I thought I was miscarrying
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paige - May 27

I was so scared the other day I was in the store and started bleeding. I hadn't had an us yet so it really scared me. I was rushed to my doctor and they di an us and told me that the second implant had not taken and that it was being expelled from my body. The good news it that I found out the one pregnancy was doing great and I am 7 weeks along and my due date is Jan 5th. The bleeding has stopped but what a scare. I feel relieved now that I finally got an us. I got to see the babies heartbeat. It was so neat. Well i just wanted to let you know what's happening. Thanks for listening, paige


Debie - May 27

Hey Paige, I'm sorry you went through that scary episode and I'm happy that you ended up being taken care of and feeling your angel's heartbeat. I wish you an uneventful pregnancy from now til Jan5th.




shaz - May 27


That would have been horrible for you. I'm glad you are ok and that all is ok with the baby. Take it easy.



cassandra - May 27

Paige, I'm sorry you had that terrible scare. Glad to know you got that U/S though. It's comforting to see that little heartbeat. I hope your little angel watches over you from now until January. cassandra


BabyBound - May 28

Paige, I'm glad everything is o.k. That would've freaked me out too. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.


Fortyfour - May 28

I am sorry for the loss of your one baby and so happy the other one is ok. Take care.


paige - May 30

Thank you all. Everything seems to be fine now. I go in for another us in a week so that will make me feel even better. plus I am noticing changes quickly in my body so that helps.


Karen123 - May 30

Paige! I just saw this post - I saw the headline and your name and was like, OMG!!! Then I realized the date. I haven't been in all the other areas of this website yet and didn't see this before. I am SO sorry that you went through something so unbelievably scary and lost something so precious. At the same time, I am absolutely thrilled for you that you saw the heartbeat of the baby you are carrying. I went to the bookstore yesterday and read different books about the weekly development of babies and ended up amazed and crying at the same time. I held my little 4 1/2 month old nephew today and just felt such an ache in my heart for a child. I am just so happy to hear that these treatments truly do work and watching your posts as time goes on will be so great. I know I just "met" everyone recently on this board but you've all become such a help and I feel like I have new friends that understand me. Please post a lot!!! :)


Jenny Lee - May 31

Paige, I'm so happy for your beautiful baby. What a scary thing!! I hope the rest of your 33 weeks is uneventful. Much love!! Jen



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