I'm Finally Joining You!!!
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jiggidysgirl - May 26


I am finally joining this group. My DH and I tried for 2 years and I just had an IUI done on May 10 and I got my BFP this Wednesday. I am so excited and scared too.

I want so badly for this to stick. This is my first pregnancy and my first positive test. I have never miscarried but I hear a lot of scary stories. It has been such a difficult road to get to this point I hope the end of the road is less eventful.

I am trying to just relax and enjoy my BFP. I have been looking into books that talk about what is going to happen at each stage. I have an appointment with my doctor in 4 weeks.



baby4us - May 26

That is such GREAY news!! Congratulations and please keep us updated every step of the way!!

Enjoy every moment of your BFP.. and take the time to rest and relax and be good to yourself... it i svery important.. esp. at the beginning and more so at the end!!!


love2Bparents - May 26

I am so excited for you! CONGRATS ON YOU BFP!!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo...you need to calm down and like you said enjoy it! Have fun! Anything can happen now....

Keep us posted!

Lots of prego hugs!


jiggidysgirl - May 26

I spoke with a girlfriend today that also had infertility issues. She said to ask the doctor for a blood test that checks my hcg levels and my progesterone.

I think that would make me feel better. All I have done is a hpt. The doctor said she did not think I needed a blood test but I really would like to have one anyway.

I would like to see that the levels are fine and everything is looking ok. I hear if the progesterone looks low that they can give you something for that. Otherwise I don't have an appointment for another month.

Let me know if anyone else knows anything I should have them check for.

I have a call into the nurse. Hopefully she calls back soon. I would like to get this done and get the results before the end of the day but I am not sure how possible that is on those tests.



cassandra - May 28

Heather, congrats on the bfp! A blood test would show if you are possibly carrying multiples (maybe) I think the higher the number the more likely! Good luck!



baby4us - May 29

I would def. agree to get the blood test done.. plus as you mentioned.. they might prescribe progesterone shots or suppositories for you to help in the beginning.. after all this -- you want to do everything you can to ensure a healthy pregnancy!

Good luck.. let us know if and hwen you take your blood test...they will most likely also schedule you for your first ultrasound at 6-8 weeks which is pretty amazing!


jiggidysgirl - May 29

Thanks for all the support.

I have my first appointment at 8 weeks. She was going to do 9 but I asked for a bit earlier. I hope that they do an ultrasound then. I know they do a physical and history check etc. It seems though all the infertility stuff I have had they would know everything about me but I guess there is more. :)

I am going in to have a blood test done today. The nurse did not get back to me until end of day Friday and today being a holiday they won't be in until tomorrow and I wanted to take it as close to time as they would be able to read it.

I am feeling bloated and my breasts are sore and I am enjoying all of it! How many people that got pregnant quickly say that. We are blessed that we will truly be able to understand what a miracle this process is.


fiso - May 30

Welcome on board!!! Doesn't it feel so good to be able to change categories? It's even better when your IVF doc releases you and you have your first pregnancy appointment with an OBGYN.
After all the u/s that we get for the treatments, it's hard to go to a 4 weeks schedule without seeing your insides, and here your baby.
I hope your blood test was good and shows a good progression of the levels. Let us know.
Glad to have you joining us. Congratulations!!!


Karen123 - June 13

What fantastic news!!! I've been away from the board for a while and can't believe how many good posts are on here! SO terrific! I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!! Karen



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