Huge Scare
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sblanton2 - April 13

Hey all,
Haven't been on in awhile....I have been confined to modified bedrest. Saturday morning I woke up covered in bright red blood. I went to the bathroom and it continued, I was bleeding so heavily I just put a towel between my legs and drove to the ER.
The Dr's say it was one of 3 things; either I had a hemorrage of one of my arteries, cervical bleeding or placenta previa. So they said I had to treat it as worse case scenario(placenta previa) until I have a follow up with my OB on the 18th.
Luckily the babies are both fine...but that definetly scared me to death, I had just hit the 13 week mark and thought I was past the having to worry about a miscarriage stage. Luckily that was not what was happening. So now I am only getting out of bed to sit and watch a movie, go to the bathroom and that is about the extent of it. Hopefully my Dr will have good news on the 18th and I can get out of bed. But I'll stay there the rest of the pregnancy if I have to.
Hope everyone else is doing well, just thought I would check in. I have probably exceeded my out of bed time for this hour typing this. Take care all.



fiso - April 13

Oh Sylvia, what a scare indeed! Did the bleeding stop or is it still going on? I'm glad to know that the babies are fine. The bed rest may not be fun at imes, but you really have to take it easy.
I've been bleeding for 3 months and finally yesterday the doc told me that the spot where the bleeding was coming from has shrunk and the bleeding should stop. But just like you, I ended up in the ER with heavy red bleeding and I was freaking out.
You know, I don't think we can really put out minds at ease until these babies come out, healthy. It's true that once you reach the 2nd trimester your risk of miscarriage diminish quite a bit, but still...Call me cautious!

I understand we won't hear from you too often, now that you are on bed rest, unless you get a laptop!
In the meantime, take good care of yourself and the little ones! Let us know what happens on the 18th.

Hang in there. Fiso


justme - April 13

Oh my! How scary! What a blessing that everything is ok! I feel like Fiso, and won't be totally confident until the baby/babies are here! There is too much stuff that can happen. Sometimes we can know to much information!!!!!

Just curious, why do they already have you on bedrest?



sblanton2 - April 13

Hey all,
It's modified bedrest....I can sit up but absolutely NO lifting or pushing anything. My bleeding stopped totally yesterday, so I am a little relieved but still know I am not out of the woods just yet.
They have me on bedrest b/c I may have a condition known as placenta previa, it is more common in multiple pregnancies, basically my placenta is covering the opening to my cervix. Since the placenta is what nourishes our babies the thought of it coming out is not a good one. The good news is that if it is placenta previa it usually resolves itself in about 90% of cases as the uterus gets bigger. It sorta pushes the placenta up and away from the opening. But if I do have it, i will have to have a c-section for sure. I will find out more on the 18th. Thank you both for your kind thoughts.
Fiso, why are you bleeding? Is it the hemorrage thing they told me I may have had?

All the best,


fiso - April 14

Sylvia, the bleeding came from a spot on the edge of the placenta. They could see on the u/s where the spot was. But on Wednesday, it wasn't there anymore. They don't think it can come back, but I have to take it easy, nothing like you though!
Get plenty of rest, and let everyone else take care of you!
Happy Easter.


sblanton2 - April 14

Thanks Fiso....the dr's were guessing mainly on the 8th. I follow up with my ob on Tuesday then I will know more. Hopefully it is not placenta previa.....Will update.

Take Care all,


baby4us - April 17

Sylvia.. of my goodness.. .that would have been such a scare. I am glad the bleeding has stopped... but am sorry to hear you are on bed rest... bu tsounds like you are able to move around a bit? Do you have a lap top.. and/or tv in your bedroom and lots of books to help ease teh time.

I am thinking of you!

Fiso.. glad to hear your bleeding has stopped and that they have some answers for you.. although I don't understand what the "spot" on yoru uterus might be? Is it just one of those things (Mother Nature).. or have they given you an explanation?? Hope you are doing well!!!


sblanton2 - April 18

Hey all,
I go to the dr tomorrow....moment of truth. Baby4us, I do have a tv in my room(which I did not want although now I am glad it is here) and my computer desk is right by my bed. I am allowed to sit up and move about as long as I am in bed most of the time. I am not able to concentrate on a book right now, I am too worried about the babies. Maybe in time.
Fiso, glad to hear your condition is clearing up.....hopefully mine will too. Take care and will update tomorrow pm.



baby4us - April 19

Hey Sylvia... am anxious to hear.. how was your doc appointment? How are you feeling???


sblanton2 - April 19

Hey all,
I am doing better. The dr said I have a MILD case of placenta previa, just the very edge of one of the babies placenta's is near the cervical opening. He said it will clear itself up as the babies grow. Both babies are growing well and everything else is fine so I just cannot lift ANYTHING for the next month or so and have to slow myself down a bit. No marathon walks or anything but do not have to stay in bed the entire time(which I am thankful for).
Hope everyone else is doing well. I have to go for another sonogram on the 26th...hopefully I will know what I am having then.
Take Care all,


baby4us - April 20

Sylvia.. that is great news.. glad you aren't confined to your bed... and I am sure the previa will clear itself up!

I am sure you will be excited next week for your sonogram.. let us know how it goes....
Take care and take it easy!!!



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