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sussie88 - August 27

Has anyone had experience with this?

I am currently hyperstimulating - filling with fluid, uncomfortable, difficulty breathing, thick blood (requiring heparin shots).

The Doc's are monitoring me closely, but can't say when it will go away. They say that just one day - I'll be fine.

Looking for someone else who may be going through this or had gone through it. - I am told it is worse for those of us who do get pregnant from IvF due to the rising HCG level.


karriearm - August 30

Although I did not have to take any injections to thin my blood, I did get hyperstimulated. My abdomen looked like I was 5 months pregnant! It did go away over night one night (about 10-12 days later, can't remember). It made me affraid that I wasn't pregnant any longer.
My ovaries are still large and I am 5 months pregnant now, so there are lasting effects from it, but the fluid retention will go down sooner. Drink a lot of gatoraide...I lived on it for a couple months!


sussie88 - August 31

Thanks for your reply. I know hyperstimulation is rare, but gosh, I was starting to feel as if I am the only person who has it!!!

I was told today that I look 4 months pregnant. It is a difficult situation because I don't want to tell everyone that I am pregnant (it has only been a few weeks) in case it doesn't work out, but how can you not tell when you look like a house!!! (plus, rumors begin to fly at work)

I am glad to hear that yours went away in 10 -12 days as I am on day # 9 of hyperstim mode. I have been drinking lots of gatorade and juices and eating high protein and salt as directed by my MD.

My HCG is not rising as rapidly as they would like. The MD said this is most likely due to the fluid - it dilutes the hormone. Did you experience this as well??

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.


ElizabethS - September 1

sussie - I had hyperstimulation also. I have had previous abdominal surgeries, and the fluid has just pooled in my abdomen due to all the scarring. I am now over 5 months pregnant with triplets, and the babies take up so much room that we can not tell if the fluid is still present. Fortunately none of my doctors are concerned, and eventually it will get reabsorbed.


sussie88 - September 1

I am finally starting to feel better. (my transfer was august 14th). I still have a lot of fluid, but my stomach is not as hard and my shortness of breath has gone away. My HCG is finally up to 1248 and ultrasound is scheduled for tuesday!! can't wait!


cassandra - September 2

Susie, your numbers sound great! Good luck! cassandra


ElizabethS - September 2

Sussie - those are awesome numbers!! Let us know how many blinkers you see on Tuesday


karriearm - September 7

My numbers did not rise very fast either and come to find out I am carring twins! I did not realize the fluid dilutes the HCG, I wish I had known that, it would have saved me some tears!
Glad to hear you are doing better...one day soon you will wake up and it will be 90% gone!
Take care


sussie88 - September 7

My numbers are now over 4,000. I had an ultrasound on tuesday - TWINS!!! I have a picture - I was admiring them saying how cute they are and the Doc chimed in "I think they look like you"!!!

So, I am still bloated and still have elevated liver levels so I continue with the heparin shots, but I physically feel better and emotionally am thrilled!!! Next thursday we have another ultrasound. Doc says they should be twinkling then!!! Can't wait.


pj - September 8

so excited to hear about your twins!
hope all the hyperstimulation pains go away soon. ick!


ElizabethS - September 10

Sussie - Congratulations on the twins. I haven't been online for about a week, and I am loving all the good news. That is awesome. We seem to have a lot of multiple mommies down here.


sussie88 - September 14

2 heartbeats today!! ;D

Suprisingly enough, I still have about 14 follicles growing in my ovaries!!! (no wonder they are so big!!). The Doc says they are the 'left overs' from the IVF cycle and should just go away. However, if they all decide to 'pop' at the same time, I could be pretty uncomfortable! Go figure.

anyway, just wait until I tell our children all we went through to have them - they better be well behaved ;)


cassandra - September 16

Congratulations on your twin news! How exciting! My 1st. U/S picture is framed in the babies room. It is an amazing experience to watch them grow! Have a great time with your pregnancy! cassandra


Mai - October 12

My sister is so devastated with the lost of her triplets. I am talking on her behalf because she got too emotional. She got pregnant with the help of IVF. Prior to the transfer of the embryos, her ovaries were hyperstimulated. After the transfer, she remained hyperstimulated with distended abdomen, shortness of breath, back pain, some abdomen pain, and probably more. I felt so bad for her. I went over everyday to give her the progesterone shots. Today, she went in for an ultrasound and the MD told her that there are no heart beats. It was not a successful pregnancy. She cried.

Could the hyperstimulated ovaries excerbated the pregnancy? Apparently, not for some people.

This is her first time with IVF, so does it normally take more than one try to have a successful pregnancy.

Concern Sister,


sussie88 - November 4

I was fortunate to get pregnant with the first IVF trial, but I have heard of many more people who need numerous attempts. (Brooke Sheilds - the actress - needed 7 attempts!!). I am almost 14 weeks now with twins.

My hyperstim did not interfere with my pregnancy and I had all of the symptoms you listed in your post. I needed to use heparin injections in order to thin my blood because all the fluid was going to my abdomen. I was pretty severe as well.

Good luck to your sister - I understand her pain and discomfort.



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