I heard a heartbeat!
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Karen123 - September 9

Hi everyone! Yesterday, the heartbeat monitor I ordered on line came in. I didn't expect to hear anything since I was only 10 weeks and 1 day. But loud and clear I heard my baby's heartbeat!! It was the most thrilling thing ever! I cried of course (gosh I do that a lot!) and I called in my daughter and her friends and DH was there. On the phone I called my mom, sister, best friend, sister-in-law and niece and had them all listen! I was just so excited! I listened about 5 different times last night! I don't know if I heard both babies or just one but it was just awesome. I also heard mine and it was much, much slower so I know for sure I heard at least one baby. Just wanted to share my happy night! Karen


SMS1129 - September 9

WOW, Karen, that is amazing! My dh wants to get one of those too for when the time comes. I am only 4 1/2 weeks. Where did you order it from?

Congratulations, that is really EXCITING!!!



Karen123 - September 9

I ordered it from SweetBeats. You can find them on line. There were several options - I chose the basic one for only $25 a month. WELL worth the price for the peace of mind! Just the thrill I got last night was worth it! Free shipping too! I don't know if I'll send it back when the babies are moving all the time or not but for now, I'm keeping it! SO much fun to use! Karen


pj - September 9

cool. way cool!
keep listening as much as you like. it's got to be the most amazing thing to hear your babies' heartbeats!!
with any luck we'll all be joining you in that awesome experience very soon. ;-)

baby dust to all!!


oneandonlymel - September 10

pj what a beautiful sound that heartbeat is, I have an ultrasound done each week until I am 12 weeks and each week I hear that heartbeat and is such a relief! I will be 10 weeks on Monday and my ultrasound is on Thursday if everything is ok I want to oder one too! I am so happy for you!!


Wren - September 29

Went to ob/gyn today & heard baby's heartbeat. I'm also only ten weeks & some-odd days along, & the person using the Doppler on me said it'd be lucky if we heard it (baby has to be in the right position), but we did! First was my heartbeat, which was much slower than the baby's... which we heard soon after. Joyous! :)


baby4us - September 30

wow.. truly amazing.. I too hope to purchase one when the time comes.. still very early for me but I am looking forward to it..



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