I Miss You Guys
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ElizabethS - August 15

Cassandra - Our babies are at 13, 12 & 11 ounces in weight. We were 19 1/2 weeks when we had the u/s.

The shower in Texas was awesome! We were absolutely blown away by everyone's generosity. We got three strollers...one triplet jogger, a double and a single. We also got most of our "big ticket" items, such as swings, bouncy seats, a pack-n-play, excersaucers, etc....It was truly overwhelming. I also received a ton of home made receiving blankets and burp cloths. They are so special and soft, and I can't wait to see my babies wrapped up in them.

I still have two more showers in Michigan. I am requesting a lot of onesies, diapers, bottles and essentials.

It was so great to feel the love and support from our friends and family. DH and I were feeling down a few weeks ago, because so many people have negative comments about having triplets.....Better you than me, I would have reduced, etc.... We are so excited about these babies and feel so blessed to be having them!


Karen123 - August 15

Elizabeth, I'm so glad you had such a great shower! Also, I had to comment on what you said about people saying "better you than me" and stuff like that. You are SO incredibly blessed to be expecting triplets and it's obvious you and your DH know that and are thrilled. I wish we could make people just be quiet if they have nothing nice to say. I have teen daughters and I'm so unbelievably thrilled to be pregnant again at age 39. I can't tell you how many people have said "better you than me" and "you are crazy" and "won't you be like 40?" and even "don't you worry people will think you are the grandmother?" I've heard it all. I just sit there and wonder what they are thinking!! And where are their manners? And I feel sorry for them if they think having a baby at ANY age is a burden. I think it's absolutely fantastic that you are having triplets and know you will do great and have SO many happy times and memories. Imagine Christmas? Or birthday parties? Or 3 little ones splashing in a tub together or running through a sprinkler together? The good times will FAR outweigh the bad. I am thrilled for you both! Karen


ElizabethS - August 15

Karen - you are such a wonderful and sweet person!! Thanks for the words. Everyone here knows what a blessing babies are. I feel sorry for the poor people that think differently....they are really missing out.

Much love!!!


BabyBound - August 15

Elizabeth, congrats on the two girls and one boy...WOW!!! People say the dumbest things. Don't let them steal your joy. You and your DH knows taking care of one baby is a lot or work and it looks like you guys are ahead of the game and know what to expect. Again, like Karen said...the joys of watching three grow up together will far outweigh the sleepless nights. What a awesome shower you had. Do you have room to put everything? Your house is going to look like Babies'rUS after your next two showers. Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy.

I'm jealous of all you guys who know what you're having. I went shopping this weekend and couldn't buy anything. All I see in the stores that is neutral is oneies and blankets. I truly think it's a boy, but who knows.


ElizabethS - August 16

Baby Bound,
I hope you are allowing yourself to indulge in some precious baby clothes that are too cute to pass up! My girlfriend found a lot of great deals on boy and girl clothes while she was pregnant. She didn't know what she was having, so she either gave the boy clothes as gifts or sold them on e-bay. (obviously, she had a girl) She ended up making way more money than what she had spent on the outfits.


JennyLee - August 16

Congratulations to everyone on their news.
Shaz - two girls, how very exciting. many prayers for a healthy baby, pregnancy and delivery!

Elizabeth- some one actually told you that they would've "reduced". I'm floored, what the HE** is wrong with people. So happy you get to experience the excitement of both sexes. Many prayers to you. And just some advice - I am a Ped. Nurse Pract and do a lot of rounding in the NICU, take it easy, you worked so hard to be blessed with these wonderful children. Alot of OB's reccomend bed rest in the mid 20's. I know another RN (who works in NICU and she had IVf - implanted two, one split, got trips. She went on bedrest early, delivered at 36 weeks, all babies had great weights and went home with her. This is my prayer for you!!! And congrats on all your goodies at the baby showers, all you need now are the babies!! :)) much love Jen
Baby bound - are you going to wait it out or request another u/s. Either way - congratulations on your very special blessing!! much love and prayers Jen


