Incompentent doctore and nurses
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bdantonio - January 29

well everyone i didnt get the date of the 5th they moved my c-section to the 8th. However i ended up in the er yesterday and ended up about as fusterated if not more then Marina. I went in for sharp pains and cramping in my lower stomache and left with no answers and the same problem. All they did was see if i was dialted, hook me up to a heart monitor for the baby and a contraction monitor for me and wait 1/2hr-3/4hr. They came in said there was no contractions and the heartrate was fine and sent me home. I told them i knew that i wasnt havent contractions and wasnt in labor thats not why i came in. I told them i dont understand how pain and cramping can be good evey other time i had this it was not good. The nurse had no answers nor did the dr. I told them both that they were incompetent and that my three year old could tell me the same thing. I asked for a u/s and they said there was no reason the heartrate was fine. I am now waiting fr the dr office to open at 8:30am so i can call cause i am still in pain. I cant wait till its over and i dont ever have to go to thathospital again.


Arabsrcool - January 29


I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. It sucks when you cannot get the "professionals" to do their job. They need to understand that infertility patients are a different breed than the "standard" pregnant women. We have to work so hard to get pregnant and we don't want any problems. Call your doctor's office and hopefully they can get you in for a u/s.


jamielee - January 29

Hi Beth, I hope every thing is ok. You are almost there hang in there!! My Dr wasn't even going to check if I was dilated but I insisted at 32 weeks and I was 5 to 6 cm!! So although its not the same as your issue we know our bodies and the docs should always listen!!



lisa13 - January 30

sorry beth- that sucks. hang in there. We are all praying for you


Tracy1 - January 30


I had the same thing just after new year and thought something was wrong so went into Emergency.
The Dr examined me and the midwife assured me everything was normal and it's just either the baby pushing down on bladder or my uterus stretching.
At least they checked to see if you were dilated and you obviously weren't nor were you bleeding so it sounds normal although they should have been a bit more sympathetic to your worries and explained properly!



bdantonio - January 30

WEll i went to the Er again yesterday due to pain, cramping, and decrease fetal movements. she had not moved but 3 times in 6 hrs. When i got there i made it very aware to the nurse that i was not happy to be there and that i di not want to see anyone except an experienced attending. They at first sent in a 4th year medical student. I told him as nicely as i could at that point that i did not want to see im i wanted the attending on call. He tried to talk to me and reassure me tha he knew what he was doing and i told him that it was nothing against him personally however i have lost 5 children and i was just there lessthen 24 hrs and i wanted someone with more experience and who could answer all my question. He went and got the attending. The attending came in and talked to me then examined me. Of course she started to move at the hosptal like always. She is head down and because i am a very small women only 5'2" and shes big she is pushing on my pelvic bone and making it inflammed. When he touched my pelvic bone i almost screamed. They ade sure i had no kidney, bladder, cervix, or anyother kind of infection also. They told me since my c-section i on 2/8/08 that i need to stay off my feet and from sitting straight up to avoid putting pressure on her and on my pevic bone. So once again i am on restricted activity. My c-section will be at 11:30 am on the 8th and i have to b there at 9:30am. I can not wait. Not only do i want to see my angelina i want to get back to normal. I eel selfish saying it but i want my body back. I want to be able to get up and move around when i want to especially since i hve a 3yr old that i have not been able to do much with in months. I will be delivering at 38 weeks and out of that 38 weeks i have been on bed rest all but 7 weeks. Well i ave a dr apt tomorrow i will keepeveryone updated.


invertigo31 - April 5

The docs midwives and the nurses here are the same... Completely Non-proactive about anything... Sometimes I think they let they're pathetic ego get the best of them... I think they think they are the end-all be-all after practicing for a while....

I have been having the same problems you have plus contractions plus gestational diabetes, plus toxemia and still they don't feel an ultrasound is necessary...

I did make up my mind though last appointment that whether I have 6 weeks left or not is regardless I am now getting a new OB-GYN!!

I am tired of the constant and pain discomfort emotionally and physically from being completely dismissed everytime something is going awry!!

Lotsa hugs to you... Hope everything is ok!!



bdantonio - April 7

well i had the baby on 2/8/08 but my obgyn was not the problem it was the hospital


lili246 - April 22

Well I agree with you sometimes they are not sure what they are doing and it's scary.
At 30 weeks pregnant I had a u/s because I wasn't feeling the baby move that much so my OB ordered a u/s at the hospital and they gave me the results and they said they had seen something on the baby's kidneys some cysts they say so my OB ordered another u/s just in case and they said it was normal they didn't see anything on the baby.
So just last week my son is now 4 months old I talked to his prediatrician and she ordered a u/s just to make sure and since I was still worry because they never told me why they saw that at the begining well my son had a u/s last friday and they said they didn't see anything and his kidneys are just fine so all that worrying was for nothing thank god but those nurses worry you and that is scary we can't trust them anymore????

Hope you are doing good.

Love Lili



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