how many of you chose to know the sex?
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baby4us - November 14

It is getting close to that time for me ... when they will be able to tell the sex of my baby.. BUT... DH and I are not seeing eye to eye on this one.. I want to know... it is important for me to know.. maybe it is for superficial reasons (I can start buying boy clothes or girl clothes, etc).. but DH is adament.. no way does he want to know.. he wants it to be a surprise.. so what do we do?

He says I can find out.. and just not tell him.. but how difficult will that be if I bring home a little pink dress or blue overalls... he'll figure it out!

And I'm the one CARRYING the baby.. so shouldn't my decision be final??

How have you decided or not decided to find out the sex of your baby (ies)???


justme - November 14

That's a hard one. We found out last time and will find out again. I am a big planner. I think the surprise would be fun too though.

I am not much help here.


sussie88 - November 15

I am 15 weeks now with twins. I can't wait to find out!!! We are holding off on the nursery, names, etc... until we know (u/s scheduled for 12/16 to find out). However, husband and I are in agreeance with this decision - it would be tough if we had different opinions. As with everything else, I guess you'll have to keep discussing and reach some kind of compromise. Good luck.


Meg - November 15

When I was p/g w/ twins, my husband and I both wanted to know b/c it was easier to plan. This time around I decided to be surprised. DH would have liked to know the sex, but is okay w/ waiting until the big day. I have been very tempted to find out, but keep holding out. I am going to have to have both boy and girl clothes washed and ready, b/c we do not have any neutral clothing at all !!! I still think we are going to hold out. Only two months more until we find out :)

Best of luck w/ your decision :)



SMS1129 - November 15

We are going to find out, hopefully in a month or so. This is our only pg and we both are planners, so it works.

Good luck.



oneandonlymel - November 16

baby4us- It started out we both didnt' want to know, then I changed my mind and I really wanted to know since we were having so many ultrasounds, my husband was set on not knowing and I didn't think he would change his mind, but he came around and now we can do the nursery and start buying boy things! I think it is nice to know, yet some like to be suprised


baby4us - November 16

It is such a tough deciciosn.. I really want to know.. but I can't seem to get DH to see my point of view... I think I might go ahead and find out.. and then maybe like your experience oneandonlymel.. he might come around and I can tell him and we can plan together!!!!


Karen123 - November 16

Baby4us, I was SO anxious to find out that I paid for a 3D ultrasound. Now I will say that the u/s was fantastic and a lot of fun so even if we didn't find out, I would have loved the experience. But I wanted to know so badly! I have 15 and 16 yr old daughters and with them I never found out. It was not as common back then to find out and we decided it was like knowing what your Christmas presents are before opening them so we waited. Well I'm much older now and shopping took priority! :) This time I just felt that I HAD to know. DH said he'd go either way so I was lucky there. Finding out was great. I've been shopping while not yet too huge and I tell my coworkers and friends all the time. It's been fun. So good luck deciding! It must be hard to disagree because I think you're right - hiding that information would be too hard. I hope you two can decide but I will say that if you don't end up agreeing, I'm with you - you are going through the pregnancy and the final decision should be yours. :) Karen



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