cassandra - August 16

Elisabeth, those weights are great! It sounds like you had a wonderful shower! My 1st one is Oct. 9 at the NCO club on base in nearby Westfield MA. I registered at Babiesrus yesterday plus I'm at target. I think I remember you said you had a round crib? Those are absolutely beautiful! I can't belive what people say to you (and me)! But the reducing part!!! Pluueese! What gall! Yes, I would say, it IS better me than you! Ha!
You sound like a wonderful woman and will make a fabulous mom! I hope we all make it to 36 weeks!
Are you having a C-sec? Have you been taking any classes yet? Mine start in Sept. I signed up for parenting,breastfeeding and safety. I also want DH to sign up for daddy boot camp! So, is it pretty sure that you will be on bed rest? I agree you should stop working soon no matter what the dr. says! How wonderful 2girls and a boy! Awesome...cassandra


shaz - August 17

Hey Elizabeth,

I am so happy for you....Two precious girls and a gorgeous little man to love. Your house is going to be fantastic - jolly, noisy, happy and full of life.

Billie dosent know that we are having a girl. We aren't telling anyone so she cant know otherwise she would blab. She is getting very used to the idea and is starting to really interact with my friends little babies. It's so cute to see.
The 3d ultrasound was so amazing. The baby at this stage looks so much like Billie. A very cute round face and button nose. Im sure she will change though.
You were certainly spoilt for your baby shower.Good on you, it sounds as though you are all set up.

BB - Just think of the double surprise you will get at the end of 40 weeks when your beautifull boy/girl comes. It will be well worth the wait.

Well we are all moving along nicely now. It's good to be well into the second trimester.

Take care all



cassandra - August 17

I agreee Shaz. It is good to be well on our way now! It seemed the first 3 months were the hardest for us all. Women are saying to me watch out after the births; they hear all the time how delivering fixes?? infertility. I smile. I don't bother explaining anymore how it won't work. :)
Also, anyone with multiples out there, how do you respond when people ask if twins run in your family? Sometimes I say it was IVF. I'm certainly not ashamed to say but yesterday I just said no and changed the subject. I feel that without telling complete stangers my whole history they make assumptions about IVF. Believe me, this is not a big deal to me. There is plenty more to my life than worrying what other people think!
I'm glad everyone is doing well. Now to recap who is due when?
Anyone else due in Dec.? I think I'll go in Nov. :)


BabyBound - August 17

Shaz, thanks for the kind words. Yes, I was disappointed that I couldn't find out, but now, I'm used to it. I'm not going to ask for another u/s, but if I need one that's o.k. I'm sure my shy bundle will still not cooperate. I'll be thrilled either way.

Cassandra, I think because of the rising number of infertility now, people assume if you having multiples that it's because of fertility treatment. I'm glad you don't let it get you down. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Shout to the world "IVF WORKED FOR ME!" I'm due in early Jan.


Fortyfour - August 17

Elizabeth - How exciting to have those 2 girls and a boy. Just take it easy and you will do great. I worked for 2 years in labor and delivery and never had the pleasure of triplets. Just alot of twins.

My husband wanted to reduce if we had triplets. I told him that if God gave me 3 I was having 3. He never brought it up again.

I hear alot of age comments regarding me wanting children at 44. Do I know how old I will be when they graduate? Blah, blah, blah. I think it will keep us young and not bored.

Take care and keep on growing.


Megan - August 17


When people ask Do twins run in your family? It depends, sometimes I will say we had several m/c and also had difficulty conceiving and had to do IVF. Others I will say that we are just doubly blessed. I don't care about telling others about IVF, b/c I might not have ever been able to get p/g. People who know that I did IVF, will say you probably got p/g this time b/c of doing infertility and now you were relaxed, etc. It gets on my nerves. I say we tried for a year, plus if you count the time we tried before the twins, we have been having timed intercourse since 2000!!! I said to my husband how are we to not have timed sex now. It is the only thing I know!!!! I feel if God wants it to be than it will be. When I was first p/g w/ triplets, people always asked if I would reduce, I would just look at them like they had 10 heads. I said if God wants me to have three, then we will, if God wants it to be two or one then it is out of my hands. That always annoyed me. They tried to talk to me about it at the fertility office and I just started crying and saying I would never do that. Thankfully they let it drop, and God decided to give us our third miracle a little later. I believe he took our triplet so that the twins would be well and now we are getting our 3rd miracle. We have three angel babies in heaven and now we will have 3 on earth. Every night I pray w/ the twins for their angel brother/sisters watch over them and keep them from all harm :) It makes me happy to know that they will always have special angels watching out for them :)

Take Care Everyone and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers :)



shaz - August 18

Oh Meg.....You cant write such a beautiful post without all of these pregnant women turning into a blubbering mess. How beautiful your words were.

