i'm in 2ww and want to know what your symptoms were!!
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LisainAK - June 3

I thought I'd hit the lucky preggo board for this inquiry...I am 5 days post fresh IVF transfer (2 8 cell embies at day 3). I am in the dreaded 2 week wait and trying to read every possible signal my body is sending to see if i have hope. My breasts and butt are completely sore - both from the progestrone shots i am guessing. I have had very mild off and on menstral like feelings - not cramping just kinda like bloating like the feeling right before my period - so i am wondering if that (AF) is right around the corner or poss sign of preg. Can you gals share if you had any symptoms and what they were this early - or before the confirmed blood test??
Thanks in advance!!!


LisainAK - June 7

Thanks ladies for your input - i guess i am still left hopeful and impatient!!! Did you guys do any home preg tests before the blood test that came out accurate - and on what day. Should my boobs hurt the whole time on prog shots?


meridithhasfaith - June 7


I got pregnant with my son from IVF and was on PIO injections the whole time. My main symptom from the very beginning was a sense that AF was about to start. lol I know, doesn't help! For me, the fatigue didn't set in until 7 or 8 weeks along. (it's like someone unplugs you)
My boobs weren't super sore, just maybe a little worse than PMS and I was crampy for almost 4 months of pg. One thing I have learned from being pregnant and talking with pregnant women: No symptoms are necessary to be pregnant and every woman is different. Sadly, you will have to do your time in the 2ww but what a reward at the end!

I didn't do an hpt because I didn't even think of it. I think I sat in a chair and stared at tv for 11 days LOL



snindy - June 8

I had an achy crampy feeling on my right side. I started getting hunger pains and my sense of smell was stronger than ever. My boobs don't hurt and I have not gotten morning/evening sickness yet, but I guess every women is different. Don't test yet, it might be too early and it will show a negative sign and then you will be disappointed.

Good luck


karriearm - June 9

I didn't have any of the "normal"signs of pregnancy. My breasts would be sore on and off, but nothing serious. They did grow some, but that was about all. I felt a little tired and maybe more hungry than usual. Honestly, until I was 8 weeks along I didn't "feel" pregnant at all.
I got a positive test on day 14 (post HCG injection) and for the next 3 days in a row until the blood test.
Try not to worry, even though it is hard. It is just different for everyone. I would read everyone's posts (frequent urination, breast tenderness, discharge, morning sickness, weight gain, all early on) and I would think "there has to be something wrong, I don't have any of that". I am now 10 weeks with TWINS and other than morning sickness and fatigue, I still wouldn't know I was pregnant! Some of us take a little longer to "suffer" ;)
Hang in there!



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