I Miss You Guys
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BabyBound - July 28

Hey there!!! You don't know how I miss this site. Everyday I been wondering how everyone is doing, especially my other two counterpart, Shaz and Elizabeth. We got our BFP together so I can't see going through the rest of my pregnanacy without sharing things with you.

HeatherMac I hope you are doing well.

I hope you guys are checking ofter to make sure the site is back up. Patiently waiting to hear from you all.


shaz - August 7


It's so good to see you back.....I bet your belly is getting very big now...How have you been feeling, are you still working....



BabyBound - August 8

Hi Elizabeth, the 3 Muskateers are back again. How have you been feeling? I can't wait to hear the results of your u/s.

Shaz, one more day for our u/s. I haven't seen the baby since week 8 and now I'm 19 weeks. I hope we get some good pictures and videotape.


ElizabethS - August 9

Baby Bound and Shaz - good luck today!!!! I can't wait to hear your results. I am so glad this site is back up - it has been so lonely, and I have been wondering what is going on with you two.

I am feeling pretty good. My belly is big, but not huge. I think it helps that I am tall. I'm starting to get a little bit of lower back pain, and I've had quite a few restless nights....but all in all, my pregnancy has been amazing. I love looking at my belly. I am amazed everyday that there is life growing inside of me!

I am still working. We will see what the doctor says on Thursday. I feel so great, but he does not want to risk anything. I will do whatever he says.

I will be waiting anxiously for your posts. Are both of you going to find out the sex? Thursday can not come fast enough for me.

Happy Baby Viewing!!!


BabyBound - August 10

Well...I had my u/s yesterday and the element of surprise is still there!! I so wanted to know what I'm having, but my little one is very shy. Very active, but he just will not open those legs. The great news is he's very healthy...strong heartbeat (162) and is measuring a couple of days ahead of my original due date. I'm shooting for a New Year's Baby now.

Shaz, how did your u/s go??
Elizabeth your right around the corner.


Karen123 - August 10

Babybound, I'm sorry that you couldn't find out what you are having but am THRILLED to hear that all is ok! Hey, that's what matters, right? You must be so relieved! And it must have been amazing to see your miracle on screen. Good for you!! Karen :) :) :)


ElizabethS - August 10

Well Babybound, that is just extra incentive to push very hard in labor. That is wonderful news about how healthy the baby is....I will predict that it is a Girl. That heart beat is very fast, and all of my friends who have had girls have had heart beats in the 160s.

Congratulations!!! We go tomorrow for our u/s. I am hoping that at least one baby exposes itself.

Take care


shaz - August 11

BB - I guess your little one just wants to keep you guessing right up intill the end. Are you going to have any more u/s before the birth?

Our u/s went great. We are having another girl and are very happy about it. We would have been happy either way. Everything about the baby is going well, I have a grade 2 placenta preavea (spell check) and wont know if I can try a vaginal delivery until I have another scan at 32 weeks. If the placenta has moved at least 3-4 cm away from the cervix then my ob said we could give it a try.

We had a 3 and 4d scan, so we got to see really good images and have actual photos of her. It's amazing what technology can do these days.

Cant wait to hear how you go Elizabeth



Megan - August 11

Shaz, Congratulations on your baby girl :) I am sure that your daughter will enjoy having a baby sister.

BabyBound, Sorry you couldn't find out what you are having, but just think of the surprise at the end :)

Elizabeth, Good luck tomorrow on your u/s :)

I have my 20 wk. u/s on August 23. I can't wait. I am nervous and hope that the baby is growing and doing well. I feel like I am very small for being 18 wks. tomorrow. We are not going to find out the sex of the baby. I want the surprise at the delivery :)

I hope you are all doing well and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



Karen123 - August 11

Shaz, Congratulations on your baby girl! Girls are simply awesome.

Elizabeth, Anxiously waiting to hear about your u/s. Enjoy it! Karen


cassandra - August 11

Shaz, congratulations! A baby girl! I'm so thrilled for you!

BB, I think not knowing gives the extra incentive at delivery also!
If it wasn't for 2 being in there I wouldn't of have wanted to know
You girls make me want to have an U/S today! I can't wait for my next one..8/29.
Elisabeth....? How did it go? cassandra


BabyBound - August 11

Shaz, another precious little girl. I'm sure Ms. Billie just love that.

Elizabeth, I'm patiently waiting...

Cassandra and Meg, thanks for the bright side of things. I guess on surprise in my life won't kill me. I truly feel its a boy, but I won't know for another 4 months...unless I get another u/s down the line.


Fortyfour - August 12

Shaz - congrats on the baby girl. Lots of fun shopping to do her whole life. Yeah! take care


ElizabethS - August 15

Hi Everyone - I have had some internet troubles, so I had to wait until I came to work to report. We are thrilled to announce that we will be having two girls and a boy! I haven't come off of my cloud....that is what I secretely wanted. The two girls are measuring average and the boy is lagging behind a bit. We think he is the embryo that wasn't as far along as the other two. Other than that, everything is going great.

Shaz - I am so excited about your little girl. What does Billie think? I wish my doctor did 3-D ultrasounds. Can you tell if she has you or dh's nose? Congratulations.

Take care all!


Karen123 - August 15

Elizabeth, that is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!! WOW!! How exciting! Two girls and a boy....wow!! I'm SO happy for you!!!! Karen


cassandra - August 15

Elisabeth, congratulations! That is wonderful news! May I ask how much they weigh? Mine weighed in at 10oz and 11oz 2 weeks ago. I hope they are well over a lb when I go again. Think of any names yet? Also, I remember you posted you were having a baby shower in July. How did it go what did you receive? Again, congratulations! cassandra


ElizabethS - August 15

Cassandra - Our babies are at 13, 12 & 11 ounces in weight. We were 19 1/2 weeks when we had the u/s.

The shower in Texas was awesome! We were absolutely blown away by everyone's generosity. We got three strollers...one triplet jogger, a double and a single. We also got most of our "big ticket" items, such as swings, bouncy seats, a pack-n-play, excersaucers, etc....It was truly overwhelming. I also received a ton of home made receiving blankets and burp cloths. They are so special and soft, and I can't wait to see my babies wrapped up in them.

I still have two more showers in Michigan. I am requesting a lot of onesies, diapers, bottles and essentials.

It was so great to feel the love and support from our friends and family. DH and I were feeling down a few weeks ago, because so many people have negative comments about having triplets.....Better you than me, I would have reduced, etc.... We are so excited about these babies and feel so blessed to be having them!



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