You will always have rude people making rude comments no matter what. I always get the look and the comment that wow 6 years between children??????? It frustrates me. Sometimes I just say that both children were IVF and it took us 10 years to get them just so they can crawl back in their holes.....

Bad Shazza.


ElizabethS - August 18

All I have to say is THANK GOD for you wonderful ladies. I read the last 6 posts and can totally relate to everything y'all are saying (I'm originally from Texas) I laughed out loud when Cassandra asked if we were getting the "do multiples run in your family" question. I get it about everyday. I tell everyone I did IVF. People normally don't say much after that...this might be due to the fact that I live in a very conservative region where some people think IVF is "playing God." Oh well...who cares, it is just so nice to know that this isn't just happening to me. People say weird remarks to all of us pregos. Plus - someday I might come across an infertile couple, and they can see that IVF works and is available to them.

On another note....I had a really crappy day today. I have a friend who is very mad at me because I forgot her birthday. We became friends when she was dating my husbands best friend 5 years ago. They have since broken up and she lives three hours away. We talk about three times a year, and I never considered her one of my close friends. (Although, I did like her a lot and thought she was great.) Anyways---she sent a very mean e-mail saying that it has been 7 days since her birthday and since I haven't sent a card or acknowledged it she "would never talk to me again." She just turned 31 and I feel like she is acting like she is 13. I responded harshly and told her she was being dramatic and childish. I explained that I had just got back from vacation and was in my last week of work before my dr. put me on bed rest. In other words, I was busy. She wrote back an even nastier e-mail, and really made me angry and upset. My uterus even started to cramp. I do feel bad that I missed her birthday, but I had no idea that she would react like this. I never thought we were that close. She has never made an attempt to ask how I was dealing with being pregnant or the trials and tribulations of invitro. Anyways, I'm hurt and pissed. I can't remember a time when I was attacked like that. I don't know why I am letting this upset me. I always liked the girl, and am shocked by how nasty she was....especially the fact that she doesn't recognize that I might be a bit distracted.

Thanks for letting me vent. I hate that this has me so upset. I know it is sooooo not worth it.


ElizabethS - August 18

Cassandra - in response to your post. We didn't end up getting a round crip. We got three seperate cribs at babies-r-us. (I expect our nursery to look more like a church nursery with three cribs lined up in a row.)

I also thought I would mention that Babies R Us gives discounts to anything you buy in multiples. We had a coupon for $75.00 off of three pieces of furniture. In addition to this discount, we got an extra 10% off for buying three of the same cribs. We ended up getting three new crips for $245.00. I love a great deal.


cassandra - August 18

Wow. That is a GREAT deal! I'm definately going to call them and target to see if they do discounts!
I'm sorry this so called friend is giving you a hard time. I wouldn't spend another minute worrying about her. Some women are wacko.
So, when you are on bedrest do you have a laptop? I expect to hear much more from you!! :)
Yesterday I noticed when i sit down I feel my stomach on my legs. I didn't notice it growing more! I'm having a little more difficulty getting to sleep and then getting out of bed in the morning otherwise I am feeling good. I have to work 1-8 today but the heat is MUCH better here in the east and it makes working much more bearable. I can't believe I'm going to be 6 months next week! I'm thinking I only have 2 1/2 months left if I go at 36 weeeks. Are you going to share cribs at first? Also I was wondering if you are going to breastfeed or not. I'm am going to give it my best shot.
Yesterday a customer told me she is bringing in her camera next week. She going to title the shot "life goes on" I must say, I don't look like the average short order cook anymore. With the white cooking apron around my waist I look very pregnant! ;D
Love to you guys...cassandra



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