothing more serious. I look like some of my girlfriends at full term now. I can't believe I have 3 1/2 months left until my due date! I hope when I have my u/s on mon. all is well and they have grown big. Everyone at work keeps saying I'm not going to last working much longer. I can't imagine what I would do with myself if I didn't work! Keep well everyone....cassandra


ElizabethS - August 25

Cassandra -
You score major endurance points for being on your feet in a really hot environment with a yeast infection!!!! WOW. Handling twins will be a no brainer. You are my hero.

I just read this morning in my book, Great Expectations, that yeast infections are extremely common during this time in your pregnancy. Fun Fun.

How does your back feel at the end of the day? Mine is already starting to give me fits. I can't imagine how you are working so hard. I hope that your DH is a pro in back and foot massages. :)

Just take care of yourself and your precious cargo. I also read that we should stay away from salts...due to swelling. This will be hard. I could eat chip and dip all day. My girlfriend delivered at 28 weeks, and she is convinced it is because she had a hot dog and popcorn at the movies and went into preeclampsia. I don't know if they are really related, but I am scared to death of getting toxemia. I hear it is much more common in multiples. It is so fun being "high risk"

Take care and stay cool.


Karen123 - August 25

Cassandra, You poor thing! I too am amazed and impressed that you can be on your feet all day. I finally came back to work today after missing 3 days due to the bleeding and my daughter's accident and I'm exhausted! Actually, I'm spotting again so I"m just on edge constantly. I guess we all have our things to deal with and we all are still so thrilled through it all. I too read that yeast infections are common. I constantly finding myself saying it's a good thing men don't have to carry babies because it would be the end of the human race! Either that or they'd drink beer and caffeine and eat junk food so all the kids would be messed up! Karen


Fortyfour - August 26

Cassandra - had the doc done the glucose tolerance test on you to check for hyperglycemia? Major cause of yeast infections.


cassandra - August 26

No, fortyfour. They didn't even have me come in. She faxed the script over the phone . I've had many YI before and I knew that is what it is. I'm slowly starting to feel better. I have an OB on and U/S on Monday. I wonder if they will do the test then. I will start to watch the salt intake now. Last night I had 2 hot dogs and baked beans with some fritos! Uh oh. I also love pickles. Those are high in nitrates. The one thing I haven't had any of is lunchmeat. I should get out of the mindframe that 1 prenatal a day doesn't correct bad food decisions! :)
Yesterday at work the rubbing thighs were acting up again and one of the girls told me to put cornstarch on them. What relief! It works! They felt silky and smooth. I am thrilled! My back does start to hurt a lot at 7. Whether I go in at 11, 1, or 2. My feet also kill me at that time especially the heels. Once these pains are there I sit but I can only sit for 3-5 minutes. when I come home I stay on the couch the rest of the night. Dh cooks me dinner and I just lay there. When i get home from work i can barely get out of the car. I don't feel better until the next morning. I got my schedule for the next 2 weeks and there are 3 9hr. shifts and mostly 7's. I have to tell my boss soon that I need to cut back more.
i realize that I'm still working 36 hours a week! cassandra



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